Sunday, October 18, 2015

the move

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I'm gearing up to move Apologies Demanded from its Blogger build, template, Blogspot hosting, and Google technology over to hosting the once-mighty beast over on and using wordpress to manage and construct the currently weak animal, complete with hopefully a much better and more permanent template.... and certainly one less obsolete.

If all goes according to plan the blog will gain a wonderful subdomain and be post-able, linkable to social media with all the neat preview toys intact.  Sadly I don't know how to do that.  Thankfully I have friends.

Now a fair question that no one has asked me, likely due to my annoyingly high level of obscurity, is why are you going to use wordpress?  I'm using wordpress, broadly, for its versatility. One of its features that really grabs my attention is the ability to use categories and tags.  Tags are essentially what Blogger uses as Labels, I think.  Blogger is more primitive in that regard.  Wordpress is also generally more powerful for use when constructing a website that isn't a blog.

I'm offered a better toybox with a better range of abilities to organize, search, and show off my displayed thoughts.  If I intend to be a writer, I might as well build something that displays that sort of intent.

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Ross Elder on Donald Trump's Behavior

Megyn Kelly advertises herself with GQ... the picture gets bigger

from Ross Elder:
You so-called conservatives who are angry about Fox News and Megyn Kelly asking the candidates tough questions during the debate really need to reevaluate your political affiliations. On the liberal side, a liberal moderator asks a liberal politician liberally softball questions intended to allow the liberal candidate to easily navigate it and avoid actually answering it. 
I'm a conservative. I want an actual conservative in office. Someone who doesn't dodge the hard questions and isn't intimidated by a little pushback. Whichever candidates on that GOP stage complain about it are guaranteed not to get my vote.

We all know Trump isn't an actual candidate and he would have exactly zero chance of winning a presidential election. He's an idiot and his conduct before, during, and after the debate should be all the evidence needed to understand that.

Oh, and... Megyn Kelly is hot.

We all know Trump isn't an actual candidate and he would have exactly zero chance of winning a presidential election. He's an idiot and his conduct before, during, and after the debate should be all the evidence needed to understand that. 
Oh, and... Megyn Kelly is hot.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

hate hatred

a sentiment of opposition to something or a disposition towards antipathy

In my usual usage it is a Biblical or spiritual word and action, usually applied to circumstances or inanimate objects in a exaggerated or deeply secular sense.

Most people use the word in a deeply secular fashion as a more intense level or form of disliking something, definitely a sort of sentiment.  The distinction, of course, is that one must never hate someone, but certainly one can enjoy a disposition towards another because of a clash or incompatibility of personality or behavior.

Medieval Water

Some might ask if people drank water in the Middle Ages.  That seems like a strange question to me, but it did get someone to write an article about it.
If one did a quick glance through medieval letters and chronicles, one would find few references to people drinking water. Instead, they would speak of drinking ale or wine. This is not surprising – water is relatively tasteless – and few people would have preferred it compared to the alternatives. Like today, one doubts that too many writers from the Middle Ages would have praised their hosts for providing a cup of water instead of wine.
While medieval people rarely wrote about a love of water, that does not mean they avoided drinking it. Several types of sources offer more insight into drinking water during the period. Medical texts and health manuals throughout the Middle Ages often note the benefits of drinking water, as long as it came from good sources. For example, Paul of Aegina, a 7th-century Byzantine physician, writes “of all things water is of most use in every mode of regimen. It is necessary to know that the best water is devoid of quality as regards taste and smell, is most pleasant to drink, and pure to the sight; and when it passes through the praecordia quickly, one cannot find a better drink.”
One can find numerous references to when one should drink water, or add it to another drink. Sometimes medieval physicians even gave advice on when to avoid water.
Well that seemed fairly obvious to me, but the details were fun and informative.

Iceberg with hole near Sandersons Hope 2007-07-28 2.jpg

In either case I should poke around the Medievalists site some more.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Young Republican National Convention 2015 Endorsements

The Young Republican National Convention is this week and as a member of the Young Republican National Committee, in my role as State Chairman of the Michigan Young Republicans, I have an interest in whom is elected. The Michigan Young Republican Executive Committee is an organization of which I am a member.

The Michigan Young Republicans will not have a presence in Chicago due to the extreme cost and lack of interest from our membership in the national Convention; however the Executive Board of the Michigan Young Republicans does wish to issue endorsements in the various races. We made the decision NOT to endorse a slate, as we chose to go race by race and see who the best choice is. We also decided to issue some editorial comments on the structure of the YRNF in this process.

First off, the Michigan Young Republicans have no faith in either candidate to deliver the wholesale restructuring and rebranding the YRNF needs to be effective. Both candidates have offered variations on the same theme that have been offered in the 8 years since the Michigan Young Republicans were constituted in their current form by all candidates for Chairman, i.e. improved communication, greater political opportunities, better fundraising, etc. etc. This has become a case of the boy who cried wolf, and while we hope there is an actual change, our better sense doubts it. However, the YRNF needs a Chairman and we have 2 candidates who will do an adequate job of running meetings and keeping the status quo going. The Michigan Young Republicans have chosen to endorse MEAGAN HANSEN of Georgia for the simple reason that at the time the endorsement decision was made she was the only candidate who had asked for our support.
The only criteria for this position is the ability of the candidate to assume the Chairmanship, for in the last decade alone we have had 2 Chairmen resign under dubious circumstances and raise 2 Co-Chairmen to the position of Chairman. In one case the Co-Chair was ready to assume the office, in the other case the Co-Chair was not and the YRNF suffered tremendously because of it, so much so that it still has not fully recovered from the damage done. Therefore, we must evaluate each candidate on their ability to assume the office of Chairman, using that criteria we chose JACK AVERY of Arkansas as the candidate we support, because Jack has successfully ran a state organization and has proven he can assume the role. His opponent, while a great YR and someone who should be in leadership, has never run a state organization therefore has not completely proven that he can assume the mantle of Chairman should he need to.
The Michigan Young Republicans proposed eliminating this position 2 years ago due to the redundancy of having too many officers and wanting to streamline this role into the Co-Chairman’s office, this remains our position. Until this change is made we look at the two candidates who are running for this position and realize that this has probably the two strongest candidates in the down ticket races. While both candidates would be excellent in this position and both should be considered for future roles as Chair and Co-Chair we decided to try and strike some regional balance by endorsing ADAM ELLISON of California for this position. In addition, his current position as YRNF Western Regional Vice-Chairman gives him perspective on the only Constitutional responsibility of this office, to manage the Regional Vice-Chairmen.
This is the only office the Michigan Young Republicans had to reconsider after we decided on our endorsements due to our original choice Jonathon Hauenschild withdrawing from the race. We were pleased however to see a candidate emerge who this organization endorsed 2 years ago for the Treasurer position and we are proud to endorse JASON EMERT of Louisiana for the position of Secretary.
2 years ago the Michigan Young Republicans called for this position to be appointed, as needed, instead of elected, a position we still hold. In the meantime, the Michigan Young Republicans chose to endorse SARAH SPENCE of Ohio for the position of Assistant Secretary.
For the office of Treasurer the Michigan Young Republicans endorse JOHN DOYLE of New York.
As of this time there does not seem to be a contested race, therefore we issue no endorsement. We reiterate our call for this position to be appointed, as needed, as opposed to elected.
For the office of Auditor the Michigan Young Republicans endorse RICHARD VEENSTRA of Illinois.
The Michigan Young Republicans took the position 2 years ago to reverse the Kevin McCarthy-Era change which took the Regional Vice-Chairmen elections out of the Regional Caucus and put them on the floor of the Convention as a whole. We believe the Regional Vice-Chairmen should be directly responsible to the region that they represent, and not part of some slate which rules over the entire Convention. There is a Bylaw amendment proposed to do this very thing before the Friday YRNF National Committee meeting, however the language is too imprecise and pushing the change in agenda 1 day before Convention is wrong. Therefore, we call upon the YRNF to reexamine this issue for the Fall 2015 board meeting and pass this change so it can be in place for the 2017 YRNF Convention.
With our position being stated the Michigan Young Republicans will only be issuing an endorsement for the Midwestern Regional Vice-Chairman, an office held by 2 Michigan Young Republicans in the last decade. The Michigan Young Republicans chose to endorseCOURTNEY RUME-SPRAY of Nebraska, who comes from a well-established and strong state, along with being from the Plains half of the Midwest Region, which has not had a Midwest Vice-Chairmen hail from it as long as this iteration of the Michigan Young Republicans has been around.
For the position of Chairman of the State Chairman’s Association the Michigan Young Republicans endorse KATIE REGAN of Massachusetts.  She has the potential and the ideas to transform what is currently a fun novelty club into a useful, functional, contributing agency within the National Federation and among the respective State Chairmen.

Friday, June 26, 2015

no original content for a couple of weeks

Make no mistake. I'm busy. I have thoughts on everything, and may well expand on some mentioned, and minimize others. But I have work to do and unless you want to offer a fresh check for exclusive writing (and believe me, I'm open) then I have work to do elsewhere.  No original content for a couple of weeks.

I'm not apologizing for that.

In the meantime I beg of you, visit a couple of times a week anyway.  I'd like someone to be here when I get back.  I think I have like 3 or may 60 regular readers and I want to keep at least two of them.

No I don't need an excuse to post a photo of Macho Man Randy Savage.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

"Religion and Public Life in America" (IMPRIMIS April 2013 • Volume 42, Number 4)

R. R. Reno is the editor of First Things, a journal of religion in public life. He received his B.A. from Haverford College and his Ph.D. in religious studies from Yale University, and taught theology and ethics at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, for 20 years. He is the author of Fighting the Noonday Devil,Sanctified Vision, and a commentary on the Book of Genesis, as well as a number of other books and essays.

The following is adapted from a speech delivered on February 20, 2013, at a Hillsdale College National Leadership Seminar in Bonita Springs, Florida.  

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Donald Trump and Getting Worse

I'm supposed to issue an opinion on Donald Trump's run for the President, or at least my impression on the impression that he deliberately impressed upon the public, for whatever goal or gain possibly manifested in his combed over mind.

(By supposed to, I mean someone posted the question on my personal page on the Facebook, and a young lady "Liked" the question, so I'm obligated to answer).  It is my duty, as both a patriotic American and a gentleman.

But then there was a racially-tuned terrorist attack in Charleston, South Carolina.  I'm unclear on whether the evil bastard was motivated by racial hatred or whether racial hatred was simply a means to fulfill his narcissistic demand for attention.  People will tell through endless punditry that you have to declare a belief in one or the other and then they will mock you for dogmatically attaching yourself to the wrong theory, that is to say what they dogmatically think is wrong.  This is nonsense. We don't read minds.  And evil murderous traitorous monsters are traditionally very hard to read and sympathize with.  What are his motivations?  Political, ideological, or sick, twisted form of personal gain through fame? Naturally in response to his demand for attention, the media cast a spotlight on him like a bunch of chumps.

Because they're chumps.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

"The Dangers of Price Controls" (IMPRIMIS Vol. l No. l May, 1972)


by Henry Hazlitt

The first thing to be said about wage and price fixing is that it is harmful at any time and under any conditions. It is a giant step toward a dictated, regimented, and authoritarian economy. It makes impossible arrangements that both sides are willing to agree to. It sets aside contracts that have already been made in good faith. If an employer wishes to give a man a raise in pay, and the man deserves it, he is nonetheless forbidden to do it under the new regulations. This is a grave abridgment of individual liberty.