Saturday, November 16, 2013

Todd Courser wants to hunt RINOs

This was posted yesterday on the Facebook by Mr Courser
The GOP has left us....this is written to one of you who is waiting on the sidelines and yet knows its time to take the next step, so think on this, and pray on it, and lets now consider how best to take the next steps to preserve the country; and to the lesser call, retake the GOP from the progressives who have no interest in advancing conservatism, liberty, or freedom. In some districts its now time to have teams set a new operation in motion. In some cases what follows in this post is written to one of you who read and post but now its your time to step forward and be that one brave courageous man or woman who will stand in the gap for the people; we are failing as a country because we lack principled leadership that will step forward and lead selflessly, win or lose. With all of this attention on making sure these rino's stay in office, even after some of have totally sold out to the left; well in some corners of the state we are finding pockets of those who are preparing challenges of their beloved establishment incumbent. We need more teams doing just that to, at the very least, force the defense of these rinos to be spread as thin as we can and allow more of our liberty candidates to face less money per seat. Honestly we need to have the field spread on all of them who have walked away from liberty for a price; make them reinterview for the job. So please consider how your team of liberty patriots, and you for that matter, can challenge and run an insurgency campaign against those who have sold out to the left. Its time now to stop talking to them and make them beg for their seat again, just stop begging them to listen and just let them go back out and ask for their job again. Its cheap to force them thru the rigors of a primary, just file and begin to layout a way of explaining their pathetic voting records, their support of Obama agenda items, and their support of the governors progressive advancements. In some cases we just need someone to file (couple of hundred bucks) and force the establishment to defend the seat with a left voting compromised rino, just expose them. It would be great to see those who love liberty challenge on all fronts of the war on liberty and freedom. Some will do serious efforts at a campaign, and we would hope all would just do their best, but if you have called you senator or your rep more than a dozen times, without any impact to turn them from liberal advancements, and feel like they won't listen, stop speaking to them, then, well make them explain it on the campaign trail. This will require these party establishment politico's to defend unbelievable records for advancing all sorts of leftist stuff. The establishment will then need to spend 50-100k to defend a seat in the state house, and up to 100-250k to defend a senate seat. If all of the seats have to be defended, its a massive amount of money and it will send a very good message for the conservative cause. It is now time to stand for the right things, for the right reasons, and to stand in the face of the mammoth machine that is built and designed to destroy the Republic; its time to stand for liberty and freedom. So please, those of you who love liberty, make them defend their voting; then force the establishment to spread their resources and make them defend against an insurgency campaign from the liberty and freedom side of the party. If you are planning such an endeavor I would suggest it happen anywhere you find a rino who has sold out in their voting, which is most of them, but if you are planning it, do it quietly and maybe in some cases even wait till the filing deadline to give them a surprise for their summer. I would be glad, delighted in fact, to work thru how to best take such steps with all those who are willing to stand up and are now demanding more from their elected officials. Message me and let me know how I can help. For their...
To summarize my last two very long FB posts, its time to go RINO hunting!If you have a RINO in your district stop speaking/start hunting!
Small people make grandiose statements. How cute.

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