Monday, October 14, 2013

"Wanted: a new name for people like me"

I struggle to name this as I never wrote it. It illustrates my beliefs, my struggles, and my exasperation almost perfectly, and quite concisely. If we're activists or even paid staff for our beliefs and modes of thought what do we do when the description of our ideas, our very simple but useful label, is being used by a louder and slightly different group?
Wanted: a new name for people like me...

See, I've been working in the GOP for a long time, and find it disturbing that a growing number of folks seem to be going crazy...

Muslims are not trying to take over the world. This country was not a utopia until the evil progressives ruined it. Just because some hippies want a bike path, it does not mean that the UN is going to take over our country (with what army?) and establish a New World Order.

The PRESIDENT IS NOT going to establish martial law, nor is he a foreign born 5th column communist that will wreck the country in three years.

We are not a nation of moochers, and public schools and universities can't brainwash people... The CIA spent a helluva lot of money trying and they couldn't make it work.

I don't look up to people in the party based on their ability to "sock it to the liberals," and I actually read the lame stream media.

I go to Alex Jones's website for entertainment, not to link some ridiculous conspiracy theory onto Facebook to prove that the whole world is out to get me.

I'm also sensible enough to not see tyranny around every bill that gets introduced in a state legislature or the congress... See, I don't have the constitution memorized, nor can I recite it in Aramaic, but I understand how a bill becomes a law and how difficult that is to get done.

See, I never got into labels, but used to call myself 'conservative' in the sense that I truly want to be left alone... And am cynical about large groups of humans in any capacity making good decisions.

But now?

It seems more and more that if you don't believe everything I just mentioned you are a 'moderate,' a 'progressive,' or the ultimate slander.... A RINO.

So I'm looking for a new name. I like "republican that isn't bat #%^* crazy," but am taking suggestions.
the quoted portion written by Jonathan Farley and was originally published on January 27, 2013.

Ultimately through historical, philosophical, and strategic examples I can prove that this aggrieved dissection of the popular contemporary right-wing movements, as well as its author, fits the Conservative archetype more than today's popular Orthodoxy.

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