Monday, September 16, 2013

Limelight versus Leadership

Anonymous said...

Todd Courser is constantly running for some office. Like Anthony Weiner, he can't seem to see himself not in the limelight but at least Anthony Weiner has done some work in his party. Todd runs for office then disappears, runs again and disappears again. Speaking with the tea party advocates in his own communities, the joke has been that Todd loses and then runs for the next highest office. Todd could have a lot to offer if he did things the right way. With Todd he has not been involved in the tea party movement outside of trying to get them to support and fund him for his run for offices. It was his lack of credentials that had tea partiers supporting Bobby Schostak when many did want someone else. Todd needs to be more involved in doing the leg work like most tea partiers have done. Knocking on doors, making calls, basically learning and attending some meetings other than to promote himself. Todd Courser is not the leader of the Tea Party in Michigan, although he thinks he maybe. What has he done to qualify himself as a leader. Voters need to ask what organizations has Mr. Courser lead and been successful at to call himself a proven. He hasn't done anything in the Republican Party or tea party for that matter.
The problem I have with Todd Courser (and I have no real issue with the man otherwise, egotist and/or nutjub he may or may not be) is that I'm terrified that the citizenry's apprehension or aversion to the functional incumbent may become so strong at any one point that they vote for Todd Courser as an alternative.

The majority of the votes that Mr Courser accumulated at the state convention of Winter 2013 is as a result of those people acting against Bob Schostak.  The unfortunate result, however, could have been Mr Schostak being replaced by the alternative choice on that ballot, which only ends to the Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party being someone incapable of performing the requisite tasks attached to the role.

Mr Courser runs for various offices and positions he is unqualified to fulfill (if elected) because of ego.  People vote against him because they want someone that can actually perform the job.  People vote for him because the people that can actually perform the job fail to fit an ideological prejudice.

The answer of course to "what he has he done to qualify himself as a leader" usually ends up being the number of e-mail addresses that he has collected.  That is not actual leadership, but it has convinced Joan Fabiano that she is a statewide leader.

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