Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Colion Noir's response to Sarah Silverman's Black NRA

There’s a funny or die video where Sarah Silverman facetiously advocates the start a BLACK NRA, if you haven’t watched it, the video makes its pretty clear that Sarah Silverman has the comedic acuity of a possum, than again, what do you expect from Alanis Morissettes’s, female discharge obsessed,suggestively slow, twin sister?

Shouldn’t David Allen Grier be playing bingo somewhere, let it go man. Ron Funchus is nothing more than Rick Ross’s mouth breathing body double, and but for his work on the Chappell show, who is Ron Brennan? Deon, being from Chicago, i’m sure you know good people who live in war torn south side Chicago who are not criminals, but I guess you’re too busy making jokes about gun control to remember the black church going woman who can’t afford to leave, but goes to church every Sunday, or the young black male who works overtime to support his family and doesn’t gang bang, but because of economic reasons can’t move out, but legally has a gun to protect his family.
Everyone in this video is guilty of promoting the idea that all young black men are criminals to be feared, because god forbid the second amendment apply to everyone, that would mean even young black men can own guns too,  obviously that should scare every white person in America to vouch for more gun control!
Are there white people who don’t want black people to own guns, yes, their names are Mayor Bloomberg and Diane Feinstein.
And last I checked, the NRA advocated gun rights for everyone.
Sarah Silverman spews more racism in an hour long stand up than most KKK members do in their lives, but she has the comedian plausible deniability card so, she gets away with.
Now I’m forced to sit here and listen to her talk “at” me like like a bumbling idiot who is only moved by emotion instead of rational thought. Yes, I said talk to me, because this video wasn’t made for the NRA, it was made for black people. This is a race baiting video of the highest order.
Take a volatile social issue like the second amendment, subtly imply that the largest organization in defense of that amendment is racist, and then swipe your comedian plausible deniability card so you can wrap it in satire without consequence. Then throw in a few black comedians who are largely disconnected from the issue but who are desperately trying to remain relevant, and send it out to play on  perceived insecurities of blacks and the historical racist undertones of gun ownership in this country.
Isn’t that ironic!?
Slow clap for Alanis Morrisette, slow clap.
Keep in mind the only people making racial distinctions are the ones in this video.
To Sara Silverman and the rest of the patronizing, self righteous yahoos, who feel that they can simply tug at my skin color in order to get me to agree with them and then Make light of the issues Blk ppl deal with by making jokes about a Black NRA hahahah, go play in traffic,. All of the young black men I know and hangout with use logic to make decisions, so give me back my race because its not for you to use to make dumb ass videos with.

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