Tuesday, August 27, 2013

what Miley Cyrus needs

This whole thing amuses me and saddens me.  Of course what really saddens me is that so many people watched the VMA that people saw this live and posted about it live on on Facebook.

I don't remember what I was doing.  I think playing video games. 

This is what I missed
I don't believe I missed much. Yet there remains doubt I will ever see the entire performance or the entire video.

I understand the artistic intent. The attempt to embrace or project sexuality by contrasting it with imagery from childhood and innocence feels more off-putting than smart though. Needless to say she is far from Hannah Montana.

The problem I have with this sort of thing, and this Gawker article launches a sort of defense of this "outing of sexuality", is that it is all so very redundant in a career where Miley Cyrus has already been dancing on stage for years in revealing costumes, cut high to show as much of her legs as possible while cut low for maximum cleavage. She has paraded on beaches wearing bikinis before. If she was ever using sex to sell her product she has been doing so for years.

If there are any problems to be had it is that this just looks so stupid and I cannot imagine the stupidity is intentional. It fits into a pattern of projection of expectation. She wants us to think she is sexy while there is an inability to convince us all. For my part I just think the short hair is an abomination. The rest is simply boring.

The UK Daily Mail has photos and descriptions of the VMA horror, describing it as a nude-colored latex bra etc.  I think I have scene it described as a bikini somewhere on Google. You might ask why I waste time writing about this.  I write about this (while wasting time) because somehow our culture has allowed this person to become so well-known that she did something insignificant and stupid yet those actions were significant because so many of us saw it and commented on it.  We (well not me) imbued her with such significance artificially that we allowed her actions to become imbued with similar significance.  If we did not allow Hannah Montana to be the household name then certainly Miley Cyrus would not have made anyone uncomfortable and definitely would not be a poor role model, if that is what concerns parents now.

To be completely upfront Miley Cyrus was inevitably going to transform herself into a thing that resembles a sexual being.  You should have seen it coming and dismissed the ramifications from your household years ago.  Thankfully it is stupid.  So why does something so stupid gather so much attention in a world where the United States may just go to war with/in/over Syria?  The Onion tells you it is because the audience demands the attention be given and the media outlets do what they do for advertising revenues. The Onion is exactly right.  So am I.

Now for something you'll really enjoy.
Miley Cyrus made quite a buzz on the VMA's I heard. I was going to see what it was all about so I tried to watch her performance online. I couldn't watch the whole thing. It was stupid and she sucks. She needs a good voice and some boobs. I miss the good old days of real performers. People stopped making good music when the guitar solo died.
-- Angela Rigas

I've had this rant for a while - but there is something sinister with Disney/Nickelodeon promoting 11 yr. old girls as sex objects and then watching them implode years later -- Jamie Lynn Spears, Miley Cyrus, Amanda Bynes. .. When Jamie Lynn Spears (Britney's sister) was 11 she appeared in her first Nickelodeon commercial and she was dressed up as a generic cheerleader and she was introducing herself to the viewers and she talked about what she liked to do while doing ridiculously exploitive cheers and I thought, "Who's directing this? Charlie Sheen?" .. five years later, she's 16 and pregnant - and MTV had a reality show called "16 and pregnant" .. sigh
-- Tom Gantert
It's time for Miley Cyrus to let Jesus take the wheel.
--Rob Macomber

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