Tuesday, August 20, 2013

the Washington Monument does not look anything like the guy!

I paraphrase a Jeff Dunham quote about visiting Washington, DC, as thus:
Idiots live here... the Washington Monument! Looks nothing like the guy! More like a tribute to Bill Clinton
Gavin Witter responds
Funny, the Washington Monument has always been controversial. Jefferson and the Republicans thought building monuments to Washington would turn him into a king...somehow forgetting that he was dead and therefore no risk. Some people didn't like the austerity of its design. Originally there was supposed to be a colonnade around the outside because the nakedness frightened Victorians. But the biggest critics were the Know Nothings who interpreted it as a papist symbol, owing to the many ancient obelisks found in Rome. Today most people love it. It seems strikingly modern--always ahead of its time but intensely classical too: a fitting tribute to one Founder who put the theory of the Revolution and Constitutionalism into effective practice.

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