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In honor of Earth Hour...

I stole this from the Facebook notes of my late friend Jonathan Farley. I know he cannot possibly get into trouble for this, although I still can. 

March 26, 2011 at 3:02pm
This is something I put together a few years ago, and drag out on Earth Hour.  It's a little dated, but you get the point.
John from John & Kate plus 8 did get "disappeared," but not in the way I imagined at the time this was written...

 Tonite, from 8 till 9pm, I turned on every electric appliance I own, up to and including my hair trimmer and toothbrush.

I then threw all the batteries in the trash, along with various bottles of oil and other fluids.

I ran all of my lawn equipment, and am looking for an outboard motor and a big bucket as well.

I’ve even threatened to set my cat on fire.

Why you ask?

I’m doing my part to represent "anti-Earth" hour, a cause I am hastily organizing to combat the stupidity and overall gloopy thinking that is leading us more and more towards collectivist thought and action...

You know, the earth and sky are falling, there are too many people on the planet, never mind all the oil that’s out there we can’t it drill anymore to protect the mottled, lily livered, three peckered expectant sloth, build windmills until they kill birds, drive toyotas and complain about the domestic auto industry, "who cares if we’ve been wrong for thirty years the fundraising’s good" nitwits that want more than anything to tell you how to live.

Because obviously Al Gore and the left of this country are smarter than you are. Remember global cooling? Remember the water wars that were to break out in the 80’s because of over population? Alar? Killer Bees? Ralph Nader?

Time magazine has an article about the ten trends that are shaping the world, with such notable ideas as these to save the world:

1) Sustainable systems of energy, land and resource use that avert the most dangerous trends of climate change, species extinction, and destruction of ecosystems.

Translation: You set aside enough money to buy a 7/11 franchise, and the Saudi Crown prince, Hugo Chavez, and the head of the Guamanian government get to approve your site plan. How well’s that gonna work?

2) Stabilization of the world population at 8 billion or below by 2050, through a voluntary reduction of fertility rates, rather than the current trajectory of more than 9 billion by mid century.

Translation: The same three aforementioned clowns have to approve your paperwork to have a child. And what happens if nature takes it’s course and you have more than one? Will the next season of "John and Kate plus 8" show the family voluntarily reducing their brood? Or will John get "disappeared" mid season, and Kate and the kids end up on a collective farm toiling all day? Maybe some poster with Kate, sleeves rolled up, hammer and sickle in the background, gazing off in the distance contemplating the good she is doing for the common cause?

Has anyone even tried to prove the globe is overpopulated? Sure they have. For quite some time. And we haven’t had the famines, wars, etc that are predicted and must be protected against... except in the countries that try and implement the very types of policies that these do gooders want. Cambodia anyone?

3) The end of extreme poverty by 2025, and improved economic security within the rich countries as well.

Translation: Payback time. See, the western nations have been giving money hand over fist for years to third world nations... but it hasn’t worked. Why, you ask? Because of the governments of said nations. Every time Bono writes a check to Lower Stankonia or whatever, the subjects get nothing. But the dictator gets 23 inch gold spinners for the wheels on his Lear jet. But by a massive transfer of wealth from countries that have things like, oh I don’t know, the RULE OF LAW, they can get all the things they’d like, without having to pretend to care when Bennifer and Brangelina and Bono and George Clooney and all these other folks come down and get big press for being good people for sitting around a bunch of kids with flies all over them... they don’t offer them a sandwich, but get their pictures taken. And then go to the U.N. and decry the Western nations, and demand money for sandwiches. Boatloads of it. Which the representatives from the dictatorships, who make up the majority of the U.N. membership eat right up... and hoot, and holler, and demand more and more. See, they just got their Macy’s catalogs and have things to buy. With your money. And the people starve.

4) A new approach to problem solving based on cooperation among nations and the dynamism and creativity of the nongovernmental sector.

I don’t know if anyone out there is aware of this, but ever heard of the League of Nations, or the United Nations?

Yeah, we’ve tried that. And I’m quite sure that Iran, China, France, and India all care more about the Earth than they do sticking it to the western powers when they can. After Pol Pot’s dream comes true, and we are all water buffalo, this will work. Until then, it only works by the barrel of a gun. And, hint, hint...

We ain’t gonna be in charge.

OH, and dynamism and creativity in the NGO sector? While I hate to make fun of the good work that humanitarian groups do, I’d also like to point out a lot of these groups also get caught up in things like, I don’t know, the oil for food scandal.

Not to mention that the groups that the author doesn’t name, but is speaking about, have the same fuzzy headed thinking as the enviro goons that are pushing "Earth hour".

I’m not going to bore everyone with the usual cliches about "100 million people dying because of communism", etc, but it certainly applies here.

Go to an environmental rally, or any other type of protest or anything that the left puts on. Hell, go to a college republican meeting. And imagine these people regulating every aspect of your life. Down to how many pieces of toilet paper you can use. (ask Sheryl Crow)

One of the problems of the human condition is that we all think we are better than everyone. And we all think that we know it all. And we all think that if "smart people" were in charge, everything would be hunky dorey. We all love to be scared, and we all love a good conspiracy.

As we move more towards regulation, and we accept that we are evil, and the birdies and fishies and natives lived in perfect harmony until the patriarchy built factories, and the automobile that you drive is killing everyone, and on and on and on.. please remember this:

Everything these people want has been tried in one form or another, and doesn’t work. Imagine a world in which the Dept. of Motor Vehicles staff ran everything, and they are 20 times more corrupt, and they have dominion over every aspect of your life.

That’s where we are heading. And, when we don’t act as they want, because us humans long for someone to tell us what to do and then dig our heels in and resist... remember this:

They will have the government, the courts, and the guns. And they like platypuses a lot better than they like you.

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