Saturday, August 17, 2013

agree to disagree

Self- righteousness is an absurdity. We are all too messed up and sinful to hold that position.
-- Mary Ann McGuire
What frustrates me most are people new to politics that believe anyone who disagrees with them must be evil. That's a form of childishness that we must get over.
-- Stephen R. Maloney
It is critical we talk civilly about controversial issues to ebable us to move forward and solve our nation's ills. It bothers me when people say to "sweep these topics under the rug" because they are contentious. If we don't learn how to speak respectfully to one another when we hold opposing viewpoints, it won't matter what else we do, our problems will return upon the first disagreement and reopen the fissure. My hope is that we can get Americans to accept we are unique individuals who will not always agree on all points and that this is "ok." Then, I believe, we have a chance to once again become that great nation I believe is our destiny. It is up to us voters, and to our political leadership, to set the example. We can be upset, even angry, but that does not excuse bad behavior no matter what the "other side" is doing. Growing up my parents, and probably many others, would say to their children: Just because your friend jumped off a bridge doesn't mean it is a good idea for you to do it. Let's not fall into the negativity trap, or the one that has people devolving into a who hates who or what the most pattern. We can come together as one people given the opportunity. That notion has not died in America. I saw it in our people, unified as a nation, after 9-11. We have to find the key to working together again so we can move past the hard times we are experiencing and regain our American identity.
-- Daria Novak

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