Sunday, May 12, 2013

Republican Unity Terms

Where does Todd Courser get off preaching about "Unity" when his own conception of Republicanism is bifurcated?

The former candidate for Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party typically spaces out his tirades into chapters, each about one or two sentences and each of these chapters is a separate post on Facebook, typically all sections of one weird self-righteous screed. Typically one of these screeds is phrased in the form of questions, as if he read PLATO'S REPUBLIC a few too many times and got the wrong message from it. The point of these questions is usually a passive-aggressive lashing out at the people that defeated him in his ideological action last February.

Now these usually stem directly from a misguided Republican ideology. While hypothetically we agree politically on almost everything the fact that Courser and his ilk dismiss anything resembling strategy if it only wins a fraction of their overall goals means something. I would never attack Todd Courser as the cause of an issue or as a problem specifically. I value his ability to manifest a particular ideological viewpoint within the Republicans. Yet what he talks about is often troubling. As I said it is not a cause or a true rallying towards anything. It is an articulated symptom of a problem that is growing within American politics.

I believe it can be addressed. I hope Mr Courser appreciates that I use his words to actually facilitate the discussion he claims to wish to have. I don't want to shut him down nor shut him out and I would rather not claim him as an adversary.

(One of my ultimate points that I will effectively make this year is that the people we need to win our own cause are the ones we don't want to artificially cast in the role of adversary).

The following was all taken from my Facebook feed the morning of May 12, 2013.

12:25 AM
GOP establishment is all about unity till they loose a county party to the grassroots. then they boycott every meeting and events? Unity?
12:28 AM
There are county GOP establishment who have lost and they set up competing organizations refusing to attend meeting. so no quorum. Unity?
12:31 AM
In states where a grassroots candidate has won, establishment losers have either stripped the party and/or accounts. Leaving a shell.Unity?
12:33 AM
Is there a situation where the establishment loses the state GOP and works to build a team or are they only about unity when they own it?
12:35 AM
Is the unity thing a one way street? They want unity when they are in charge but when they are not do they take their ball and go home?
The situations he describes accidentally reflect what occurred with my Eaton County Republican Party, albeit from a jaundiced perspective that likely provides a mildly inaccurate narrative of the real events.

So what actually happened and what occurs from there? I will tell you on a day unlike Mother's Day.

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