Monday, April 08, 2013

Catholic Homosexual Communion Perjury

This is above my pay grade, if only because I am not Catholic and the Catholic Church has its own organization and its own rules.
A Detroit professor and legal adviser to the Vatican says Catholics who promote gay marriage should not try to receive holy Communion a key part of Catholic identity.
And the archbishop of Detroit, Allen Vigneron, says Catholics who receive Communion while advocating gay marriage would "logically bring shame for a double-dealing that is not unlike perjury." Your thoughts?
-- Wayne Bradley

This could easily demonstrate why it is dangerous for matters and gatherings of faith to get overly political.
David Stephen They should be more concerned about winning souls and not advocating division.
Attie Pollard David why do you care?
David Stephen It's hateful and representatives of my faith shouldn't conduct themselves in such a manner.
Attie Pollard hateful? how is that hateful? that is the law of the church. I don't know why the left wants the church to change.
That sex and politics have become intertwined is irrevocable.  Matters of faith, however, are thoroughly a factor in one's own personal life. If one is a self-professed member of a Church then its rules and how you regard those rules, obey those rules, matter in that person's life.

My only opinion is that if a Church has a traditions or rules then it should be consistent in its application of those rules, tenets, traditions, regardless of its orientation to society's attitude.  In fact a Church ought to be consistent in its application of its rules especially if those rules are contrary to the general flow of secular society.  There is no love in the denial of truth.  That said there is very little point in the application and telling of truth if you are only doing harm in the application or declaration of truth.

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