Tuesday, March 12, 2013

the Lord God is not your Cosmic Cube

So many Christians nowadays want to treat God as though He is a subjunctive god (you know, the kind of a god who is whimsical, who's feelings, intentions and actions are quite *iffy* at best).

"If you do this, then God may..." or "Let's try this, and then God might..."

It's almost as though they have a god who can't be relied upon. You know the kind of thinking...

"If we get enough people on this prayer chain, then God might be persuaded to heal this person of cancer."

"If I bargain with God like Abraham, maybe I can get Him to change His mind about what He says He intends to do in His Word."

But such a view of a subjunctive god makes Him little more than our puppet, or a "divine vending machine" in the sky, into whom we deposit the correct amount of prayers so that we can manipulate Him into doing our will.

But such a subjunctive god is one that we foolishly attempt to make "in our image." We are quite waffling, so we imagine a god who's just as pliable as we are. So our image of God is as a god who can be readily manipulated, or one who could easily have his mind changed by our actions.

This becomes quite dangerous when we then become uncertain of God's love for us. "Does He love me because Jesus died for me on the cross, or is there something now that *I* must add to Christ's work to make God smile at me?"

"If He is a subjunctive kind of a god, then He might react differently to me than to somebody else, so I'd better be on my best behavior."

But our God is not a subjuctive God at all. There are no ifs or maybe's where He is concerned. While you were yet sinners, Christ died for you. In that death of Jesus, God was reconciling everyone in the world to Himself, and that includes you. When Jesus, arms outstretched and nailed to a cross says to you, "It is finished!", you can believe it.

God is not at all iffy about His love for you in Christ Jesus. You don't have to say, "let's try to be more God-pleasing" before He'll care about you. You don't have to think, "May we strive, strain, and struggle to make ourselves more loveable to God."

For as a bumper sticker I once saw so eloquently stated: "God loves you in Christ Jesus: and there's nothing you can do about it."

(edited from an original post by John C. Drosendahl)

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