Tuesday, March 12, 2013

the Conclave - even Cardinals can indulge in vice without sinning

The Conclave is a very special moment in Western culture. The presence of the Holy Spirit is clearly at work. People inside and out of La Cappella Sistina frequently see the signs. Many Catholics have reverence for God's gift of continuity and stability for the Church stretching all the way back to the Apostles. For the Cardinals the Conclave is the humble realization it falls to them to make the right decision. They need to go about it correctly; mostly by making sure a new Pope never endangers the Church's continuity.

I heard the Vatican had a pallet of Cohibas delivered last week. When we see white smoke coming out of the chimney it's just the air thinning inside as the Princes of the Church put out their cigars.

Espresso in the morning, brandy in the evening; they've got to get this right. We may not have a Pope for some time.
-- Gavin Witter

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