Saturday, March 02, 2013

Ray LaHood will tell you what's the hold-up! he's holding us up

So if the Dept of Transportation doesn't get EVERY PENNY it feels it's entitled too (and relative to the federal budget we are talking pennies here) then Ray LaHood promises that he'll make as many Americans as he can as inconvenienced as he can.
-- Chuck Dixon February 24, 2013

 The essential nature of the "Sequester", as the media is naming it, is that unless government revenues are raised to a certain level through increases in taxation as the President and his Cabinet desire it, specifically as they specifically desire, then the government will withhold certain services under the pretense that we cannot afford it.

Sounds to me like that asshole deadbeat dad that refuses to pay child support while he keeps up his Netflix payments and buys a Blu-Ray player.

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