Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mel the Federalist

February 22
What Works for California Does Not Work for Virginia:

In truth, I do not fault legislators who adhere to the interest of their constituents; after all, they are elected to serve as representatives.

The problem I have is many of these legislators, and now the President, have a misunderstanding of belief that their agenda must infect the rest of the states. In my opinion, what makes America unique, is our ability to have different states, different cultures, different styles of governing; all coming together to discuss national issues.

In terms of education, I believe when we stop trying to make every state have the same principles on issues and education, we will see the greatness of our nation. Businesses, athletics, nations thrive when there is a healthy competition between competing interest; so why do politicians believe this is not true for our country?

Nancy Pelosi has no clue of what "the American people" want, because all she knows is what people in her district want. I cringe when I hear Charles Schumer tell me what "the American people want," because he is speaking strictly from a New York perspective.

I do not care if California wants gay marriage, nor do I care if New York wants to ban foam cups. Please just keep your nonsense in your state!
Now there are more thoughts on education and homosexual marriage but right now I don't feel comfortable reprinting them. The page of discussion is on one of my hard drives.

March 3
Maybe I Believe in Common Sense Government: No Need for Firefighters/Teachers/Police Officers as a Prop for National Political Agendas

In truth, I question any politician who believes he or she must send federal funding for sustaining local employment. As necessary as: police, firefighters, teachers are to the community; they are only as necessary as the people who they represent.

If a town, city, county, wants or needs an increase in such forces; I believe that entity should be open to making the appropriate tax adjustment to fund their own needs. If there is an increase in crime and the police force needs two officers, it is the responsibility of that local government to meet that need, NOT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!

My concern is that we are becoming too oriented as: cities, counties, states on the federal influence, and this takes away from the real beauty of our government structure. Sorry, Obama cannot and should not have an influence on how many teachers are in your schools....thats your job as a community and your local government.

Limited government works best!
It's true. What the hell is wrong with your town when people in the other 49 states are paying for your basic services? If you're getting this much federal funding your town should have a sign at the city limits declaring your dependence.

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