Tuesday, February 26, 2013

the Rant-Man on word weapons

Why I am so cranky about misuse of words, especially words that sound the same and mean different things:

Most of our thinking is internal dialogue, talking to ourselves. Words and language are the building blocks of thought. The inability to speak, read and write correctly and specifically manifests itself in the inability to think clearly, logically and concisely, and the inability to accurately convey your thoughts to others. If you can't think critically, you can't vote intelligently.

The world is full of fast-talking charlatans who want to sell you lies, take what you have and want you to eagerly vote for your own oppression, and words are the weapons they use. They know the difference between "flaunt" and "flout" and will not hesitate to use it against you. They will use words you think you know, say the opposite of what they want you to think they are saying, and if you don't know your own language, you are screwed.

I'm not a nitpicking martinet. I'm trying to arm you against the would-be dictators.
-- Jim MacQuarrie, Feb 26 2012 I remember Grant Morrison writing in FINAL CRISIS about the use of words as weapons although he was speaking more in terms of gods and cosmic powers. He used those precise terms if I recall correctly. A better example is found in LEGENDS, a mini-series and crossover event published almost two decades prior. The character Glorious Godfrey was a more literal literary example of the Rant-Man's speech. Mind you Glorious Godfrey is a New God with the power to hypnotize and control minds with his speech so he does not quite need to trick with language. He used the secret identity G. Gordon Godfrey, an obvious take on G. Gordon Liddy, who went to jail for the Watergate scandal and then received a radio show for some time. What I find a little unfortunate is that in the television programs adapting from the source material only use the talk show host character.

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