Thursday, February 07, 2013

Sean Hannity versus Lindsey Graham

Amy J. Hawkins made this proclamation a little while ago:
Anyone watch Sean Hannity's interview moments ago with U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham? Definitely worth a #youtube watch. Fantastic. New hero.
Then it just occurred to me how Lindsey and Sean are both gender neutral names.

I haven't seen this interview and I do not desire to. After watching Chris Wallace's multiple interviews with Senator Graham on Fox News Sunday I am not impressed with the Senator's mettle, although he likely is just the representative that the people of his state deserve. Sean Hannity has not impressed me for years with generic commercial-grade conservatism.

So when the interviwer and the interviewee both fail to pique my interest then I will not burn my time on the interview. But I will burn my time on why these two fail to keep my interest: I've seen them before, separately.

Here is the interview, from Senator Graham's YouTube channel:

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