Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Poor Toss car commercial

Ethan Van Sciver asks
Dude, what's up with this commercial with the dad teaching his kid to throw like a woman??

He refers to this television commercial of course:

The answers?
It's supposed to be funny. The dad doesn't know how to throw either and the car is something that his son can be proud of having from his father... Key word "supposed"
Another answer:
I think the point is that the boy will one day be glad that his father passed this car on to him, unlike the throwing lessons, which he will resent his father for.
Jeff Sparks notes the trend of fathers portrayed poorly on television:
I cringe everytime that crap comes on. But its typical of how badly dad's are portrayed in the majority(not all) of advertising today. Most of the time time we are stupid and gullible(sp?), with this we are now becoming physically inept. I'm curious if this will become a trend.
The sad fact is that kind of portrayal has been continuing for years at this point.

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