Monday, February 11, 2013

Iraq had a lot of oil to burn in 2003

From an old AOL Instant Messenger exchange taken March 23rd, 2003 (1:04 PM):
me: where'd you get that info regarding burning oil fields, slow burn, environmental damage, and the Kyoto Treaty?
Akaeb1: i dont know exactly where you would get the exact numbers,
Akaeb1: but you can find the info for burning crude oil
Akaeb1: and look at the amount a well would be putting out
Akaeb1: if Iraq is producing sevearl million barrels a day, you can make some assumptions about how much each well is producing, and then determine the amount of oil being burned
me: ah
me: based on how approx how many wells are being burned
me: since when could the Kyoto Treaty solve anything
Akaeb1: 3 million barrels prduced per day oil
me: ah thx
I don't know if this really helped solve anything. Remember when that service was useful and populated, back in the old wonderful pre-Facebook days?

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