Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ethan Van Sciver buys a Blu Ray player

The story goes
The blu ray player in my office died today. I needed to get a new one, along with Game of Thrones 2. And I'm a dick. This is what happened.
BEST BUY DUDE: Can I help you?
ME: Yeah, new blu ray player for my office. Top of the line. All I do is watch movies.
BEST BUY DUDE: Well, this is the Sony BDP-S790.
ME: Yeah.
BEST BUY DUDE: It's 4K Upscale, Superbit mapping 16 bit signal processing...
ME: Yeah?
BEST BUY DUDE: And it has Skype. 3D compatible.
ME: Oh yeah?
BEST BUY DUDE: Yep. It's the one I have.
ME: (long pause) Show me a better one, then.
I laughed and he laughed and said, "No really. You'll be happy with this one." And I bought it.
There were many responses. A critique of the technology comes from Kevin Falkenberg
It's not $4,000, it's a 4K Upscale player. 4K (or Ultra HD) is the latest unnecessary advancement in HDTV technology, and really only means anything if you have a huge TV that you sit up close to. Aside from that, the big 4K TVs you'll be able to find will probably run $20,000-$40,000. So, if you have an 80in TV that you sit about 3ft from, then it's time to start rolling some coins if you want that higher resolution!
I love Mr Van Sciver's response:
Kevin, I have an 82 inch TV.
I think I would have to re-arrange my entire house to accommodate a screen that size.

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