Tuesday, January 15, 2013

right-wing media propagating left-wing stereotypes

I will be honest, whenever Fox News talks about poverty, welfare, and irresponsible fathers, it does appear to have a habit of highlighting Black men and women.

Whether intentional or not, it would create a very harsh stereotype among its viewers.

While I am always willing to speak to the negative cycles of the community I live in and am unafraid to call out the perversion of culture I have seen among many Black leaders, I will not pretend that I don't notice some of the negative sensationalizing and imaging from even some Conservative media.

All it does is fuel the accusations from the left and gives it life.

I don't like the identity politics when discussing entitlements. The entitlement culture and increasing disregard of the value of a two parent home is not limited to any one ethnic group in America.

When only one group is talked about or represented in news coverage about the entitlement culture , it just doesn't convey an accurate or truthful message, in my opinion.
-- Stacy Swimp Jan 15 2013