Thursday, January 03, 2013

MI Congressman Mike Rogers on Fiscal Cliff Deal

I wish Mike Rogers of Livingston County was less upbeat about his January 3 Facebook status
As you may know, on Tuesday I supported legislation to permanently cut taxes for 99 percent of Americans. I supported the American Tax Relief Act because it did not have one penny of tax increases and was the largest tax cut in American history. If Congress had not acted, taxes would have gone up on every single Michigan family. The average family of four would have seen $2,200 less in their paycheck.
While many will rightfully say that this deal is not quite good for the country a good deal of the loudest critics will not admit the truth: this is the best deal we could have possibly received between October 2012 and January 1 2013. Anyone who says it is not a good deal is correct but complaining about it being unreasonable or unexpected, as Nick Hawatma did, is more than a little wrong. The only way something like this was not going to occur and the only way Americans were going to get a greater benefit, was if our Legislators and our Executive Branch had not been messing things up so thoroughly in the past fifteen years or so in subtle, tiny, accumulative ways.