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What to post on your Facebook "About" page to prove you are not a thinker

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Peter Konetchy versus Voter Fraudgoblins

Peter Konetchy is a little off. I have taken this from the Michigan CPAC Facebook page:
In prior years I couldn’t have considered the possibility that our presidential elections could have been fixed and stolen. But today my gut feeling is that the just past election for the president of the United States was fraudulent.

There are too many inconsistencies for me to trust the results.
• Reports of busloads of non-English speaking immigrants dropped off for voting,
• Multiple, verified reports of electronic voting machines malfunctioning,
• Voter participation in key precincts at 100% or higher,
• 3 million fewer Republican votes than received by McCain,
• Exit polls directly contradicting key precinct results.

I am a programmer, and have always detested electronic voting. Voting machines can be programmed to generate any result desired, and I believe some were manipulated in key precincts generate desired results. I’ve read many confirmed reports of individuals voting for Republican, but having the Democrat selected. Touch screens machines can be manipulated to generate any results desired. How do we know that the vote tallies from touch screen systems reflect the actual votes cast? We don’t.

Why do I believe there was fraud in this election? Independents heavily favored Romney over Obama; Republicans were charged and wanted to vote because of the policies Obama was forcing upon the country; lines at Republican precincts in key battleground states had backups estimated at over an hour,. The momentum in this election decidedly shifted in Romney’s favor after the first debate. Romney spoke to packed events whereas Obama spoke to half empty venues. All these factors together don’t guarantee a Romney victory, but it’s inconceivable that there could be fewer votes for Romney than McCain received in 2008.

It’s known that Obama and his cronies were desperate and tried to manipulate the system any way possible in their favor. What we know as fact that they disenfranchised the military vote, disallowed asking for Identification or proof of citizenship, refused to prosecute those charged with voter intimidation- allowing it to surface again, and encouraged untold millions of illegals to remain in the country and support Obama.

Disgustingly, I feel this administration is capable of sinking to the lowest of lows and rigging the election to ensure another term for Obama.
It’s central to our Republic that we have fair and honest elections. If it can be proven that this election is fraudulent, I cannot sit back idly and allow the people of the United States to be defrauded.

I propose the following:

Ask the Governor of each state, and each member of every state legislator to vouch for the accuracy of their state election results before certifying the electors. Ask if they can vouch for the fact that:
• All military ballots were counted?
• Only U.S. citizens voted?
• Only alive, legally registered voters voted once?
• The provisional ballots were checked for accuracy prior to being counted?
• The touch screen selections were registered to the correct candidate?
• Physical backup exists allowing the actual vote cast to be verified against the vote totals generated by the machines?
• The precincts with grossly abnormal results – such as recording 100% or more voter participation, precincts reporting 100% of the vote for a single candidate, or precincts where the exit polling results are drastically different from the electronic voting machine results, have been verified as accurate?

If the Governor and Legislators cannot vouch for the accuracy of the election within their states, I would suggest they send their electoral votes to the Senate in Abstention.

According to the process, if no candidate receives a majority of the electors, then the vote for president goes to the House and the vote for vice president goes to the Senate. It’s very possible we could end up with a president from one party, a vice president from another party, along with a house and senate controlled by opposing parties. We would have gridlock in Washington – brought about wholly by an administration trying to rig an election.

I have no proof that the election was rigged, but there are people who have first hand proof of abnormalities or fraud. I would suggest that these people document their instance of fraud, and then send it to their state representatives and governor. I would also suggest they send it to every press and media outlet available to publicize documented voter fraud. If gross fraud is documented and it is communicated to the people, then the affected states would have no choice except to vote in abstention.

Public pressure is key.

If the elections can be rigged to produce desired results, what is the use of voting? We have lost our republic. I need confidence that the elections are honest. Anyone who feels this is a valid idea, please develop it further and pass it along to as many people as possible so we can raise awareness of election fraud, and take the necessary steps to bring integrity back to the election process.
Let's not minimize the importance of eliminating voter fraud, since fraudulent votes are a means of disenfranchisement as it is, but speaking about voter fraud like this makes people as a whole doubt its existence all the more. And to be perfectly frank we cannot accept as logic the argument that we were going to win because people were "energized".

brief espionage lexicon

The following is from a so-called "Terms and Definitions section of Spylopedia." We find the claim that "The most common terms related to espionage and intelligence can be found within this page. This is an on-going dictionary- all of these terms have been pulled from common sources including encyclopedias and internet reference sources." One should keep in mind that apparently they really were writing this in alphabetical order; they only get up to the letter C. The website was last update March 13, 1999 at 7:24 PM. It was published on tripod. Who remember Tripod?


  • ACCESS- the ability to obtain classified information through the possession of appropriate security clearances.
  • ACOUSTIC INTELLIGENCE- intelligence derived from the collection of acoustic data.  The best example is the collection of noice "signatures" of surface ships and submarines detected by sonar.
  • AGENT- an individual who acts under the direction of an intelligence services to obtain or assist in obtaining information for intelligence purposes or perform a variety of intelligence functions..
  • AGENT OF INFLUENCE- an asset usually in an important government position, who is assigned the job of influencing policy, rather than collecting intelligence.
  • AGENT PROVOCATEUR- an asset, usually under control of a counterintelligence agency, assigned to infiltrate a political organization and instigate violent action designed to discredit that organization.
  • ANGEL- slang used by intelligence officers for member of an opposing intelligence service.
  • APPARAT- an espionage ring or cell.
  • ASSET- any resources available to an intelligence service for operational use.
  • ATTACHE- officers assigned to foreign capitals to provide laison to foreign military forces, overtly to collect information and to gather intelligence.


  • BABYSITTER- slang for a bodyguard.
  • BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION- a detailed inquiry to determine an individual's reliability and honesty, usually required to prodive an individual with a security clearance.
  • BIOGRAPHIC LEVERAGE- use of secret background information to force or blackmail a person to work in the intelligence field.
  • BLACK LIST- listing of hostile collaborators, sympathizers, intelligence suspects, or other person.
  • BLIND DATE- a meeting by an intelligence officer and another person at the time and place of the other person's choosing.
  • BLOWBACK- deception planted by an intelligence agency to mislead people in other countries, then returning to the originating country, where it misleads the government.
  • BLOWN- exposure of intelligence personnel or similar elements.  A blown agent is one whose identity is known to the opposition.
  • BRUSH CONTACT- a brief, public but discreet meeting of an agent and an intelligence officer in which information are exchanged, usually with no conversation between the two.
  • BUG- a concealed listening devise used in audio surveillance.
  • BURN- slang term for the deliberate sacrifice of an intelligence agent, usually to protext a more important spy or when there are indications that he has already been compromised.


  • CASE- an intelligence operation as a whole or a record of the operation.
  • CASE OFFICER- an intelligence officer who is responsible for providing direction to an agent.
  • CELL- the lowest and most expendable group in an intelligence network.
  • CHICKEN FEED- intelligence knowingly provided to the enemy through an agent or double agent.
  • CLEAN- any intelligence asset, including an agent, safehouse, or material that has never been used operationally and is probably not known to enemy intelligence.
  • COLD APPROACH- an attempt to recruit a foreign national as an agent without any prior indication that the person might be perceptive to such an offer.
  • COMBAT INTELLIGENCE- knowledge of the enemy, weather, and terrain that is used by a commander for the planning of tactical operations.
  • COMMUNICATIONS INTELLIGENCE (COMINT)- Intelligence derived from the intercept of communications.
  • COMPANY, THE- term used within the CIA and by CIA intelligence officers for the organization.
  • COMPROMISE- known or suspected exposure of classified personnel or materials to unauthorized persons.
  • COMPUTER ESPIONAGE- the tapping of computers to gain access to classified information or to alter data.
  • CONFIDENTIAL- U.S. security classification for national security information- the lowest security classification.
  • COUNTER-ESPIONAGE- activites to protect classified information from enemies.

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