Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lansing Tool and Engineering

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Lansing Tool and Engineering is a Tool and Die Manufacturer using state of the art equipment and an assembly line approach. LTE meets today's worldwide competition head-on. Our experience and expertise encompasses new die build including progressive, transfer and line dies, press automation, special machines, fixture and custom machining. Our objective is to provide quality work, on time and at a competitive price.
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Title (image): Mission Statement
We will provide innovative, practical, manufacturing solutions that meet and exceed our customer's expectations. Lansing Tool & Engineering will achieve this by creating working partnerships with our customers, our employees and our suppliers.
Title (image): Our History
Lansing Tool & Engineering was established as a result of Centerline Tooling Co, Inc. expanding its operation into the Lansing area. Patrick O'Mara and Gregory Smith teamed up to start Centerline Tooling in April of 1997. O'Mara and Smith purchased Adams Tool & Engineering in July of 2000 creating LTE. Both men have been in the Tool & Die trade since 1981. The vision was to bring a team of highly skilled and successful people from Centerline, and join forces with Adams Tool & Engineering (Est. 1946) to become an elite tooling & engineering supplier. In 2002, after enjoying five years of a successful partnership, Mr. Smith transitioned to a real estate career where he is able to spend more time with his family. Mr. O'Mara continues to innovate new processes, operate on the cutting edge of technology, and expand the range of services of Lansing Tool & Engineering, Inc.

Title (image): Our Future
With an ever-ready eye on advances in technology, Lansing Tool & Engineering is dedicated to becoming a leading force in today's tool and die industry. Constant surveillance of productivity and efficiency are leading to increased product quality at lower prices. Each day brings fresh ideas to the table.
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Title (image): Officers
Patrick O'Mara, President
Paul Kleff, Director of Finance

Tom Gay, Operations Manager

Rusty Hoag, Shop Manager

Steve Wesley, Engineering Supervisor/Project Manager

Gene Sperry, Project Manager

John Puro, Project Manager

Tom Jean, CNC Leader

Mary Hanna, Human Resources and Quality Assurance

Yvette Walkington, Procurement Shipping and Receiving

Brian Shellberg, Safety and Maintenance Officer
This is also in Michigan; industry is fantastic.

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