Saturday, March 12, 2011

Is Google an evil left collaborator?

Carlos Faught:
the CEO of google is a close supporter and adviser to Obama and his Admin. As a matter of statistical record Google and it's employees contribute by 95% to liberal candidacies and causes.
Manipulating search results for advertising c...lients is one thing but to only allow advertising for those of your own political ideology and manipulate all search result geared toward that ideological base are another.
I am a web developer and understand SEO and SE rankings completely.
Having said this the problems with Google cannot be simply equated to corporate self interests when it is not related to their practices.
Also, your understanding of "manipulating" or "fixing" search returns is extremely poor. To buy up domains does not affect rankings at all no matter how many you have pointed to a site. And duplicate content is not allowed in the google index and they frown on it big time. That is outside the political realm of course as they repeat many left wing articles violating their own duplicate content rules.
Putting up duplicate content will NOT help your rankings at all as the bots will not index the content if they see it as duplicate.
Despite my company selling webdesign, web media and search engine optimization I cannot tell if the new Google search algorithms have a censorious political component.

Someone challenged Mr. Faught's assertions.  He responds:
while it is true the more "quality" sites that reference and link to another site and/or it's content it "can" give it a higher ranking. This would depend on the ranking and quality of the sites liking it as well. Simply buying up domains and putting up a splash page to link to your main site is a useless endeavor and does nothing for rankings.
I have done many gun related death searches in the past and I have not seen the returns favor conservative pro gun sites or articles at all.
I would hardly call this a pro gun slanted return:
The ads returned on the right were mostly not related at all except for 3 and 2 were not pro gun at all the other actually belongs to a friend of mine here but is most likely a regional return and yours will be different.
Most of the organic returns were against guns with only a few pro gun or neither pro or against.
I am not a big Beck watcher so this was not involving his google rant but separate and based on what i see personally and hear from others including read in articles.
Do some research on it and not on google as they have blocked most if not all of the articles dealing with their practices and any lawsuits or investigations.
Soon we will get a more prepared response from Mr. Faught.

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