Thursday, February 10, 2011

no Arndt money for Denns Lennox

one of the happier moments in my political autobiography was when I realized that Kyle Bristow will no longer speak to me.

At some point I'll be equally happy when Dennis Lennox stops sending me messages implying that I will come to an event and donate to a PAC or an organization that will just give him money for whatever political war chest he builds. I will not give him money. I will not knowingly or deliberately donate to an institution that will donate to any of his campaigns.

I probably won't attend "receptions" or parties that have him as "co-chairman" and list him "Honourable" or "Honorable".

I know him personally. I count him as a friend and as friend I won't lie simply so he can benefit for his own ends. I think he is too young and his basic participation in politics is destructive to our state. I don't believe he is fit to be in the legislature until he is older, more mature, and is more personally sacrificial.

Do I believe Dennis Lennox should be forever barred from serving in public office? No! In a few years I look forward to a time when I can publicly endorse my friend. But I also know him as he is today, and yesterday, and as he has been for years and I think it is unwise to place him in a position of serious responsibility and policy.

I would not protect my friends from the authorities if they murdered and I will never endorse a friend earlier than I believe is the healthy time for him or her to represent the community or the state in the legislature.

For the near future, for the short term, I register an indefinite anti-endorsement of my friend Dennis Lennox. If he was not my friend I would have no opinion on the matter.

To that end I won't attend the One Nation PAC reception but I have an opinion on that, too!

It's generic, for one thing.

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