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Karen Sautter and her phone banks

This was sent out to Florida Federation of Young Republicans members on January 16th:
Help out Massachusetts Senate candidate, Scott Brown, in his January 19th Special Election!

The race has gained national attention because polls indicate Republican Scott Brown has momentum going into election day. We are within striking distance of winning Ted Kennedy's old seat, and we need help with phonebanking. Turnout will be low, so GOTV matters tremendously!

Would you make a few calls from home for Scott Brown? You can sign up here:

Questions? Contact Karen Sautter-Errichetti at
That Facebook message is a lead-in to one of the few things wrong with the Scott Brown campaign, and one of the many things wrong with modern political campaigns in general, and is a non-ideological non-philosophical aspect that is hurting and possibly maiming the Republican Party. The bombardment and inundation of Massachusetts voters by Scott Brown auto-dialers and phone bankers from across the country irritated and alienated those people and pushed people away from voting on Election Day. So I'll say up front that Karen Sautter made things worse in Massachusetts for Republicans and she made it more difficult to follow through on my holy crusade.


Bill Zankich wrote on January 16, 2010:
No matter what race, religion, age, profession or walk of must by now feel that your decision to help thrust this nation in the direction we are headed was one of poor judgement. Please do not feel that we are gloating, or even satisfied that you were fooled into doing so. We are all reaping what a few have sewn, and NOW is the time to join together in a decision to repair the damage, as well as to prevent any future damage from continuing to occur.

Many of you have bought into the great lie that we as a nation must pay reparations in one form or another. It's called white guilt. It's the reason democrats continually play the race card, it's their way of appealing to and appeasing non-whites, by deceiving them into believing that all white people are their enemy and that somehow democrats are their friends. But what party has climbed higher on the backs of minorities than any other? Democrats. White guilt as a trap, meant to demoralize all white people, to suppress them and to destroy their willingness and desire to achieve. Liberals think that by suppressing one race you can elevate all others, but you cannot make one man great by destroying another. The man who ended slavery said that, yes, Abraham Lincoln, and if ANYONE knew about this, it was him.

Many who have lived a life of satisfaction and prosperity have adopted the doctrine of welfare via taxation that the left has promoted these last many decades. They believe that is was their duty to help those less fortunate. I say to you that this belief is sound and honorable, but it is not best employed through welfare...this has been a great lie. You see, welfare is not charity, plain and simple, it is thievery. It is a means by which the government takes the fruits of your labor and disperses them as they see fit, and typically in a fashion that will help them gain favor with advantageous voting factions to ensure future reelections and the passage of special interest legislation. Where has this gotten us? What do we have to show after decades of overburdensome taxes and generations living in poverty promoted by welfare? Look around you and see.

For over a century politicians from the left and pseudo conservatives from the right have misappropriated and pocketed millions of dollars from social programs while telling minorities, the poor and the needy that they will help them rise from the depths, and in truth all the while supplanting them...ensuring enslavement to the system for generations to come. Entitlement is not a doctrine of freedom, it is a tool for slavery. Just as southern slave owners were democrats, so have their offspring continued this heinous crime against humanity. The time to end this cycle is now.

It is my hope that all who have bought the lie of subsidies, socio-economic justice, welfare and all other wealth redistributive entitlements will realize the folly of their allegiance to such an oppressive ideology. It cannot be denied that this disastrous time in American history has been brought on by overburdensome taxation earmarked for all sorts of entitlements. What has followed is nothing more than hopelessness and helplessness propagated by an unforgivable nanny welfare state mentality. The time for PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY is long is the only thing that will allow us to rise above the complacent acceptance of mediocrity that has caused so many millions of American citizens nothing but strife and a future without TRUE hope. The time for TRUE hope is now.

I urge you all who still remain, to leave the liberal indoctrination thrust upon you by those who seek to supplant you and destroy our future all in the name of control and power. Marx was wrong, socialism has failed, and liberal ideology is nothing more than folly. Join the rest of us as we seek to restore this nation back to a nation of free men and women, where liberty is reality and government is once again of the people, for the people and by the people. Leave the oppression party behind, join the constitutional conservative movement and restore the republic of the United States of America!
Wow... it reads like I wrote it... and that is not a good thing; although Mr. Zankich is still correct. The real thing that stands out is the phrase "White Guilt", which is not quite the full cliche-statement frequently spouted "white liberal guilt". Now "white" generally refers to race or ethnicity but I prefer to see it as a reference to a vanilla sort of leftism, which is an emotional appeal to the center and the center-right, and sort of mainline thought that ultimately finds itself vulnerable to emotional appeals.

You know why I call it "white guilt"? Because it is not the least bit original. A "disenfranchised" Democrat may tire of this, but the appeal to help save or assist the "less fortunate" or the poor is a cultural problem in this country and not merely a leftist political movement.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the Frederick Douglass Foundation congratulates Scott Brown

This is appropriate:
On behalf of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, we would like to congratulate Senator-Elect Scott Brown on his historical accomplishment in Massachusetts. We pray that his election continues a trend well into the fall of 2010.

The people of MA have spoken and now it is the responsibility of the Secretary of State to certify the votes and allow Senator Elect Brown to immediately assume his new responsibilities and take his rightful place in the halls of the US Capital.

Let us not stop praying or think that the race is over until Mr. Brown is sitting in his assigned seat in the Chambers of the US Senate, representing the State of Massachusetts.

God bless Mr. Brown and his family.

Timothy F. Johnson, Ph.D.
Chairman, Frederick Douglass Foundation
This definitely goes in the series. And from me to the Frederick Douglass Foundation: you're welcome!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

American Liberty Alliance's anti-GM protest was ill-concieved

Joan Fabiano writes
On Sunday, January 10, I had a decision to make. Being in a leadership position is not always easy. True leadership requires making decisions that are not always popular. However popularity is not the goal, but a principled and ethical fiduciary responsibility as organizer of Grassroots in Michigan and to our stated mission, as well as my fellow Michiganders and to my country.

That being said, I sent an e-mail and later a press release voicing my opposition to a planned protest on Monday, January 11 at the International Auto Show in Detroit. Below is an excerpt from the press release that illustrated Grassroots in Michigan’s position.

Fabiano states, “As a GM retiree and Michigander I have an immense appreciation for the historical and economical contribution of the auto industries to Michigan and to our country…..I adamantly disagreed with a government take over of my former employer… Fabiano continues, “Protesting at the Detroit International Auto Show only casts an anti-Capitalist shadow over all ….
Local Detroit business’s are already hurting and could potentially go out of business because they rely on revenues generated by the show every year.”

Fabiano goes on to say, “In conclusion, this protest is ill-conceived and only hurts fellow Michiganders and Michigan commerce.”

Ninety-eight percent of the feedback from my e-mails concurred with the position I had thoughtfully considered and taken. I was contacted by local and state media in addition to an AP reporter. I am sharing the results of those contacts below. Further,as an unintended consequence there is an increase of interest and membership on Grassroots in Michigan from the link provided in the AP article.

Many thanks to all who e-mailed me your support and kind words.

Joan Fabiano
Grassroots in Michigan
Lansing,MI Tea Party
“Criticism is something we can avoid by saying nothing, doing nothing, being nothing” -- Aristotle. From the book “Going Rogue” by Sarah Palin
The protest can be described here by one of the participants. I agree that the protest was a bad idea. It was also poorly planned. So yes, the Blogprof is wrong.

Calculated Changes and the Calculator Hobby

These Hobbyists Add to Calculators, Multiplying Their Fun -

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defintion of stalking

Stalking is a series of unwanted actions that make you feel afraid or in danger, including phone calls/texts/e-mails, following, damage to property, and other behaviors to control, threaten or frighten you.
I cannot remember the source of that quote. This definition seems to place the essence of the supposed crime in a sort of "eye of the beholder" mode, with more than a little pretension of mind-reading.

Normal behavior becomes an act of injustice or worse the instant one of the participants starts believing ill-intent from the other or merely starts feeling such ill-will that she imagines horrors from him or simply becomes sick or tired of his normal actions. The other angle on this definition is the presupposition that the "stalker" intends to cause fear, fright, or instill feelings of helplessness.

According to this definition, which is apparently commonly accepted, if I act innocuously and do not think of an individual as I act in total innocence, and a woman feels terrified because of those actions and she believes that I am making her feeling in danger... then I am stalking her because she says so. That is dumb. We should never put this kind of judgment into the hands of the idiotic fools that wield their egos the way leftists throw around the race card.

According to this definition if the woman can cosmically peel back your intention to cause her fear, or at least credibly tell a story, then a man is magically a stalker and we know it because she says so.

broken smoking dichotomy

Recently the Michigan State House of Representatives passed a bill banning the act of smoking by patrons on various types of private property including restaurants, clubs and other gathering places regardless of the intentions and will of the respective owner(s).

The usual and loudest justification for this interdiction into private property, private citizens, and private citizens' private property rights, is that this is a public health concern and that the allowance of smoking in these places damages the health of the service-staff at the smoking-places. It is usually phrased as thus:
You should not have to choose between your health and a paycheck.
I think there are some good (clever) responses to that, since this is apparently about choice. For instance
You should be able to choose between your health and a paycheck.
They also emphasize that people willingly endure actual damage (caused by chemicals native to the workplace environment for the money necessary for living yet they forget that
people choose to hurt their bodies for pleasure why can they not choose to harm their bodies for work?
These moral busy bodies act as if waitresses are tied to stocks with Zyklon-B gas-hoses jammed down throats. I think smoking is a disgusting habit and I know more than most people A) how lethal it is and B) just how unpleasant second-hand smoke can be. I hear people complaining about how irritating it is that someone in the restaurant they chose to patronize is smoking... I lived with the smoke for 15 years. They could leave. After 15 years the smoking died with the smoker.

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Charlie Sheen knife

He held a knife to his wife's throat? Really? I'm not sure I would employ this guy like CBS does.

Rosie Perez

On the 2010 January 4th episode of The Late Late Show (which aired on the morning of January 5th, such is the way of late night talk shows) Craig Ferguson hosted Rosie Perez.

Wikipedia tries to emphasize how much Miss Perez is a "Community Activist" and her special cause(s). In her public appearances the actress appears to emphasize breasts and sex far more than a public movement.

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Sunday, January 03, 2010

MSU Computer Center contact

E-mail, Virus, Security, Firewalls, Network Connections (DHCP), Network Trouble, MSU NetID, or General Computer Assistance
ATS Help Desk

(517) 432-6200
Walk-in assistance at 120 Computer Center

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download Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP

Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP

Quick Details
File Name:wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu.exe
Date Published:10/2/2008
Download Size:24.5 MB

With a 56k internet connection it will purportedly take one hour (1 hour) to download.

I don't know if this replace the need for codecs that Windows Media Player 10 (for Windows XP) presented.

Star Wars A-Team opening

I stole it from TVsquad. They deserve no better treatment.

From the person who made it:

I'm back.. this time with Star Wars as the A-Team. There has been many requests and many was this one, so here it is. Sit back, relax and enjoy!!!
I'll guess there will be a lot of discussions about which characters that should be in the opening - theese where my chioces.

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Happy New Year

Rather than list New Year's Resolutions or muse about the calender year being about years from Christ's birth or revolutions around the sun... I bring you Han Solo, p.i.