Monday, October 19, 2009

"Should we put God back In schools?"

I said earlier that
Putting God in schools is fine if every American is equipped to deal with it... most Americans are ill-equipped therefore putting God in schools is like giving a cocked, loaded handgun to an angry hungry monkey.... in a dozen different ways.
While I certainly am not opposed to an honest and accurate depiction, description, and portrayal of American Christian culture, especially as it was lived by our Founding Fathers and the rest of our more moral and thoughtful political architects, I am opposed to a simple inclusion of token religiosity, be that as an acknowledgment of its existence in American history (or contemporary American society) or a more detailed examination under the current circumstances of the American educational system.

I do not believe the majority of American public schoolteachers are equipped to teach the subject properly or meaningfully. The attempt to do so with educators that are not adequately prepared leads to inaccurate teachings or even some amount of destruction.

Is it bad to see my beliefs indoctrinated into children? Regardless of the answer opening the door to indoctrinating the children into what is right enables the fools and villains (even well-meaning fools) to indoctrinate children with untruths and twist the truth in a world where kids may not possess alternatives to untruth, opportunities for real corrections to lies.

Hence a simple response to a poll.

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