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Mark Krikorian versus the Southern Poverty Law Center

The Southern Poverty Law Center deviates from a collection of drama queens at the best of times and at the worst of times (which is the more normal state of being) it is a collective of fraudulent actors who often engage in donor fraud. Yet
for some reason it's taken seriously by the MSM and even government agencies, so I can't avoid it. A couple examples this week of how ludicrous the SPLC's charges of "hate" are. James Taranto at the Wall Street Journal wrote yesterday "In Defense of Carol Swain" in reaction to the SPLC smear-meister Mark Potok's claim that "Carol Swain is an apologist for white supremacists." Taranto does a good job of assessing the issue at hand, especially remarkable from the WSJ given the fact that Carol is an immigration restrictionist, though that's not what was at issue.
Mark Kirkorian, an policy specialist on immigration summarizes some ways that the SPLC is just full of themselves, pretentious, and casting out insults and accusation as to what hate is, where hate is, how it is such of "the Right".

I have had my dealings with the SPLC in the past. They placed my student organization in their "Hate" group list and this was reported widely in Michigan. I thought we should sue for libel. The idiot "leader" of that stupid student organization decided to indulge the ideological bigotry and do as much as he could to incite them, provoke them, and fit a sort of image. The SPLC offers forth the conceit that organizations are "hate groups" and that then they are "recognized". The list, written by Leftists who genuinely despise their ideologically opponents, is generally recognized by blind unthinking morons for a genuine directory of harmful folk who do harmful things on the basis of race, sex, gender, and religion. The conceit, the lie, is reinforced by having genuinely nasty folk on the list, but the fact remains that we do not need the SPLC to tell us that a KKK chapter consists of cross-burning racists. Essentially the SPLC uses the existence of real "hate groups" to libel their ideological opponents. They also stalk harmless (albeit in some cases loud-mouthed) college students. Of course the history of the Young Americans for Freedom is filled with some well-meaning folk and in its earliest incarnation was a force for good against the Communists. In the last functional incarnation among many states it lacked a mission and I do not think the National organization has existed since before 2006. The image and reputation of YAF has generally, since 2004 or 2005, been let in the hands of morons. The stupid people play into the hands of vicious slanderous jerks that wish to censor people that think differently, and can effectively suppress expression of Conservative thought and muzzle Right-thinking speech by casting them as the sort of people to whom no one would listen. Mark Krikorian notes FAIR. Taking from FAIR
In the eyes of the law, there is no such thing as a “hate group.” It does not exist in federal statutes. It is a term entirely concocted by the SPLC. Moreover, the SPLC itself has no concrete definition. While lacking any useful specificity, the SPLC nonetheless deliberately uses this highly charged term to achieve political ends and to create an illusion that there is a surge of dangerous groups operating in America in order to increase the SPLC fundraising. In the process, the truth gets lost, reputations are damaged, and meaningful discourse on immigration policy is muted.
In other words the group creates its own need. It asserts that there are bears in the woods and that only the SPLC may be the magic rock to hold them off. Catholic Family News summarizes the SPLC tactic of guilt by association as the Politician's Logic to prove that a "dog is a cat" to prove to people that there are more racists and hateful hostile groups than there really are and thus prove a continuing need for the Southern Poverty Law Center to exist.

Now I must insist that he primary reason that the SPLC has the hate list is not a general dedication to a vein of leftism. The primary goal is not to censor or de-popularize right-wingers, Conservatives, or any ideological opponent. I mentioned donor fraud. The primary purpose of the list is to create a supposed reason for the group to exist and that reason for the group's existence is what is told to donors. In other words the SPLC exists as a front group to collect money, purportedly to support work against "hate groups". Technically "hate groups" do not exist as any legal entity, and thing technically recognized by genuine law enforcement organizations or under legal statutes and the "work" against these groups can best be summarized as blogging and sending out e-mails. The fact is the money is not used to fight on behalf of American decency. Aside from the operating costs of the group the money is used to line the pocket of folk like Morris Dees among others. Perhaps I oversimplify. Wikipedia claims they act as lawyers against racists and such. I take again from FAIR merely to emphasize my point that the purpose of these lsits and crusades is
to create an illusion that there is a surge of dangerous groups operating in America in order to increase the SPLC fundraising.
It is all about the money. The left-wing advocacy and right-wing demonizing really is just a great benefit for them but it is not the point. As the point of Fox News and CNN is more to make a profit than to inform, and the purpose of Comedy Central is to generate profit rather than make people laugh, and we all know that MTV is not about having music on television, the SPLC exists to generate money for its evil masters.

While discussing the disgusting individuals, Mr. Krikorian notes instances where the letists highlight as decent normal, common sense policy as some sort of race-centered hateful thing. Naturally I have my own research and insights into the SPLC, but it is from Mark Krikorian that I derive the SPLC's attack on FAIR as well as the Federation's response. FAIR published a guide to SPLC's tactics and motivations as well as the debate of immigration itself. The best truth?
I feel like taking a shower after writing about the Southern Poverty Law Center,
which makes sense because the groups muddies the waters through which civil discussion swims. I despise that they make it more difficult to fight actual racism.

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