Friday, October 09, 2009

Attract the Dynamic

I have met women whom I would certainly not address, categorize, or label as particularly "photogenic" but I would certainly dictate as "attractive" perhaps even with a sort of physical attractiveness even if I cannot cannot capture in a still image (or any visual media) just what it is that makes the woman good-looking. That is to say that the woman in question possesses a sort of dynamism.

I'll be open in saying that behavior, tendencies, characteristics in motion are enough for me to proclaim all out whether one is good at have around yet never ever will I say to someone that they attractive because of one thing or another and/or imply that someone else lacks a quality that I would call essential. But then flirting with people is not my constant inclination and while it may make some feel good it simply is wasted on others, or they are determined to read intention out of flirtation. Trust me when I say to all women that flirtation does not imply intention. Intention is intention and the possibility of a friendships on myriad platonic levels are often shattered because a woman places a man into a certain block of expectation and rejects him simply because she doesn't want his romantic attentions.

Then again, asking to clarify relational statuses can kill things. How two people relate to one another is a very organic thing. Trying to engineer such a thing can result in a success but usually it means a sort of living death. Two people cannot be involved in a one-to-one entity, a collective two-become-one-flesh sort while obsessing over the combination as if it is a separate construct that is built to be mulled over. They say that dissecting a frog will kill it and that dissecting a joke is the same way. Relationships built like cyborgs may function for awhile but the real thing is not built merely with a result in mind but comes into being as it is necessary and the foundation is laid by love and not by mere intention. People construct homes not to be complete structures but to fulfill purposes. Mulling over the structure of the house is not the same as living in it.

So for that matter trying to nail down what makes one attracted to another is not a wise exercise yet it often can bear particular results, some productive and some not. Ultimately one is supposed to live life, after all. Instead of trying to produce a particular result and maneuver to catalyze a predetermined an action/response the best is to hope for the best, intend for the brightest and live love. However the response be romantic or fraternal (sisternal if you care) then at least the creation of lasting bonds will be a healthy, productive, helpful creative event.

The very worst that can happen is what one thought as a friend outright rejecting contact of an individual person and while that seeming betrayal may hurt at least it is an honest presentation of the quality of a person's character.

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