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Rush Limbaugh on Jay Leno Show

steampunk R2-D2 and C-3PO

I have wasted my life - Flightpattern by Gwen Vanhee

Flightpattern, by Gwen Vanhee, is a hand drawn audioresponsive video exploration made with Adobe Flash (actionscript). Gwen says: “A custom-coded brush (actionscript) is used to draw the imagery. While drawing all data is recorded to be rendered (frame by frame) afterwards.”
H/T to Jason Permenter, who apparently has it figured better than I

Mark Krikorian versus the Southern Poverty Law Center

The Southern Poverty Law Center deviates from a collection of drama queens at the best of times and at the worst of times (which is the more normal state of being) it is a collective of fraudulent actors who often engage in donor fraud. Yet
for some reason it's taken seriously by the MSM and even government agencies, so I can't avoid it. A couple examples this week of how ludicrous the SPLC's charges of "hate" are. James Taranto at the Wall Street Journal wrote yesterday "In Defense of Carol Swain" in reaction to the SPLC smear-meister Mark Potok's claim that "Carol Swain is an apologist for white supremacists." Taranto does a good job of assessing the issue at hand, especially remarkable from the WSJ given the fact that Carol is an immigration restrictionist, though that's not what was at issue.
Mark Kirkorian, an policy specialist on immigration summarizes some ways that the SPLC is just full of themselves, pretentious, and casting out insults and accusation as to what hate is, where hate is, how it is such of "the Right".

I have had my dealings with the SPLC in the past. They placed my student organization in their "Hate" group list and this was reported widely in Michigan. I thought we should sue for libel. The idiot "leader" of that stupid student organization decided to indulge the ideological bigotry and do as much as he could to incite them, provoke them, and fit a sort of image. The SPLC offers forth the conceit that organizations are "hate groups" and that then they are "recognized". The list, written by Leftists who genuinely despise their ideologically opponents, is generally recognized by blind unthinking morons for a genuine directory of harmful folk who do harmful things on the basis of race, sex, gender, and religion. The conceit, the lie, is reinforced by having genuinely nasty folk on the list, but the fact remains that we do not need the SPLC to tell us that a KKK chapter consists of cross-burning racists. Essentially the SPLC uses the existence of real "hate groups" to libel their ideological opponents. They also stalk harmless (albeit in some cases loud-mouthed) college students. Of course the history of the Young Americans for Freedom is filled with some well-meaning folk and in its earliest incarnation was a force for good against the Communists. In the last functional incarnation among many states it lacked a mission and I do not think the National organization has existed since before 2006. The image and reputation of YAF has generally, since 2004 or 2005, been let in the hands of morons. The stupid people play into the hands of vicious slanderous jerks that wish to censor people that think differently, and can effectively suppress expression of Conservative thought and muzzle Right-thinking speech by casting them as the sort of people to whom no one would listen. Mark Krikorian notes FAIR. Taking from FAIR
In the eyes of the law, there is no such thing as a “hate group.” It does not exist in federal statutes. It is a term entirely concocted by the SPLC. Moreover, the SPLC itself has no concrete definition. While lacking any useful specificity, the SPLC nonetheless deliberately uses this highly charged term to achieve political ends and to create an illusion that there is a surge of dangerous groups operating in America in order to increase the SPLC fundraising. In the process, the truth gets lost, reputations are damaged, and meaningful discourse on immigration policy is muted.
In other words the group creates its own need. It asserts that there are bears in the woods and that only the SPLC may be the magic rock to hold them off. Catholic Family News summarizes the SPLC tactic of guilt by association as the Politician's Logic to prove that a "dog is a cat" to prove to people that there are more racists and hateful hostile groups than there really are and thus prove a continuing need for the Southern Poverty Law Center to exist.

Now I must insist that he primary reason that the SPLC has the hate list is not a general dedication to a vein of leftism. The primary goal is not to censor or de-popularize right-wingers, Conservatives, or any ideological opponent. I mentioned donor fraud. The primary purpose of the list is to create a supposed reason for the group to exist and that reason for the group's existence is what is told to donors. In other words the SPLC exists as a front group to collect money, purportedly to support work against "hate groups". Technically "hate groups" do not exist as any legal entity, and thing technically recognized by genuine law enforcement organizations or under legal statutes and the "work" against these groups can best be summarized as blogging and sending out e-mails. The fact is the money is not used to fight on behalf of American decency. Aside from the operating costs of the group the money is used to line the pocket of folk like Morris Dees among others. Perhaps I oversimplify. Wikipedia claims they act as lawyers against racists and such. I take again from FAIR merely to emphasize my point that the purpose of these lsits and crusades is
to create an illusion that there is a surge of dangerous groups operating in America in order to increase the SPLC fundraising.
It is all about the money. The left-wing advocacy and right-wing demonizing really is just a great benefit for them but it is not the point. As the point of Fox News and CNN is more to make a profit than to inform, and the purpose of Comedy Central is to generate profit rather than make people laugh, and we all know that MTV is not about having music on television, the SPLC exists to generate money for its evil masters.

While discussing the disgusting individuals, Mr. Krikorian notes instances where the letists highlight as decent normal, common sense policy as some sort of race-centered hateful thing. Naturally I have my own research and insights into the SPLC, but it is from Mark Krikorian that I derive the SPLC's attack on FAIR as well as the Federation's response. FAIR published a guide to SPLC's tactics and motivations as well as the debate of immigration itself. The best truth?
I feel like taking a shower after writing about the Southern Poverty Law Center,
which makes sense because the groups muddies the waters through which civil discussion swims. I despise that they make it more difficult to fight actual racism.

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the 45th Anniversary of Ronald Reagan's "At Time for Choosing" his Barry Goldwater speech

This speech remains incredibly relevant as the forces which we must overcome still exist and so many Republicans implicitly dispute the words that Ronald Reagan, then only a citizen activist, spoke 45 years ago today.

I don't question that we must "dispute" the contents of the speech because only in discussion can we bring to light that so many of the solutions, at least in a philosophical vein, to today's problems were evident even in the middle of the 20th century. Ronald Reagan might as well have been envisioning the ideals and ideas of President Barack Obama because despite what people may think about his "change" and vision for the future these are not new ideas but old aspirations that people have rejected and (others) supported for decades.

Then again most Americans do not have a real sense of history or a knowledge of civics. Most Conservatives or Republicans do not realize that we need not summon up the spirit of something new to face new modern obstacles but see that the First Principles still matter. We should certainly bring this to light. Those such as I do not reject President Obama as a person but have rejected his politics for 45 years and more. I merely wish that we could exhibit this for all.
You and I have a rendezvous with destiny.
Indeed we do. When I first read the speech out of the anthology Tear Down This Wall I was amazed at how prescient Mr. Reagan was and then I realized that he was speaking against them not merely because he was looking forward but because he addressed contemporary issues. The lesson, I suppose, is that we must remain vigilant.

Now there will never be another Ronald Reagan. People at every Presidential election since 2007 went either looking for "the next Ronald Reagan" or proclaiming/exclaiming that his or her candidate "is the next Ronald Reagan." I stood with my brain silently screaming as a young woman told another "I truly believe Mitt Romney is the next Ronald Reagan." Whatever one thinks of Mitt Romney or Fred Thompson or Duncan Hunter or any Presidential candidate of 2008 or the ones for 2012 each man is his own man. We should hold a candidate's principles up to the light of the principles of Ronald Reagan, certainly, but we cannot agree with everything that a man says; we should leave room for disagreement on some issues and be able to say that a man is adequate to run for an office or to fill the room. If we wait for the perfect candidate, make "the perfect the enemy of the good" then we simply will die waiting for the Best Conservative Imaginable as our philosophical opponents just have their way politically and legally.

Ronald Reagan may be dead and his Presidency may long since have passed into history but the principles, First Principles, remain and stay as true as those principles upon which the American nation was founded and are as immutable as gravity, although we must refresh the memories of our contemporaries. Even if the Spirit of Reagan will not inhabit a politician, a statesman, or a candidate, it still remains as an example to follow, as best as possible, if not perfectly.

The National Center for Public Policy has the text of the speech here.
The University of Texas has the text here.
Fordham University's Modern History Sourcebook contains/presents the text here.
You can download the video of the speech from Google Video.

UPDATE 2008-10-28 12:44 PM: For some reason Rush Limbaugh is only celebrating this on Wednesday, October 28th and doesn't mention any of it on the 27th on the website or the newsletter.

why didn't someone tell Glenn Beck that he spelled it wrong?

Seriously. Just a camera man? An editor? A writer?

Fred Thompson supports Ed Hoffman

If I had time I would make this "Good Americans versus the New York Republican Party" but I lack the time.

If you can vote in New York 23rd Congressional District and are a genuine Conservative, conservative, however you capitalize, now is the time. You sit this one out you let the Republicans push whatever unprincipled fool on you that they want.

The partisans are wrong this time. Newt Gingrich is wrong. Michael Steele is wrong. Tell them that.

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the truth usually matters more than a stated mission or cause

standard link dump funCertainly we believe in standards of truth, rather than labels, no?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 Oct. 20, 2009 / 2 Mar-Cheshvan 5770

Obama the Graceless

Robert Carlyle on The Late Late Show

Stargate Universe actor Robert Carlyle (“Nicholas Rush”) dropped by to chat with fellow Scotsman Craig Ferguson on the October 14th 2009 edition of CBS’s The Late Late Show.

How many different ways can we spell "Levin"?

1. Carl Levin

2. Mark Levin

3. Yuval Levin

Three. That's how many licks to get to the center... I hate that owl that's not correct at all.

Dennis Miller on the measure of war

  • "soldiers kill bad guys and break s#!&"
  • "never go to war unless you have to" and then "go absolute Roman"

This is a sample of the comedian/host's "Bathroom Sessions", which is hardly the point.

I agree, for the most part. No reason to take much time for clarification. I believe these wars, well, one war, can be fought and won on these two fronts and that this Presidential administration might not be inclined to win the conflict given its predilection towards pleasing the Left with nuance. Some conflicts require a surgical approach and others near-genocidal bombing. Either way a full measure is required because half-measures lead to defeat.

how many characters are we talking about?

Jonah Goldberg is justifiably ripping on David Brooks for seeing the human character, or the concept of character through a psychological lense rather than from the old-school philosophical angle; what I get out of this at first is that there are a lot of characters in the noggin when it's only one pair of arms and one pair of legs performing actions.

severity of statements, even involving murderer-worship, doesn't make it newsworthy

So I wrote earlier that I, in third person past tense

wishes he had time to explain to you that Chairman Mao was a truly evil person (70 million people dead) and that a Presidential official admiring him and using him as a moral compass is not a little problem when that official has too much power already....

We can contrast this attitude of what the government, us, nurtures to what ESPN, Disney, punishes... National Review will do the work.

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Dunn Deal [Geoffrey Norman]

Interesting times when it is acceptable to describe Chairman Mao as a great philosopher but out of bounds to say that Donovan McNabb is just a so-so quarterback.

— Geoffrey Norman is a longtime sportswriter who edits the Vermont Tiger blog.

10/20 08:47 AM

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Re: Dunn Deal [Andy McCarthy]

Geoffrey, that's an awful thing to say after the way Donovan single-handedly crushed the lowly Raiders this weekend — oh, er, never mind . . .

10/20 08:58 AM
I will not address who Anita Dunn is right now, nor do I care to do the link dumping to properly explore the charge of Rush Limbaugh as a racist.

On that matter Thomas Sowell opens, explores the question of whether Rush Limbaugh should sue for the tremendous libel/slander on his name, the attack on his reputation and the misappropriation of... his fame. If I had Mr. Limbaugh's resources I would attempt to bring these media bastards to their knees.

So how else could the Obama movement be 'Maoist'?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Re: The Maoist and the Battered Wives [Drew Cline]

During the New Hampshire primary, Obama's campaign was the most hated by the press corps. There was virtually no access to the candidate save for the same access the public had during an event. But at those events, the staff often kept reporters focused on the message by segregating the press from the public. For example, at the now famous Unity, N.H., event with Hillary after Obama won the nomination, the media were corralled into a separate section of the field, separated by metal barriers. I tried to get into the "public" area and was told I couldn't because it was a Secret Service order to segregate the press. I called BS on the staffer, went to the nearest Secret Service agent, and asked who set the order to segregate the press. The campaign staff, he said. The Secret Service would never make such an order, he confirmed. Still couldn't get into the "public" section, though. We were told in no uncertain terms that if we tried to access the "public" area we would be ejected. Don't believe me? The Guardian caught an Obama staffer on video lying to a reporter with the Secret Service excuse. You can see it here. It's a great video documenting the Obama campaign's message control. Watch the Guardian reporter tell an Obama staffer, "You're paranoid!" The campaign systematically kept the press at bay, even going to the extent of developing the tactic of telling the press that the Secret Service wanted us separate from the general public. (Remember, only Obama had Secret Service protection early in the campaign.) Refusing access to FOX News, enlisting the NEA, these are all extensions of this campaign strategy of controlling the message by controlling access to the information the press, and the public, had. It didn't work just because a big chunk of the media liked Obama. Some of the reporters couldn't stand him. But the staffers were religiously loyal. More than with other campaigns, they kept the secrets and lied with a straight face about why we couldn't access the candidate or the public. Even the reporters who were skeptical of Obama were left reporting what he wanted them to because there was nothing else to report.

— Drew Cline is editorial-page editor of the New Hampshire Union Leader.
10/20 07:22 AM
A lot of the press went with what a Presidential campaign told them not merely out of some sort of worshipful love but because they were limited to a choice of doctrine. If they did not eat this pill they would get nothing. I am not certain exactly what "Battered Wife" syndrome is, but I reckon it really a sort of feeling of helplessness, worthlessness, as if without the sort of attention even with negative attention and brutal punishment of the power institutionalized, there would be no alternative and no love or security would come from another. If there is no alternative then the message is what the message is.

People will follow or repeat a doctrine if they are convinced that there is no other way. This sort of conditioning can take time or it may be a simple yet drastic choice in the face of a deadline. Our conditioning has led a bulk of Americans to believe that the inevitable destiny for a good citizen is four years of "higher education" at a college or university merely in order to receive the capital and resources, additional credentials and the scant bit of knowledge necessary to stand or sit, mostly sit, in a place in the world where we can live comfortably, and embrace the fruits of a standard of living. This university education takes, at standard, four years, although such a degree can be obtained in less time for more effort. This is so expected that we have the doctrine pounded into our brains that without this miscellaneous ritual we will be punished with a lesser life with lesser rewards. Of course if everyone goes through this ritual then the fruits of it are less special... the meats of the life are fast food hamburgers. A University education used to be described as steak in a life where we can get buy on common meatstuffs and it used to be true. Now we are told that the high-premium meatstuffs are the most important of prizes yet for all it is spread about the value of it goes down; these are not steaks they are fast food hamburgers. The value of the high school education is also de-valued and hard work itself as an alternative to the high school education is frowned upon. Although I cannot argue against hard work as a true alternative to a high school education and I thank God our economy is, for the most part, that healthy. For now.

So the doctrine we get is that we all need four-year degrees and that this high amount of education widely spread is a guarantee of prosperity and employment. Few on the Left will confess that employment is not necessarily prosperity (especially with a progressive tax rate) and that what can be gained in such a way can be lost, as the greater value something has the more expensive it may be to maintain.

Even without a clear definition in her head of what her future will be my niece told me that she was going to college and she knew what she was doing although she admitted she knew not what her career would be beyond that; I cannot blame a nine-year-old for that. I can blame a culture for placing the idea into young minds that there is an "only way." Now I believe there is an only way, a singular exclusive one way to Heaven and Eternal Life past the corporeal death. I can never believe there is a single institutional gateway into how we become real and responsible adults. All of this is a long way to open into the argument that we, as a culture, have too quickly defaulted into giving trades and trade schools a bum rap. We should not, out of reflex, attach the label to trades as something for lesser men and certainly should not automatically seek the white collar world. That I sought the white collar continuum does not change the brutal fact that my roots and character are blue collar. An honest exploration of the future before taking steps toward a place in that future should involve taking a look at what honestly may not have occurred to oneself. It is true that our modern cultural doctrine places economists and computer programmers at a place above the plumber and the electrician, but for my house they are a lot less useful and the works of a quality roofer last longer and remain relevant much longer than your standard computer program. Forget value to society. According to the New York Post the life of a tradesman can be a much better life. There is an alternative to the generally predicted sort of life and in one sense those four years can be a massive waste of time. If I had to advise a youngster I'd say that if one does not know if he will be a tradesman and/or simply canot clearly envision a future in one particular career or another particular career, two years of community college or the first year or three of University/college is the best place to be while exploring. Training to be the contrary of one's own visions, desires, can lead to a brutal realization. Then again, one's own vision of the future need not come true. Mine did not and yet my life is still good. I will be happy and I am content, even joyful.

To what degree should we be bound by the wishes of our younger selves?

I hope we never stop the exploration of doctrines and consequences.

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"Should we put God back In schools?"

I said earlier that
Putting God in schools is fine if every American is equipped to deal with it... most Americans are ill-equipped therefore putting God in schools is like giving a cocked, loaded handgun to an angry hungry monkey.... in a dozen different ways.
While I certainly am not opposed to an honest and accurate depiction, description, and portrayal of American Christian culture, especially as it was lived by our Founding Fathers and the rest of our more moral and thoughtful political architects, I am opposed to a simple inclusion of token religiosity, be that as an acknowledgment of its existence in American history (or contemporary American society) or a more detailed examination under the current circumstances of the American educational system.

I do not believe the majority of American public schoolteachers are equipped to teach the subject properly or meaningfully. The attempt to do so with educators that are not adequately prepared leads to inaccurate teachings or even some amount of destruction.

Is it bad to see my beliefs indoctrinated into children? Regardless of the answer opening the door to indoctrinating the children into what is right enables the fools and villains (even well-meaning fools) to indoctrinate children with untruths and twist the truth in a world where kids may not possess alternatives to untruth, opportunities for real corrections to lies.

Hence a simple response to a poll.

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Nobel Peace Prize: really just the "Jimmy Carter Award for Pleasing Lefty Foreign Peaceniks" anyway... so President Obama did deserve the nomination after being in office for 11 days

this blog is going on hiatus

until I obtain my professional certification.

Keep your powder dry and read all... five years (and more) of archives.

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Ted Kennedy being an undemocratic Democrat?

Ted Kennedy wanted to have the Democrats steal the Massachusetts' citizens ability to vote for the US Senator for his own agenda. Funny thing is I do not believe these citizens should choose their US Senator, but for different reasons.
Call me cynical, but it appears Senator Kennedy’s support for the rule of law is driven by his own calculations of political expediency and partisan advantage. Sadly, I expect many politicians of both parties are driven by the same motivations. Still, it is not right to simply change the law anytime it becomes a disadvantage to the party in power.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day

Rather than go into (or address) the fairly predictable screeds of how Columbus could "discover" America if it already provided homes to natives present, I'll just touch on something that is tangentially related that I find incredibly stupid yet prevalent.

We often see and hear the term "Native American" to describe a specific ethnicity when the word "Native" is a geographic identifier and qualifier and does not describe ethnicity at all. Nowadays we use the term to describe a modern day human based on the geographic status, the location of the home, of one or more of his ancestors, no matter how distant. In contrast a modern day native in the country or countries described best as "America", or a Native of the United States who thus is an American, cannot be described in those literal broad terms because it has been purposed exclusively for an ethnic group, whose origins to this continent are shared with over 200 million people that certainly did not emigrate from the European or Asian continents.

Now how do we describe people of a certain ethnicity, those native to this country back when Europeans began settling the land, in a way that contrasts them from other people and other Americans? I do not really care. "Indian" worked for some; "American Indian" worked for others. Neither of those terms is incredibly accurate, or literal. Both are descriptive but I have no idea if they are useful. Playing mary hob would be fun with census taker and statisticians if we simply used the specific tribal name.

We could simply call them people.

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Michigan State Spartans versus Illinois Fighting Illini


Day: Saturday
Date: Oct. 10, 2009
Location: Champaign, Ill.
Time: 12:00 p.m. ET

TV: Big Ten Network
Radio: Spartan Sports Network

Big Ten Network has another exclusive game. I could not begin to tell you how Illinois' season has been this year but the Spartans are moving up; let us hope that the defeat of the Wolverines last week was not a mere fluke.

Nickelback - Something in Your Mouth (PARODY)

Peter Coffin took a sexual song and made the lyrics about food. To be frank all I really liked about the original was the beat.

Attract the Dynamic

I have met women whom I would certainly not address, categorize, or label as particularly "photogenic" but I would certainly dictate as "attractive" perhaps even with a sort of physical attractiveness even if I cannot cannot capture in a still image (or any visual media) just what it is that makes the woman good-looking. That is to say that the woman in question possesses a sort of dynamism.

I'll be open in saying that behavior, tendencies, characteristics in motion are enough for me to proclaim all out whether one is good at have around yet never ever will I say to someone that they attractive because of one thing or another and/or imply that someone else lacks a quality that I would call essential. But then flirting with people is not my constant inclination and while it may make some feel good it simply is wasted on others, or they are determined to read intention out of flirtation. Trust me when I say to all women that flirtation does not imply intention. Intention is intention and the possibility of a friendships on myriad platonic levels are often shattered because a woman places a man into a certain block of expectation and rejects him simply because she doesn't want his romantic attentions.

Then again, asking to clarify relational statuses can kill things. How two people relate to one another is a very organic thing. Trying to engineer such a thing can result in a success but usually it means a sort of living death. Two people cannot be involved in a one-to-one entity, a collective two-become-one-flesh sort while obsessing over the combination as if it is a separate construct that is built to be mulled over. They say that dissecting a frog will kill it and that dissecting a joke is the same way. Relationships built like cyborgs may function for awhile but the real thing is not built merely with a result in mind but comes into being as it is necessary and the foundation is laid by love and not by mere intention. People construct homes not to be complete structures but to fulfill purposes. Mulling over the structure of the house is not the same as living in it.

So for that matter trying to nail down what makes one attracted to another is not a wise exercise yet it often can bear particular results, some productive and some not. Ultimately one is supposed to live life, after all. Instead of trying to produce a particular result and maneuver to catalyze a predetermined an action/response the best is to hope for the best, intend for the brightest and live love. However the response be romantic or fraternal (sisternal if you care) then at least the creation of lasting bonds will be a healthy, productive, helpful creative event.

The very worst that can happen is what one thought as a friend outright rejecting contact of an individual person and while that seeming betrayal may hurt at least it is an honest presentation of the quality of a person's character.

4-dimensional hypercube tesseract

Can someone make sense of this?

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Nicole Eggert is still a very attractive woman

When she was a television star, she was stick thin. After a couple of decades and a couple of kids, Eggert is still beautiful, but isn’t as (anorexic-looking) as she once was.

Scarlet Witch

Illustration by George Perez

A Marvel Comics superheroine character that has a great and interesting visual but has a history so screwed up and violent that she is utterly useless as a commercial character in the comic books.

I wonder if a gypsy with an Eastern European accent is too ethnic to be commercially viable in live action motion picture, animated, or even television media. They have tried but I have never seen it really work.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Detroit Tigers Postgame - Detroit at Minnesota 2009-10-06

Detroit Tigers Postgame Alert
October 6, 2009

Detroit 5, Minnesota 6 at Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome
Detroit Record: (86-77)
Minnesota Record: (87-76)

Winning pitcher - Bob Keppel (1-1)
Losing pitcher - Fernando Rodney (2-5)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
DET 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 1 0 5 12 1
MIN 0 0 1 0 0 1 2 0 0 6 12 0
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 R H E
DET 1 0 0 X X X X X X 5 12 1
MIN 1 0 1 X X X X X X 6 12 0

Recap | Full Box Score | Photo Gallery | Highlights

Game Recap & Box Score »
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Janeane Garofalo is not a nice person anyway

Media Contact:
David Webb212.372.8008,

Response to Janeane Garofalo's statement on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher October 2nd

A False Charge Of Racism Is Itself Racist

New York, NY…October 6, 2009 – It is clear to any reasonable American that on both sides of the political aisle there are fringe elements and not necessarily unique to one particular side. In her first round of offensive statements after the April 15th nationwide Tea Parties, Janeane Garofalo sought some relevance by taking up the teabaggers and racists cry. In my April 21st article 'Is Racism the Tea Party Concern – or an Awakened Electorate?' printed in Family Security Matters I stated that "Comedienne Janeane Garofalo, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann and others who picked up the "teabagging" cry failed, because the truth cannot be hidden."

I find her statements offensive and insulting. I and millions of Americans share legitimate policy concerns about the wasteful spending by our government. As the co-founder of the New York City Metro Tea Party organization, my issue is with the fiscally irresponsible policies coming out of Washington D.C. not the President's skin color. Anytime disagreement is voiced over the President's policies the race card is played. This is disingenuous at best. I can state with certainty that I am not a part of, or would not be accepted by a white power movement. There is only one race, human, and procreation is proof of that.

Janeane Garofalo is at best misinformed, and to the further extreme a race baiter without credibility. I would welcome the opportunity to debate her in any public forum including on Bill Maher's show. The question is could she handle an honest debate on issues and not spout hyperbole.

David Webb
Co-Founder and Director Tea Party 365, Inc.


Tea Party 365, Inc. ? 212.372.8008 ?

Ronald Reagan versus Statist healthcare

I have little to add. However... don't forget that if the government is the only agency empowered to pay doctors, than they can and will arbitrarily decide how much payment an American doctor is allowed to accept for procedures and thus remove most if not all of the incentives to actually endure the long and difficult processes to become a doctor.

Fringe - "A New Day in the Old Town"

Season 2 : Ep. 1 (43:46) Original Air Date - September 17th, 2009

  • Walter quote: "Life and death these are relative terms. Contextually defined...."
  • First time I ever liked Pacey.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Duties of the Executive

While I never really balked at the notion of the President of the United States acting as a sort of substitute for royalty in various situations for our country it does seem a tad disgusting that the present President acts as a hyperactive conscience voice, a mobile apologetic device designed to modify perception according to a precise agenda. In theory there is a unified voice and face with a smooth continuity, despite variations in specific policy, foreign and otherwise. In that sense President Truman carried on President Roosevelt's notion of peace based on strength and a front of courage and what could call "the power of pride" or "American power". Let us just say that President Truman and President Roosevelt and President Reagan and President Bush 43 all recognize that the inherent greatness of their shared nation and despite differences in specific approach the mission implies representing the country as a collective entity bigger than the sins of its citizens (past, present and future) and much greater than the virtuous acts, decisions, orders, and/or policies of a single individual in the present day. The country must be represented as a sort of monolithic force representing a shared set of ethos and any country itself has intertwined a national interest that means protecting the citizenry from the malevolent outsiders. When making friends or holding off enemies (and in the foreign policy arena only a telepath can tell one from the other) one must maintain the truth that essentially our country is has it has always been and that it was and will be always worth protecting and serving.

The current President does not present our country as a monolith in that sense and testifies to other nations as if our nation is a nebulous collective project whose worth and virtue wax and wane based on the choices of its leadership. To that end we see Presidents who assess success and failure based on projects and specific crusades and not on sensible foundations for ongoing policy. For instance, the current President continues to characterize the conflict in Iraq as "the war in Iraq", which is a common misnomer, but he characterizes it as a war started and continued in an isolated medium, that of the realm of responsibility for his own predecessor. Rather than place it in the historical context of an American military action or a front of an ongoing policy regarding state-sponsored terrorism, President Obama tells the tale of a war that distracted from a policy of hunting plotters.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Defend the American Dream Summit

This blog has been invited to live blog (on Blogger's Row) at Americans for Prosperity's Defend the American Dream Summit. It is occurring now and will go over the weekend.

I regret that I cannot attend, but as a County Chairman I must attend the state Young Republican Convention, occurring tonight. I hope to link later to my friends' posts.

Michigan Young Republicans State Convention tonight

It is tonight on the campus of Michigan State University. We are not College Republicans. The purpose of this meeting?
To Elect Statewide Young Republican leadership for the next two years. Directly after the convetion we will move to Trippers for a Reception
We will honor Jerry D. Roe and others. It will be fun.

Michigan Wolverines versus Michigan State Spartans


Day: Saturday
Date: Oct. 3, 2009
Location: East Lansing, Mich.
Time: 12:00 p.m. ET

TV: Big Ten Network
Radio: Spartan Sports Network

My team is down 1-3, primarily because of a shoddy defense that fails to live up to its name. However the team is literally too good to just suffer loss after loss... but that is a spiritual argument put forth by a Wolverine fan, namely my friend Godwin. I believe it but I cannot argue it. The other side is that the Wolverines are a better team than last year but have not been winning against especially good teams and are due for a loss.

So this may be anyone's game. The problem for me is that I hate Big Ten Network and this massive rivalry game should not be on the cable television that folk have to pay for, but on ABC Sports, where it is free for the citizenry of Michigan to watch!