Monday, August 31, 2009

Robert Schindler died on August 28th

Terri Schiavo was dead for a long time and we did not know that her brain had liquefied until they destroyed her body's ability to house life. Defending her shell was a waste of time, money, energy, and burned the spiritual and physical health for her parents, including Robert Schindler. Her body-death was pushed by a selfish husband who had little use for her. In simple principle to be applied beyond the one individual, erring on the side of caution for individuals trapped in a "persistent vegetative state" could be the best way to save the lives of fully sentient, aware, living individuals trapped in a frozen, pseudo-comatose body-shell. Assuming that every individual whose condition resembles Terri Schiavo's condition actually is another case of a "persistent vegetative state" or is a brain-dead individual is a tragic act and ultimately inevitably leads to living people being neglected, mistreated, and tortured. Starving and dehydating an individual is a great way to make that person suffer and it is good that Terri Schiavo was already dead for some time while her body was being willfully dessicated. If she was still alive when that process was started her death would have been excruciatingly painful and her suffering unto death would have been immense. Acting out of guesswork could have been incredibly cruel and monstrous for a husband, lawyers, and doctors. Good thing they were right.

As inaccurate as he was, Robert Schindler witnessed his daughter's body-shell ravaging and entrenched in his vain hope that his daughter was alive under all that flesh and blood
His health was broken by the ordeal of trying to save his daughter’s life and he never fully recovered from the horror of watching her dehydrate to death.
He died August 28th, 2009 of "heart failure", rather a broker heart. Wesley Smith, who writes about this, is something of a bioethics specialist.

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