Monday, August 31, 2009

Did Ted Kennedy kill an innocent for his own prosperity?

  • Melissa Lafsky declares Mary Jo Kopechne and her life, as well as its end at the hands of Ted Kennedy, to be of minuscule importance compared to Ted Kennedy, in fact it is only a "footnote"; to that end she declares that it is a good thing that Miss Kopechne died, that her death is a beneficial driving force for Senator Kennedy's life and career and that ultimately in regards to what Mary Jo Kopechne might think about it that "maybe she'd feel it was worth it". I wonder what the Kopechne clan would think of Miss Lafsky. Is she a disgusting human being, leftist or no?
  • Shawn Macomber of the American Spectator blog thinks that Melissa Lafsky is "demented" and places himself in the role of sacrificial lamb for the sake of role-playing.
    I know my personal dream has always been to be martyred for the sake of increasing the political power of a braying narcissist who somehow found a way to jeopardize his seat on the nepotism gravy train. That's cool right? What more can the little people hope for, really, than to play a small part in the Great Man drama around them?
    I made this point on Facebook a few days ago that Ted Kennedy killed a woman for an even more unholy reason than most dictators kill. Stalin and Hitler killed for respective causes in their -isms. Ted Kennedy's -ism was narcissism. I am not comparing the Massachusetts Senator to the dictators but I am saying that he had a reason to leave a woman trapped in a car he crashed and that reason had nothing to do with a quasi-common political ethos.
  • Slightly unrelated to the above, Ted Kennedy was aware of his weaknesses and flaws and thus reveled in self-deprecation for several reasons. Mike Potemra briefly eulogizes in the Christian fashion that I am obligated to repeat in words and spirit.

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