Monday, June 22, 2009

Iran observations

  1. The present government/regime in Iran committed acts of war against the United States of America.
  2. The Mullahs, a body of religious figures, appoint who is in Iranian executive elections.
  3. The Mullhas operate Iran like Vince McMahon and other writers run the World Wrestling Federation and other large professional wrestling outfits
  4. Just like WCW, WWF, WWE, the results of this match is likely pre-determined by the writers.
  5. Considering that the characters (with names) in the story have been written out ahead of time, why should we Americans believe that it makes one bit of difference which of those Iranian politicos is the Iranian President?
  6. If a new individual is the Preisdent of Iran, the old regime in Iran still stands.
  7. That regime committed acts of war against us.
  8. We should retaliate.
  9. We should retaliate while that regime still stands; it should be punished.
  10. The Iranian people, by and large, are innocent.
  11. The Iranian people, spurred by what they purportedly believe to be falsified election results, are rioting, demonstrating, protesting.
  12. The Iranian people do not have the backing of the Iranian military or civilian police authority or armed forces. They are mostly unarmed.
  13. The Iranian government commands the police and military. They are shooting people.
  14. People are getting beaten by government representatives, both official and unofficial.
  15. The government of Iran has blocked most telecommunications transmissions in and out of the State/County/Nation, including e-mail, telephones, popular websites capable of carrying photographic images of the events and the violence.
  16. The exception to the block is That is correct: Twitter.
  17. That Twitter is now the primary communicative medium of possible revolution means the world is about to end.
  18. I don't know how/why Iran could not block Twitter.
  19. Congressman Peter Hoekstra (Michigan 2nd District) embarrassed himself by comparing the Iranians' use of Twitter to the American Republican House legislators' use of Twitter when the latter group was effectively silenced on a specific political level. The Democrats were not shooting Republicans is the biggest difference, but the difference is great enough.
  20. In response to that rhetorical lack of rhetorical perspective a number of people launched a series of responses to Congressman Hoekstra which consisted primarily of comparisons that are similarly outlandish in nature. Congressman Hoekstra's Twitter error went viral. For example
    had high water pressure in the shower this morning, must be what it's like to get waterboarded
    Put some chicken wire around my garden to keep out rabbits. It was just like when they built the Great Wall of China.
    This one is funny:
    An ambulance just drove by with the siren on. Now I know what it was like to be in London during the Blitz.
    Now for one more sample:
    I just burned my hand with some bacon grease. I feel exactly like that Buddhist monk who set himself on fire
    Honestly there is not enough time in the world to track and reprint all of these things without coding help, and some of them just are not funny/clever enough to mention. Others are not part of the meme but simply preachy idiots who apparently want a politician punished for making an inappropriate comparison.
  21. The best of them can be found here. I will steal them now.

    mike_bosworth @petehoekstra I got a sunburn last weekend. Makes me think of Hiroshima.

    KyleOrl @petehoekstra My softball game was rained out today. Now I know what Hurricane Katrina felt like.

    stealingfrom @petehoekstra Sitting in a chair, feeling a good deal like Stephen Hawking. #GOPfail

    mattortega RT @petehoekstra Walked out onto Constitution Ave in D.C. and was almost hit by a taxi. Reminded me of Tienanmen Square.

    mmnowakjr85 @petehoekstra our office cooler ran out of water. this must be what its like in Sudan.

    curtsmith @petehoekstra, fell off my surfboard in Malibu today, now I know what D-day felt like.

    jwzich @petehoekstra Didn't have breakfast this morning, it was exactly like the Great Potato Famine

    stevensantos @petehoekstra Still haven't got paid for a job I did. Now I know what slavery is like.

    trisloth @petehoekstra Just got into a snowball fight. Reminded me of the Hundred Years' War

    donnahon @petehoekstra Got some sand in my shoe. Now I know what it's like to be on my third deployment in Iraq.

    ceedub7 @petehoekstra I got a splinter in my hand today. Felt just like Jesus getting nailed to the cross.

    netw3rk @petehoekstra Someone walked in on me while I was in the bathroom. Reminded me of Pearl Harbor.

    trisloth @petehoekstra My toilet just overflowed a little. Now I know what it was like for the Indonesian tsunami victims.

    paganmist @petehoekstra Had to move all my stuff to a new office w/o a corner view. Now i know what the Trail of Tears was like. #GOPfail

    benhuh @petehoekstra I had to sit in the last row of our corporate jet this morning. This is what Rosa Parks must have felt like.

    BrianYoung @petehoekstra: Missed lunch today cuz I was late and walking to a meeting. Reminded me of the Bataan Death March.

    Feel better? I believe it was worth it.

  22. This is terrifying. People have way too much time on their hands. This obsessed individual in particular suffers from an intense leftist derangement.
  23. I don't know why the Iranians are rioting. Neither does any other American but I am honest enough to admit it while the others simply go with one common conjecture as fact.
  24. President Obama actually said that the real reason the election was going as it did, back when it was an election, was that he gave a speech in Cairo.
  25. His speech in Cairo had nothing to do with the Iranian President's lack of popularity.
  26. His speech in Cairo had nothing to do with the Iranian elections at all.

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