Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the government is closing the noose on your infant child

  • Are two of the characters from Michael Bay's Transformers 2 movie racist stereotypes in nature? The blog post/article does not answer the question very well (and perhaps raises more questions) but the comments will help.
  • I love Roadbuster and am one of the few I really do, I think. has a good page.
  • Here is the Twitter #hashtag sorter for #TCOT
  • NRO on the Honduran counter-coup
  • Victor Davis Hanson tracks the President lying for the American cause.
  • Why the heck is it a big deal that a Governor can vanish for a few days! A state does not really need him if it is organized properly. The government should not rely on a particular individual in just that way especially if it is proper government, that is to say, minimal government. Then again, if the behavior of Senator Ensign and Governor Sanford are replicated across the line of Republicans then we can just sit and wait for government healthcare and a massive reevaluation of the proper relationship between citizen and the government. Mark Steyn makes the same argument but backs it up and actually attacks specific viewpoints.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency is a department of the Executive Branch and operates under the command of President Obama. When the actual science as presented by an individual and his report does not fit with his narrative the fool squelches it all so he can pass the largest tax hike in American history and further squelch our liberty. So if global warming or climate change is not what the President of the United States says it is he will not allow you to know the truth, all so he can take your money and make certain elements of enterprise and energy non-viable, destroying industry and smothering prosperity under his black hand of evil darkness.

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