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Argument Against Idiots MySpace Bulletin

From: Operation Rooster

Date: Oct 29, 2008 4:04 PM
Subject: The Argument Against Idiots: Separation of Church and State
Body: "Arguments Against Idiots" is a feature of Glenn Beck's free email newsletter. This is where Glenn gives you the arguments that your idiot friends will throw at you concerning various topics, and he gives you the facts to combat the idiotic arguments.
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The Issue:
'Separation of Church and State'

What The Liberal Whiners Say:
‘Thank GOODNESS for the Reverend Barry Lynn and Americans United for Separation of Church and State calling for the IRS to investigate that Catholic Bishop Arthur Serratelli, for jumping into this Presidential race...there is NO place for that in American politics...he needs to have his 501c status revoked!'

'Just as the Rev.
Barry Lynn said: 'it's a HIDDEN AGENDA to sway votes!'

'Why do you hate CIVIL LIBERTIES...which is what the "C" and "L" in ACLU stand for...and why do you hate the U.S.
Constitution? Like it or not religious zealots, there is a Constitutional separation of church and state in this country!'

Your Winning, Logical, Reasoned, Argument:
1. You're talking about the statement Bishop Serratelli made that the democratic candidate promised, as his FIRST act as president, to sign the pro-abortion, Freedom of Choice Act? He didn't even name the candidate, and he didn't endorse anyone...he was talking about a MORAL issue...that's what Bishops DO!

2. Oh, I guess you prefer the much more OPEN agenda of Jeremiah Wright and Michael Phlegar...both of whomunabashadly called for Barack Obama to be elected...from their PULPITS! And by the way, please stop calling Barry Lynn a REVEREND. He's a phony, former ACLU attorney, who only goes after conservative, white Christians.
I didn't see him sick the IRS on Jeremiah Wright and Father Phlegar, did you?

3. No there isn't. There IS a Constitutional PROTECTION of religion in this country, that gives that Bishop the right to say what he did. But let me share the "establishment clause" of the 1st Amendment with you, since you've obviously never read it: Oh what the heck, I'll share the whole thing so you won't be able to say that I took it out of context.
Here it is:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. No mention of a "separation of church and state". That came in an 1803 letter from Thomas Jefferson to a Baptist minister to assure him that the United States would never declare a state religion.

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the interesting little self-deceptions involving Barack Obama

I've never quite made myself think that I could possibly change anything with my weblog. At the very least whatever it is I change I never thought make a mind feel better and inform them of a candidate to the point where it would turn them away from a vile candidate.

Back in 2007 when it was down to Token Black and Hillary the Deserved President Imminent I always assumed that Senator Barack Obama was a benign creature, merely incompetent, inexperienced, and undeserving of a role of true leadership.

I was wrong.

Back then I thought that he was merely dragged through a rigmarole of the ideologies of the far Left. He was taken on the backs and under the drubbing of folk like William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, and Ted Kennedy. I assumed that Saul Alinsky was truly a mild tactical approach to leftism, activism. I thought the socialist training and upbringing was an unfortunate side effect and Barack Obama was a merely a leftist of the normal variety.

What a fool I was.

William Ayers is an unreprentent domestic terrorist. Everything Timothy McVeigh was, so was Willaim Ayers. The difference is that we caught that wretched filth McVeigh and dealt him the cold hand of justice. William Ayers never met justice. He remains unrepentent. In a true civilization this man would have been publically hanged, or drawn and quartered. I remain surprised that a vigilante has not beheaded this human beast.

Like many a fallen angel William Ayers has a his disguise and poses as one of the normal folk. Normal folk normally do not question a demon for his own contents. The contents of William Ayers is in fact such of anti-Life. His spouse called on their follower-children to murder the children's parents. The Weather Underground literally declared war on the United State of America. They set bombs. They plotted to murder servicemen and their loved ones. These evil men and women plotted death and harm as grievous as any of what I call "Evil Muslims", what the press call "Islamic Radicals". William Ayers went on to write books. Barack Obama endorsed one of these books. His living goal was to indoctrinate students into his own deadly ideology. He became a teacher and a Chicago bureacrat set to write the books and curricula of students. Barack Obama was a willing partner in this endeavor. When Barack Obama was eight years old William Ayers was a violent terrorist in action. Soon after William Ayers stopped setting bombs yet remained the same man deep at heart. His tactics changed; he never repentented. When they were both older men they befriended one another. Barack Obama sought out William Ayers to aid his political ascension through Chicago politics.

William Ayers gave Barack Obama his start in Chicago politics. Barack Obama has lied about the nature of this relationship.

Conservatives and critics of Barack Obama have claimed rightfully that he is a friend of a domestic terrorist.

That reminds me of a joke: what do Barack Obama and Osama bin Liden have in common? They both have friends who tried to blow up the Pentagon!!!

William Ayers committed violent acts and planned those acts when Barack Obama was eight years old. The fact of Mr. Ayers' history is a matter of his character, not whether or not Senator Obama was involved with Mr. Ayers' terrorism. However, every time someone mentions that Barack Obama's judgment is lacking in that he was/is political allies of a man of horrific/murderous character he deflects the accusation by claiming that his detractors are accusing him of being with the terrorist as a co-terrorist and then asserts he was too young to be a peer with the mad bomber.

Sometimes a history of violence does not have a statute of limitations.

Barack Obama has been deliberately and particularly deceptive about his relationship with William Ayers. He is not an incompetent as opposed to Hillary the Lying Fiend. He is a fiend.

Jeremiah Wright is a pastor at a church in Chicago. When crafting an identity, the sort of political and racial identity a man with white (socialist) nurture and brown skin (from the African descent of his Kenyan father) needs in order to be elected within the ranks of Chicago Democrats is very particular. There are areas and walks of life where one must fulfill expectations of others and live an indentity. That sort of identity, in certain walks of life, includes the racial identity. Ideally in America we are free to live as we want to live as individuals, to be a who. In certain kinds of politics or even commercial arts, and I will be vague as to which kinds, the what is more important than the who. So despite being raised as Barry Obama and living a life as the child/offspring of his mother, his absent father-figures, and his doting grandparents, when Barack Obama sought to be a man of his own design, he sought to be a what, not a who.

It is funny. John Forbes Kerry sought to be John Fitzergerald Kennedy, Jr and modeled his life after our man of Camelot. That is why he became a Swiftboat commander, and why he ran for President. It is hard to say if he was trying to be a what or a different who, but he certainly aspired more than he lived. But he was a self-designed man rather than a self-made man. He lost in 2004. The parallel can be made to Barack Obama in that rather than become a man he became a type of man - a thing, reflection of vision. The question can be asked whose vision is he a reflection of. What sort of man did John McCain try to be between 2001 and 2008? Let us leave that aside; John Kerry shaped his life artificially and in the end failed to live up to his template. But his lifestyle choices were deliberate.

Barack Obama chose his friends deliberately.He did not happen to grow up in a certain environment, naturally evolving into those with whom he coexisted.

I am not a fan of the man who shapes his own destiny and his own character so deliberately. That sort of self-creation seems to me to be godless, and more urgently faithless!

So as it is those who would give Barack Hussein Obama his education were those he sought out, and he sought out those of the Far Left. His ideology was shaped from his early youth as his adopted father (or was it his biological one?) was a socialist, and the friends of his grandfather were radical leftists.

I think the important point of Barack Obama's guiding ideological lights is that he sought to associate himself with these people, learn from them, pattern himself after their beliefs in a fashion. He would fashion himself from their ideas, notions, and superficial effects. He did this because these sorts of beliefs and ideological trappings prove themselves to be the fashionable ones in the right places.

Every person who suspects Barack Hussein Obama to be a Muslim, let alone a "Radical Muslim" or a bomb-blasting Evil Muslim is a fool. These sorts of socialism, Marxists, and sociopolitical activists that the individual in question patterned himself after were all in a sort of American vein, or at least a Western Countercultural mold. They could be called European. None of these ideologies matches the ideas of the dark sect of Islam that calls forth the followers and believers to kill people for jihad. In fact his western cultural education belies the trappings of any peaceful Islam. If anything his education demands a Leftwing almost-communist line of Christianity, and in the external situation Barack Obama has clearly embraced a cultural Christianity.

The sort of church that Barack Obama chose reflected the kind of man he sought to be seen as (as opposed to the sort of man he is). The Trinity United Church of Christ was/is(?) the sort of place where the sort of man that Barack Obama wanted to be seen as... went.

That's interesting, isn't it? I am assuming the contents of a man's heart. I do not believe I am judging him yet somehow I am certain that I am crossing a line by guessing a man's spiritual commitment to God's word. I judge no one as a sinner or a saint. No man is sufficient for Heaven by his works or character. Given that high standard I cannot judge a man good enough for heaven, certainly I can accede that any man without Christ is destined for hell.

Whether or not the image of a church on the South Side of Chicago was something wielded for personal or political gain, it is important to note what Black Liberation Theology is. I refuse to go into great details and at time I will confess my own ignorance. Here is what Pastor Rick Warren says about it
Well, I totally disavow liberation theology and black liberation theology. I think they're both wrong. I think they are radical. I think they're Marxism in Christian terms and I think they're dead wrong.
To that end I think we can assert and assume that it is not merely a different denomination, a different application of what we are supposed to assume is my shared belief(s) with this man, these men.

I regret not taking time months ago to draw out my own beliefs of Christian worldview, complete with Scriptural citations, and its contrast to Marxism or even the New Deal/Great Society/Nanny State visions of the Liberal Democrats. It would help immensely at this point. I wish I could draw a convincing contrast between (my beliefs of) what the mainstream Christian theology is and the theology often floated on television and taught to certain children in certain places. My ultimate view on it is that Christ taught us to act in His name, as he would, personally. We love personally. We show our love through action. We love because He loves. That makes perfect sense! Attempting to eliminate poverty is not an act of love. Helping an impoverished man is an act of love. Eliminating the deficits in his life without his own application of will is a violation of the natural order that God set down. Some violations of the natural order can be seen as good. But removing negative consequences to negative actions can be seen as an act of love if done by an individual man to man. A large corporate effort to eliminate the deficit is akin to removing one's sins, and that is playing God. The aspiration to remove differences between God's creations is an aspiration to play God. Sometimes our differences are manifestations of human will, free will. How can strive to arm ourselves, better prepare ourselves to serve the Lord if these efforts are stifled and stymied by attempts to make helping the poor unnecessary?

I think... I've run out of time to finish this.

The questions are two. Does Barack Obama really have the judgment to perform adequately as President. The argument of the Democrats is that his superb judgment compensates for his lack of experience. That argument of the Republicans supporting Governor Bush to become President Bush set up a Republican Presidency that bent for any Democrat legislative initiative and never issued a single veto until the second term. Barack Obama teamed with nasty, vicious people for political advantage... these sorts of relationships would have prevented any normal non-elected individual from getting security clearance... yet this guy who traded decency for expediency and coalition could be elected to the top civilian clearance and be our Commander-In-Chief.

When it began I thought he was simply young and naive. Now I believe he was deliberately diving into alliances of.... I'll say these folk were evil. We were decieved. We deceived ourselves. I can only spell deception.

So the second question is... will he govern as President from the middle or the Far Left? Will he pursue power or a radical agenda?
Did he gather all of this leftist background to grow through Chicago just to govern as a centrist as President? Will he play it safe to stay President for two terms?

Vote on what you know... because of what you don't know may be friends with villains.

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Eaton County Republicans Election Night meeting

Below is information about local Republican political meetings and events. If you would like to see your event listed, please contact

Next Eaton County Executive Meeting/Watch the Election Returns:

Date and Time: Tuesday, November 4th. 2008 starting @ 6:00PM
Place: Tony M's
Home-cooked Italian meals and refreshing beverages.
3420 South Creyts Road (map)
Lansing, MI 48917
Parking: Free and plentiful around the building.
Attire: Casual, most people come directly from work on meeting night.
Eligibility: Anyone with an open mind. New members are always welcome.
Costs: The meeting has always been free to attend. Food and beverage is the responsibility of the guest.
Notes: Will serve as the November Executive Meeting.


New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.
Brighton Landing
20 Guest St.
Boston, MA 02135-2088


Hours of Operation:
8:30 AM-5:00 PM (EST) Monday-Friday

Store Distance


STORE #000136
10.4 miles


(517) 333-9066
13.7 miles


OKEMOS, MI 48864
(517) 349-3803
16.5 miles


OKEMOS, MI 48864
(517) 349-3803
16.5 miles


(616) 963-9273
36.3 miles


37.1 miles


(517) 783-1258
39 miles


517 783-1313
39 miles


STORE #000137
39 miles


(616) 754-4596


ALMA, MI 48801
(989) 463-2300

Google search for "shoes" in Lansing, MI

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

the MSU district Democrats Candidate Forum

If a Republican wants to make these people answer the tought questions, think 'em up and go visit.
Come hear from local candidates who will be appearing on the ballot next
Tuesday. This is your only chance to hear from the rest of the people you
will be voting for. Guests include:

Bob Alexander - Candidate for Congress, 8th Congressional Dist.
Mark Meadows - Candidate for State Representative
and representatives from the proposals.

8pm - Erickson Hall Kiva
Take pictures! Ask questions

Monday, October 27, 2008

Jewish World Review does a kosher east Asian chicken recipe

Recipe go here

Stuff to know right off:

To buy: 1 package sesame seeds, olive oil spray, 12 ounces trimmed snow peas, 3/4 pound boneless, skinless chicken thighs, 1 package microwaveable brown rice, 1 bottle sesame oil.


  • Boneless, skinless chicken breasts can be used instead of thighs; cook to 170 degrees
  • Look for trimmed snow peas in the market's produce section
  • Green beans or broccoli florets can be used in the rice


  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 2 teaspoons low-sodium soy sauce
  • Olive oil spray
  • 3/4 pound boneless, skinless chicken thighs, opened flat
  • 2 tablespoons sesame seeds

  • 3 cups trimmed snow peas (about 12 ounces)
  • 1 package microwaveable brown rice (for 1.5 cups cooked)
  • 2 teaspoons sesame oil
  • Salt and freshly ground pepper

Please God, help me to have the time to make this!

Obama citizenship MySpace Bulletin

From: Jason

Date: Oct 25, 2008 10:24 PM
Subject: Judge tosses lawsuit challenging Obama citizenship
Body: Judge tosses lawsuit challenging Obama citizenship

Oct 25, 3:37 PM (ET)
http://apnews. myway. com/article/20081025/D941NCJG0. html

PHILADELPHIA (AP) - A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit challenging Barack Obama's qualifications to be president.

U.S. District Judge R. Barclay Surrick on Friday night rejected the suit by attorney Philip J. Berg, who alleged that Obama was not a U.S. citizen and therefore ineligible for the presidency. Berg claimed that Obama is either a citizen of his father's native Kenya or became a citizen of Indonesia after he moved there as a boy.

Obama was born in Hawaii to an American mother and a Kenyan father. His parents divorced and his mother married an Indonesian man.

Internet-fueled conspiracy theories question whether Obama is a "natural-born citizen" as required by the Constitution for a presidential candidate and whether he lost his citizenship while living abroad.

Surrick ruled that Berg lacked standing to bring the case, saying any harm from an allegedly ineligible candidate was "too vague and its effects too attenuated to confer standing on any and all voters.

WOW, Obama has the judicial branch in his pocket now and the law means nothing.

Who is violating American soldiers' right to vote?

Anyone care to make a big deal about this?

I see no reason not to, but I have no avenues to pursue to do anything about it.
You need to know about Fairfax County, Virginia Registrar Rokey Suleman. He has decided to reject absentee ballots from American soldiers stationed overseas. In fact, some of the ballots he's not counting are those from military personnel serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mr. Suleman is using a technicality to throw out hundreds of our brave soldier’s votes. Except that Marc Ambinder reports that Rokey Suleman is getting the technicalities wrong. Mr. Suleman claims that our soldiers are "overseas citizens" and therefore have to comply with legal provisions applicable to American expatriots.

Voter disenfranchisement in any form is wrong, but the fact that some are actively seeking to take away the right to vote from the very people that are fighting to defend this fundamental American principal is deplorable.

Furthermore, Suleman is a partisan. He was the founder of the Trumbull, OH Young Democrats. Earlier this year, he ran, and lost, for the Ohio Democratic State Central Committee.

When questioned about denying our men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan their right to vote, he responded, “It stinks, but it's the law.” A more accurate response is- “It is voter disenfranchisement, and that stinks”

Tell Rokey Suleman to honor our American soldiers and count their votes.

Rokey Suleman
Fairfax County General Registrar

And if you are so inclined, join this Facebook group to send him a message.

Sincerely yours,

Erick Erickson

If it is true, and I am afraid to click the links, this Ohio Democrat varmint (in Virginia) is a true villain.

Family Guy - Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Sunday, October 26, 2008

So Bloomberg will run for a third term as New York City mayor

Never mind that Michael Bloomberg has only enhanced (in the midst of following) Rudy Giuliani's tradition of New York City's violation of the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Along with that I have accepted that City's status as a sanctuary city, a place where illegal aliens can safely take refuge from American laws regarding citizenship and residence. That in New York the Republican Party's membership and status is one more of a club membership arrangement and a monetary-campaign support pact than a reflection of beliefs, philosophy, instincts, lifestyle choice, casual efforts is definitely a given! None of that is wrong on any technical or moral level. I would not expect the same from New York Republicans or California Republicans that I would attempt to demand from the membership of the Michigan Republican Party. Even in Michigan there are folk, former elected officials, like the vile Joe Schwarz and the despicable Paul DeWeese, that would have the Party move in that Cali/York direction of intra-Party politics and ideological make-up.

The New York City mayor has a legal limit of two terms in office, "term limits were enacted through public referendums in 1993 and 1996." Mayor Bloomberg was granted the right to win a third term by the City Council. That same vote also extended the limits for City Council members, to the benefit of City Council officeholders in their second term. Mayor Bloomberg is purportedly popular enough to slide in to years nine through twelve quite easily. The fact is though that the City Council extended terms in government contrary to city law set more or less directly by the citizens of the city.
Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s bid to run for a third term got the all-clear Thursday when the City Council voted to allow term limits to be extended from 8 to 12 years.

Emotional and often outspoken council members voted 29-22 in favor of the extension that now allows officeholders three consecutive four-year terms. About two-thirds of the City Council is currently in their second term.

In a statement released by Bloomberg shortly after the decision was announced, he said he was pleased with the council’s vote.

“Today, the majority of the City Council decided to give the people of New York a fuller choice in the November, 2009 election. I believe that was the right choice, and I want to thank Speaker Quinn for her leadership.

“Those of us who work on both sides of City Hall must now move forward with the important decisions that face us, particularly finding ways to soften the fallout from the economic downturn and balancing our budget as revenues decline. We have a lot of work to do together to get New York through these tough times.”

The council debate began around 2:30 with passionate views on both sides. Council Speaker Christine Quinn got the debate rolling, echoing Bloomberg’s argument that the Wall Street meltdown needed experienced hands like himself and the other elected officials.

“In challenging times like this, the voters should have the choice of keeping the current leadership, the current mayor, the current City Council,” she said.

But opponents argued the decision should be up to the people, not the officials who would also be affected by a term limit extension.
“If you do this, you are undermining the very people who voted for you,” Councilman Charles Barron argued.

Others argued that those who voted in favor did so to enable themselves the ability to stay on the council again too.

“This had nothing to do with Bloomberg, this had nothing to do with individual council members, this had to do with what’s good for the city,” former Council Speaker Peter Vallone Sr. told CBS 2.

This can be argued whether this is in the best interests of the City and whether the people should be outraged by what is essentially the government itself undermining, overcoming, and defying a directive of the people. My only question regards whether or not the term limits set by the public referenda and a NYC public referendum itself, are at all sacrosanct.

In the end it does not matter what philosophy or Party Michael Bloomberg serves but what weight particular methods and avenues of governance have in certain municipalities, communities, or citizen bodies.

I suppose that struggle is best made most relevant in referencing an activist judiciary (against the common ideas of legislators elected by the people) or even the role that ballot initiatives play in individual states, sometimes contrary to the will of the judiciary or the state legislature. We wonder about whether the Michigan State Supreme Court will act on its own sense of what the world should look like because the Massachusets Supreme Court has acted on its own modern devolution of morality rather than a judicial responsibility to a state Constitution and proper law. In a similar vein all the work and millions of dollars put forth to enact our various Proposal 2s in Michigan in 2004 and 2006, to protect a traditional marriage custom and enact color-blind civil rights respectively, could be undone if the leftists (and the vain Republicans) succeed in acheiving a Constituional Convention for the state of Michigan. The will of the people would be effectively defied if the those amendments and changes were erased to clean slate.

Friday, October 24, 2008

we desire symmetry

The American love for the palindrome stems from a misguided yearning for balance. I suppose the words "everything in moderation" means something concrete and useful. Balance logically means that one extreme, being too quiet and lackadaisical, and the other: being loud and screaming and awake, alert to the edge with the senses ever-searching.

Perhaps it lies in that overanalysis or perhaps it is simple a desire of the eyes, something artistic yet linked to the illusion that the human body is symmetrical. (The outside seems symmetrical).

This is why people insist that there is Fascism on the "Far Right" and Socialism/Communism on the "Far Left".

There is no other reason.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Michigan Republicans Victory Centers, Call Centers as of today

Michigan Victory and Phone Center Staff

Phone #
Alpena Alpena Richard Fortier 517-993-7112 1001 Washington St
Benzie Beulah Rex Oconnor 231-383-4099
Escanaba Escanaba Marylyn Vandrese
Eaton Lansing - Delta Twp. John Witt 517-862-7584 5601 West Saginaw Hwy
Clinton St. Johns Scott Humell 2179 N. US Hwy 27
Genesee Grand Blanc Jason Geer (517) 862-7159 12741 S. Saginaw St Suite D2
Grand Traverse Traverse City Eric Reed (517) 610-9877 121 Front St. Suite 100
Hillsdale Hillsdale Heather Helman (517) 610-9376 79 North Broad
Ingham Lansing Norm Shinkle (517) 655-5992 2121 East Grand River
Isabella Mt. Pleasant Matt Golden (989) 400-4624 113 W. Broadway, Ste. 100
Jackson Jackson Chad Fauske (517) 993-7313 1931 Horton Rd, Suite 3
Kalamazoo Portage Cassandra Basore (517) 993-7128 1210 Milham Ave Suite 103
Kent Grand Rapids Sam Moore (616) 459-0141 264 Leonard St. NW
Lapeer Lapeer Bristen Brickles 517-862-1522 286 Nepessing St
Livingston Brighton Phil Kraft (517) 993-7334 455 E. Grand River, Suite 101
Macomb Frasier Janice Nearon (517) 610-9046 34620 Utica Rd.
Marquette Marquette Jennifer Grinder 517-610-1260 925 Washington St,
Midland Midland Will Tomlinson (517) 993-7458 109 E. Ashman Street
Monroe Monroe Megan Noland 8 Cass St.
Montcalm Stanton Chuck Champlin (989) 831-5817 212 W. Main St.
Montcalm Greenville Dale Rayburn (517) 225-3677 116 W. Cass (across from PO)
Newaygo Fremont Norm & Joan Knorr 10 East Main Street
Oakland Farmington Hills Chuck Wright (517) 993-7219 31440 Northwestern Hwy; Suite 100
Oakland White Lake Dennis Pittman 8330 Highland Road
Oakland Troy Barbara Harrell (517) 862-1766 700 East Big Beaver Rd
Ottawa Grand Haven Collette Jolie 616-402-9076 20 S. Beacon St.
Ottawa Holland Faith Steketee 616-396-3791 511 E, 8th st
Saginaw Saginaw Brian Frye (517) 442-2223 3071 Bay Rd.
St. Clair Port Huron Christine McCoy (517) 862-1038 908 Military St.
Washtenaw Ann Arbor Mike Telliga (517) 610-1507 2245 State Street
Wayne Livonia Gailute Dedinas (517) 610-1446 34020 W. Seven Mile Rd
Wayne Wyandotte Pricsilla Parness (517) 993-7288 3138 Biddle Ave. Unit 2
Phone Bank Coordinators
Allegan Allegan Jonathan Zita (517) 243-6887 882 Marshall St
Berrien St. Joseph Amanda Zaluckyj (517) 243-5962 413 State St
Benzie Beulah Rex Oconnor (231) 383-4099
Calhoun Battle Creek Carol Grahams (517) 243-8941 5424F Beckley Rd.
Macomb Chesterfield Twp. Scott Czasak (517) 243-2683 27795 23 Mile Rd
MRP HQ Lansing Matas Anuzis (517) 487-5413 520 Seymour Ave
Muskegon Norton Shores Chad Coots
(517) 575-5670 765 W. Norton Ave
Ottawa Jenison Juli DeLeeuw (517) 775-4646 664 Baldwin

CoH Captain Ion

A character from City of Heroes invented by Gabriel Mobius

The topic came up because Shamus Young entered a CoH costume contest.

Warren Buffett and the estate (death) tax on NRO

In last night's Presidential debate Barack Obama mentioned his buddy Warren Buffett, commonly referred to as "the Oracle of Omaha" also largely known as a major philanthropist and one of the world's three wealthiest people, when it came to selecting an adviser of sorts for economic policy. Many take this in a political neutral way. It is no surprise that John McCain will not attack Mr. Buffett. However I do not care for Warren Buffett. Over time a number of articles on National Review Online can swiftly aggregate regarding his advocacy of the death tax, an unnecessary penalty for your loved ones having collected stuff the government finds valuable. This makes him a villain of sorts.

Buffetted (August 18, 2004, 8:38 a.m.)
The Sage of Omaha loves the estate tax — as well he might. Berlau analyzes whether Warren Buffett and specific other super-rich would benefit under Senator John Kerry's Presidential economic plan, despite the image that Mr. Buffett was gathering as the "'good' CEO" and unselfish.

Warren's World ()
It’s as whacky as Krugman’s.
This Krugman Truth Squad entry by Donald Ruskin questions whether Warren Buffett is truthfully recounting and accounting what he pays in taxes and just what dividend taxes favor the rich. It goes a bit over my head frankly. It claims he uses tricks to avoid paying taxes that he not only claims that he avoids, but accuses others of using.

Looking for Taxes in All the Wrong Places (
Instead of going after the little guy, Congress should take aim at foundations and endowments.
Thomas E. Nugent tracks how Bill Gates and Warren Buffett use charity and such to grow and maintain wealth and hide their own assets from the tax man while they simultaneously endorse tax plans that assault the holdings and property of the less-wealthy.
The recent congressional frenzy to increase taxes on the wealthy will backfire if such changes reduce economic output. If the Laffer curve works, as it always does, politicians will discover that tax revenues will fall — not rise — when an economy slowed by tax hikes produces lower tax revenues. In all of this, the little guy — not the rich guy — is the one who’s going to get hurt... Beltway politicians parade their latest tax schemes to “bail out” the middle class. Windfall profits taxes, higher capital gains taxes, higher maximum personal-income-tax rates, a national sales tax — each and every one of these tax increases will ultimately hurt the little guy whose lifestyle and livelihood are inextricably attached to the economy. Meanwhile, wealthy individuals like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet will use the best lawyers to keep their fortunes from the tax man, while giving billions to charity as a way of lowering their potential tax bills... the multimillionaire Warren Buffet gave part of his fortune (just $30 billion) to the Gates Foundation, which could make this money grow faster than the legally required distributions from his portfolio. So Buffet gets a big-time tax deduction while the Gates Foundation only has to commit to distributing 5 percent of the $30 billion to charitable entities every year. Why don’t billionaires like Buffet just give their money to the needy now, or step up to the plate and pay their estate taxes today if they are so charity-minded? Apparently they speak out of both sides of their mouths: They avoid tax payments by donating to tax-exempt foundations, and then endorse higher tax rates on the little guy. (Buffet and Gates, if you haven’t heard, are both pro-estate tax.)
Naturally this whole charity thing looks more like a major part of a scheme to me and less like a mechanism to help the less fortunate. If the less fortunate are helped by effective means I am pleased by I find it sick that they would be used as an excuse.

The Oracle of the Death Tax
Why is Warren Buffett such a big proponent of the death tax? Naked self-interest.
Grover G. Norquist explains just what Warren Buffett really sees in a Death Tax, in the so-called estate tax, and how it is actually a direct conflict of interest. This article is what led me to believe that Warren Buffett is a death parasite.

He prays on the needs and interests of others and advocates a government program that directly benefits him while actively harming those who have lost loved ones.