Monday, September 29, 2008

Michigan victory offices and staff, as of 9-29 incomplete

Michigan Victory Centers and Field Staff

Phone #
Alpena Alpena Richard Fortier Regional Field Director - Alpena 1001 Washington St
Berrien Niles Paul Morrison 127 W Main Regional Field Director - Berrien 127 W Main
Clinton TBD by Oct 1 Regional Field Director - Clinton
Eaton Lansing Christopher McNamera Regional Field Director - Eaton 5601 West Saginaw Hwy
Genesee Grand Blanc Mike Telliga (517) 610-1507 Regional Field Director - Genesee 12741 S. Saginaw St Suite D2
Grand Traverse Traverse City Brandon Darin (517) 610-9877 Regional Field Director - Traverse City 121 Front St. Suite 100
Hillsdale Hillsdale Helen Helman Regional Field Director - Hillsdale 79 N. Broad St
Ingham Lansing John Witt (517) 993-7328 Regional Field Director - Lansing 2121 East Grand River
Isabella Mt. Pleasant Jeston LaCroix jlacroix@migopvictory.orf Regional Field Director - Isabella 113 W. Broadway, Ste. 100
Jackson Jackson Nicholas Diggs (517) 993-7121 Regional Field Director - Jackson 1931 Horton Rd, Suite 3
Kalamazoo Portage Cassandra Basore (517) 993-7128 Regional Field Director - Kalamazoo 1210 Milham Ave Suite 103
Kent Grand Rapids Chris Bradley (517) 610-1260 Regional Field Director - Grand Rapids 264 Leonard St. NW
Lapeer Lapeer Bristen Brickles Regional Field Director - Lapeer 286 Nepessing St
Lenawee Adrian Jeanette Eckles Regional Field Director - Lenawee 325 South Main Street
Livingston Brighton Phil Kraft (517) 993-7334 Regional Field Director - Brighton 455 E. Grand River, Suite 101
Macomb Fraser Janice Nearon (517) 610-9046 Regional Field Director - Macomb 34620 Utica Rd.
Marquette Marquette Julie Grinder Regional Field Director - Marquette 925 Washington St,
Mason Ludington TBD by Oct 1 Regional Field Director - Mason 325 West Ludington Ave
Midland Midland Will Tomlinson Regional Field Director - Midland 109 E. Ashman Street
Monroe Monroe Megan Noland Regional Field Director - Monroe 8 Cass St.
Newaygo Fremont Norm Knorr Regional Field Director - Newaygo 10 East Main Street
Oakland Farmington Hills Matt Chisholm (517) 214-6106 Regional Field Director - Farmington Hills 31440 Northwestern Hwy; Suite 100
Oakland White Lake Matt Chisholm (517) 214-6106 8330 Highland Road
Oakland Troy Barbara Harrell (517) 862-1766 Regional Field Director - Troy 700 East Big Beaver Rd
Ottawa Holland Chad Fauske (517) 993-7313 Regional Field Director - Ottawa 511 E, 8th st
Saginaw Saginaw Brian Frye Regional Field Director - Saginaw 3071 Bay Rd.
St. Clair Port Heron Christine McCoy Regional Field Director - St. Clair 916 Military St.
Washtenaw Ann Arbor Justin Zatkoff (517) 610-1516 Regional Field Director - Ann Arbor 2245 State Street
Wayne Livonia Gailute Dedinas (517) 610-1446 Regional Field Director - Livonia 34020 W. Seven Mile Rd
Wayne Wyandotte Pricsilla Parness (517) 993-7288 Regional Field Director - Wyadotte 3138 Biddle Ave. Unit 2
Phone Bank Coordinators
Macomb Fraser Eric Ventimiglia (517) 763-5500 Macomb 34621 Utica Rd.
Genesee Genesee
Grand Traverse Traverse City Eric Reed Traverse City 121 Front St. Suite 100
Ingham Lansing
Ottawa Ottawa
Wayne Livonia Chuck Wright Wayne 34020 W. Seven Mile Rd

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Barack Obama lies just to scare senior citizens to vote for him

All politicians (I assume) lie to get people to vote for them, or to protect their reputations or something.

In one advertisment Barack Obama claims that John McCain has attacked Social Security to remove Social Security benefits for people. proves that to be a blatant and disgusting lie.

John McCain's plan would actually benefit them.

Could they please stop this "more of the same" bullshit? I've actually been keeping track for eight years and I'll tell you I'm pretty sure that President Bush and Senator McCain have hated each other for at least six of those years, including the years during which all the huggy photo ops were taken.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Ned of the World

Ever wondered where the Ned of the World may be?

What impact that Ned may have on his fellow humans?

Ned sounds like a simple man; it is odd that a short familiar version of "Edward" is lacking the last four letters but has an additional consonant to begin a new sound. That is Ned. Ned is a man that people frequently underestimate, in part because he introduces himself as a Ned and not using a formal version of his name. If he had no formal version then you ask what parents name a man "Ned". A man named Ned would neccessarily not legally change his name to Edward because if he named Ned then Ned is his name. A name is a special thing and as to why one retains a name of all things tends to ultimately defy pure logic and in fact enters the world of sentiment.

What is one's own can and should remain one's own.

So meet Ned. The Ned of the World.

If Ned is merely the ordinary man, then I am a over-sexed ballet dancer. Ned is not merely an everyman, but a man who embraces who and what he is, defying the stigma. The stigma will not leave. The stigma is a beast hunting Ned.

So what if Ned defies explanation? Ned has to. Any man named Ned must defy explanation, and defy demands for explanation.
Ned works hard.

Ned earns respect.

Yet the world spins on. Unlike whatever you thought this was, the Neds of the World are barely footnotes and no matter how important Ned is or how important Ned becomes the World will never care about Ned and his life will not be cared about or reflected on by the World.

This is not sad. This is how it is. The way it is supposed to be has Ned, and if Ned were someone else the tale would be different. How can we really be surprised? We must not feel sorry for Ned or pity Ned. Ned goes on dates. Ned gets shot down. Is Ned really that un-ordinary? Is Ned extraordinary? It is not possible for Ned to be extraordinary. Ned does not, however, simply blend in. The uniqueness of Ned could spawn many an essay, except that is not the point. When asked very simply what the point is, Ned is quiet and lends his own ideas to any occasion.

Ned is three letters.
Man is three letters.

Ned is man.

Is this unreal? It this inconsiderable? How now and how not?

How inconceiveable must it be that the everyman is to some extent a myth and that all of man may lie down and rise up each as another Ned?

That is to say that every individual is an individual.

But whoever thought otherwise? Certainly that must be a redundent thought or redundent statement. But if that is true, then we must certainly insist, remember, that Ned must be not merely another individual. Are we all unique or are enough of us so similar that the world is a false descriptor? To that end any man named Ned is himself, but we cannot all be Ned.

So here 'tis to the Ned of the World. May he keep spinning, as long as there is someone to keep him on the tips of his toes.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bipartisan Neo-Marxism MySpace Bulletin

From: Jason

Date: Sep 22, 2008 10:44 PM
Subject: "We The People" must now be bipartisan............
Body: What Can I Say?
I had planned to write a blog tonight about this whole economic mess. About Obama being against the bail out and then for the bail out and then taking no position as the spineless whore he is, so he can wait and see what happens and then use that for his political BS games.

About McCain being against the bail out and then ultimately for the bail out and wondering what the hell is it with these candidates who can't hold an opinion for even 2 days.

About congress being basically useless as they are supposed to hold the purse strings of the money but have been utterly devoid of any leadership or even understanding their own job.

About the Bush Administration and the Fed and how they have nationalized the banking, insurance, and mortgage industries almost overnight without even a Democrat to help them along until it comes time to OK it and add some more socialism and pass it on up to his desk.

All these things were in my head and then it hit me. With the exception of Ron Paul maybe, there is not one single politician in Washington that is competent or knows what they are doing.

Like it or not, this country is on the path to socialism through either Party in their current forms.

The American People no longer have any say in this country. Our government is a runaway government. They are passing a 700 Billion - 1 trillion+ Bail out package that makes us the tax payers responsible and severely weakens the Dollar.

Without this bail out it would have been tough on many people. Some would have lost their savings and retirement, and maybe more. With this bail out it will be even worse but not just for some of us, for all of us. With the dollar weakened, inflation will grow. Jobs will disappear. More people will lose their property. More banks will dump those Properties on the government even further weakening the dollar. This bail out is a precursor to a downward spiral.

Polls coming out show that both Democrats and Republicans are against it but our government will not listen.

We went to bed last night in a republic but we awoke today in a Nationalized society headed for total government control via socialism.

We can say that this vote in November matters but really, does it? After today, does it? Our elected leaders have stolen our country and are destroying it as we breathe. and it was not just one Party, it is both Parties.

Now is the time for "We The People" to come together in a bipartisan way. Call, Email, Write, go down to your Senator or Congressman's office and TELL them not to pass this Bail out. The alternative is not pretty.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

don't try to impress the girl

A major part of finding a mate is not impressing a girl, but finding a girl that will stay by you even when you are not so impressive.

Bipartisan Neo-Marxism Part I

People make mistakes; actions have consequences. These are basic tenets of our society and God's creation.

God gave us free will. We codified, appreciated liberty.

Yet this is the root of original sin: that God made laws governing right and wrong, prosperity and harm, and when we violate those laws we suffer and in ways that are only logical. Despite that man has struggled under this arrangement. They have worked hard to change the meaning of liberty and yet erase the very concept of original sin....

more later....

2002 State Represenative candidate Larry Ward

The following is from the State News. I have absconded it without permission.

THE ISSUES: Larry Ward

69th District state House (R); 2-year term


Name: Larry Ward (R)

Age: 41

Hometown: Williamston

Education: Bachelor’s in aviation technology and management 1983, Western Michigan University

Occupation: Financial services associate

Family: Married to Karen; three sons

Political background: None

Web site:*/

Stance on the issues:

Overcoming the state’s budget difficulties: Eliminate waste from government; hold the line in low-priority areas to preserve important budget items such as education and health care.

Higher education affordability: Supports Merit Award scholarship program and other financial aid; address rising health care costs to help universities keep tuition increases low.

Environment: Avid outdoorsman; use a broad bipartisan coalition to protect natural resources.

Transportation: Roads are key to increased commerce and must be kept in good repair.

Abortion rights: Opposes state funding for abortion.

Affirmative action: Opposes discrimination of any type; recognizes importance of diversity on campus; decisions should be left up to universities’ governing boards, students and faculty.

Gay rights: All humans are entitled to basic rights that should not be denied because of sexual orientation.

Published on Monday, November 4, 2002

Terminator TV - Automatic for the People

Both heroes and villains, men and machines from the future, alter the present, past to change the time stream.

I love this stuff.

However, if the FBI Man promised the Terminator Cromartie he would not lead him to John Connor, why is he talking to Sarah Connor's ex-fiance?

UPDATE 9/26/2008: The following may suggest reasons to watch the episode, if you can catch it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

the broken fingers

Ever think that this country misses something immensely serious when there are millions of dollars being used to convince people that someone is unfit for the Presidency because he is not computer savvy?

It's a feint. "to hide the ball" I suppose.

Here is a problem. It is a feint. It is supposed to be an example and metaphor of how Senator McCain is out of touch with the common man. Of course ten years ago being able to type, use a word processor and surf the bloody internet were things you put on your resume as if they were something special and not what the absolute most common man can do.

The common man still cannot type as fast as I do. I type slower than your average secretary.

It is sick. The fact of the matter is that John McCain is likely one of the tech savviest of Senators, federal legislators and that as a household the internet is a tool. Yet he cannot use a computer. How is it that he can look so much into it and not know how to use it? He knows how others use it. He knows not how to use it himself because his hands have long since been wounded, broken. His shoulders were injured long ago.

This man cannot be postured to use these miracle machines.

I didn't know this. I took reports of his purported incompetency at face value and decided it did not matter. It still does not matter. But if it did matter it would be a lie. So if this example is wrong, it means that a man who thinks himself worthy of the Presidency is so irresponsible that he wastes millions of dollars wrapping his enemy into tight little lie and then lies about the relevance, when the route cause of any difficulty is heroism and sacrifice, while the hero in question knows more about computers than the man who says the hero knows nothing, because he is 'old' and "out of touch".

This triviality may possibly sway voters. That is sick. If it does not sway voters than the candidate that aired that advertising is sick.

So if you are the Democrat who decided it was all worth while, you were sick. And stupid.

Barack Obama stood for the killing of infants

I cannot believe I actually have to start an infanticide category-label.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Alice Cooper MySpace Bulletin

From: Alice Cooper

Date: Sep 8, 2008 9:31 PM
Subject: Alice will be appearing and performing on the "Late Late Sho
Body: Alice will be appearing and performing on the "Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" on the evening of September 10 (Wednesday night) on CBS in the USA. Along with an interview, Alice and the band will be performing the song "Vengeance".

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Cultural Derision and Derivation

I was tempted to write something about how "Tolerance" is often confused with politeness and how no civilized society really seeks one but condemns what would be a rhetorical opposite of the other.

It's late Sunday morning, living as if Saturday night. I am tired. Suffice to say that in olden days, long gone by, that sexual deviation was, as a matter of custom, hidden from the eyes and ears and knowledge of the public-at-large just as it was improper and disgusting to air examples of active sexual normality, or at least active normal sexuality, be that moral or immoral. At the time it was JUDGED that modesty be a virtue. Sexual deviancy has always existed, although the Bible lists adultery and fornication as sorts of sexual deviancy alongside the disgusting things and the controversial things. Sexual deviants in the past hid their deviancy for a number of reasons, although modesty as a matter of good manners was among these reasons and I love that. Even with no fear of judgment or personal destruction some people would do one thing but obey a moral calling that they shall not air the contents of and goings-on within their bedclothes. Now though we see folk practice immodesty of all sorts by bragging or publicly confessing all manner of weirdness or sexual action, thought, intention, or inclination. Then they seek approval of it. The fact is when one man knew the troubles of another's heart and still treated him like a fellow citizen, regardless of disgust, private regard, or emotional perspective, they were treated well as a matter of politeness, principle, not because the actions were linked to a new standard of acceptability.

No, the point that I want to make is that history, culture, religion, and science have been torn and mingled too much by those who wish to alter the views and ideas, visions and education of the culture, the public at large.

Essentially there are those who wish to see the September 11th disaster erased from collective memories and all visual representations sent to the collective abstract lockers, so we cannot recall loss and causality. These cannot be sharp reliefs in our brains. Just as essentially these events did occur and must be remembered. Pain is not a reason to stop anything. Pain is a reminder that there is a reaction to an action, and that some things must be followed through upon.

Just as there are bigots who wish that certain elements of history are removed those mortals wish to foist upon us the morality that any visual playback is immoral in and of itself. People think some graphic footage is wrong to show because they have been informed that it is wrong to show it.

Interestingly the parallel comes close to what we see in the modern education of dinosaurs. Your average textbook about the extinct Thunder Lizards resembles a religious pamphlet in so many ways. What we have are tales told quite dogmatically, enforcing certain doctrines and correcting old dogmas for the sake of modern doctrine. These tales are written by authorities now and the topics are events taking place thousands of years before these authorities could possibly claim to be witnesses. The difference between "science" and faith-based religion in the eyes of many of the public culture-makers is that one involves a Person named God. The other does not. If one scenario does not mention a God, then its lack of supernatural supposition makes it a story borne of science. Naturally the scientists were not there to observe the phenomena they insist as true, as they correct errors that other scientists must have made, in the form of foolish misconception. Yet one cannot test a dinosaur; one cannot repeat a dinosaur. I believe in dinosaurs, but what we "know" and what we believe exist more as identical parallels and ultimately neither can be confirmed as a fact; of course your oatmeal packet and the greatest amount of publicly and authority-approved science book still insists that their dinosaur facts are facts; what an ugly tautology exists in education.

I will accept straightaway that some elements of history as I believe it are told for the benefit of myself and others from a perspective of a human that was not present at the time the tale was set in. Pastors speculate and engage in conjecture and read the testimony of those present, or even read Scripture that is transcribed from ancient oral tradition, such is the way of Old Testament Jews/Hebrews.

Normally a history text of questionable validity and origin is accepted straightaway much faster than a religious text simply because of the absence of "God".

The validity of a lot of so-called scientific texts should be called into question even without substantial alternative ideas. I would rather have black holes of conjecture rather than conjecture regarded as fact.

That some ideas are treated as more valid than others, and then labeled "Science" because of a lack one religious element does not mean that the other religious elements do not exist within the work itself. People forget that. Many people who seek to change our culture, well-meaning in their intent to make the world a better place while making it worse, often take advantage of forgetfulness and tell you that rats and mice are hamsters and gerbils because culturally they are granted the avenue to make it happen.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

some days

I hate my life

This weekend is going to hurt.

Join Senator John McCain, Cindy McCain and the Vice Presidential Nominee
for a Road to Victory Rally
September 5th, 2008

Doors open 3:00 p.m.
Program begins at 5:00 p.m.

Freedom Hill Amphitheatre
14900 Metro Parkway
Sterling Heights, MI 48312