Tuesday, December 04, 2007

why I don't use's blog systems

Because they look stupid. Obviously I am not getting as much options to make stuff look awesome as one of the professional pundits' blogs.

I get more freedom here or with anything of my own.

I signed on to make a Townhall blog ditty in order to have an avenue that promotes my writing quick and easy. Something that announces my stuff nice and cool somehow. Instead whatever crap I write, or high-quality sugar treats, get lost in the shuffle of utter crap.

So I could use it to write direct responses to whatever crap Hugh Hewitt spews out (he used to be good), but no one would read it anyway. Doesn't it just look stupid? It's not really mine so I won't really use it. My writing goes here; and other places that are mine.

ALSO: How difficult is it to link Hugh Hewitt's defense of Mitt Romney's religious freedom and theological judgment with... bigotry!? Not very.... although I think the results are to the contrary of Mr. Hewitt's conclusions.

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