Monday, December 03, 2007

Grover Norquist on Mike Huckabee

Economist/Activist Norquist is surprisingly approving of Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, in far contrast to his attitude towards (the man who was then-serving) Governor Huckabee.
"He has signed the pledge and he has promised to veto and oppose any efforts to raise income taxes if he was President. And at the debate he said that he would support the veto of any tax increase, so that was good too… So he's made that commitment."
It makes sense that we welcome converts.
"Now, Club for Growth has been rough on him because of his period when he was governor. We had arguments with him when he was governor because he supported too much spending and too much taxes as governor… It's one of these things that as governor he's had a bad track record on taxes and spending, but as a candidate for President he is running as someone who will not raise taxes in the future and who is talking about fundamental tax reform such as going to a retail sales tax or the so-called fair tax. So some people say 'If you've changed your mind, we don't like you,' but that's not my position. I believe that when people say I used to be pro-choice but now I'm going to be pro-life and here's why, if they can make a credible argument as to why they have switched in their position, I think we should accept converts. That's what winning looks like... f they can make a credible argument as to why they have switched in their position, I think we should accept converts."
Huckabee has a dangerous misunderstanding of free trade. Also Mister Norquist has a vital point on the Fair Tax and whether it can succeed result in the dismantling of the Infernal, I mean, Internal Revenue Service.
The retail sales tax will do many things for you. Aboloshing the IRS is not one of them. It will go to a flat rate tax. It will exempt savings. Those are both very good, very powerful pro-economic growth things but if you're taking 20 percent of GDP, 20 percent of the economy away from people and giving it to the government there is no polite, cheerful non-intrusive privacy respecting way to do that. Instead of having the IRS looking at your pay stubs, you'll have the IRS standing around the back doors of Wal Mart making sure people don't sell stuff out the back door. You need a similiarly sized police state to collect the sales tax as the income, Yes there won't be an IRS. It'll be called the Sales Tax Compliant Police.
Well worth exploring. The Fair Tax must be explored to its full extent.

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