Sunday, September 30, 2007

John Gibson versus Media Matters

I'm not titling this "Media Matters versus Rush Limbaugh"

This is something about a teleprompter. If I had actually listened to this I probably wouldn't have embedded it, but it must be set aside for future reference.

I enjoy the crack about John Kerry taking shots at soldiers, mentioning historical irony.

Can someone tell me who John Gibson is without using the word "radio" or "host"?
You can use the words "audience size" followed by a precise numerical description.

apparently there is a new smear campaign against Rush

And I missed it.

I mean the radio talk show host, not the band whom half the music fan community hates.

Apparently it's about real-life phony soldiers.

None of this really matters.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

the Facebook groups I have dropped today

As some know I am on Facebook. This is not a public account page for some simple reasons. You don't get to know that because it is off-topic.

I am trying to keep track of the info present in stuff that is not connected to me.

Tancredo for President 2008

Regular readers, or friends, or business associates will know that my man now is Fred Thompson, and regardless of who I like or liked I have to inform people that the Tancredo campaign does not exist in Michigan in any form except for the speech at Mackinac Island this weekend, and possibly his volunteer table.

I'm definitely going to Heaven is a worthy group that takes up space on my Groups list and doesn't help me witness to unbelievers at all. Leaving the group does not imply that I am leaving the faith.

I remember Duane Tirrell
is a memorial facebook group for the father of my classmate from high school. May his family and my old friend find comfort from God; I hope Mr Tirrell is actually resting in place, in Heaven, with Jesus.

The TRUTH About Rescue Dawn is really just a boycott group and a link to a website that describes how this historical fiction action war movie took so many liberties with the actual facts that the depiction of these characters denigrates the real life people and the memories thereof.

James Madison College
Alumni Network

I will return to this group when I leave school again, preferably as a graduate.

Bring back "non-sporting" pictures of firearms on facebook!!

There are causes worthier of my time.

Spartans, Tonight We Dine In Appalachian State

MSU students, U of M football fans will get it but it lacks timeliness at this point.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Honestly I'd rather write what I want to write and nothing else with the exception of that thing I was paid to write.

We don't have that option anymore watch as it was stripped away for academic purposes.

Lord forgive me for taking your time and burning it on fluff and waste.

Bless me and grant me strength to complete this one project.

I love you Lord.

Then grant me the strength to continue many more projects.

Allow me that my Presidential choice be the right one. Bless me and my loved ones. Then go ahead and save my enemies. Or bless them first; it's not like I have any say in the matter anyway. That said: if you the Lord can pick me up and allow me to stay unusually coherent for the time being, I know, an unusual state of being for me to maintain for more than two hours straight...

Lord help me.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Suggs - The Tune

Michael Flory's rape case resolved

The former chair of the Michigan Young Republicans has received five years for "unconsenseual sex".

His defense involved a speech touting his dedication to his family; such dedication involved taking advantage of young women behind his wife's back.

What a price.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Huckabee under the glass

Tax Hike Mike

This weblog examines with vicious detail Governor Huckabee's alleged fiscal sins in the command and management of his state.

One could say a lower-tier candidate is not worth this amount and sort of effort and attention; the truth is always worth an amount of effort and truth.

In this instance may the truth be known.

Friday, September 14, 2007

get paid helping Conservatives campaign in Utah

I would do this if I were younger or if I had my degree but for now... I cannot afford to drop out of my final semester of school and abandon my plan to pursue this cash opportunity.

I leave it to you. Go fetch.

A group needs campaign workers. Details are as follows:

The teacher's union in Utah is trying to outlaw vouchers and there is a conservative group that is leading a ballot initiative to stop them. They are paying a lot of money, plus the roundtrip flight and a food stipend. Any YAFers that are interested can contact the person below.

Here is the info.

Managers for Utah voucher ballot initiative battle...

Your compensation will be as follows:
1. PCE will pay you $6000, $3000 on October 15th and $3000 on November 6th.
2. PCE will provide your lodging.
3. PCE will provide a food stipend of $25.00 per day. This stipend will be paid in two payments, $550.00 on September 23rd and $600.00 on October 15th.
4. PCE will provide for your transportation.
5. PCE will pay for your flight to and from Salt Lake City .

You will report to Salt Lake City on September 23rd and will leave on November 7th.

thanks for the help.


Greg Graves
430 Phoenix Avenue, NW
Albuquerque, NM 87107>

Thursday, September 13, 2007

That is, I hate my life today and this will be my only post today.

Hopefully there will be a post tomorrow, definitely a happier one but I can't promise a post.

I'm very busy with work yet unfinished.

Hopefully soon I can post my article planned for September 12; but I am no longer optimistic.

work work work.

Gotta get this paper to a writing workshop twenty miles away by 2 PM.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Roosevelt on pacifism and treachery

The pacifist is as surely a traitor to his country and to humanity as is the most brutal wrongdoer.
-- Theodore Roosevelt

the new tagline

This is what I will change it to upon the next Template Update.
a Michigan State University student hoping for a better world
It will at least stay relevant until I finally graduate. Of course it also is not an actual sentence, such as the previous tag line. It does lack the bite of the first version, which would featured "fighting" instead of "hoping", implying that I am taking action to change the world. Since I am not, however, literally fighting for this goal it seems a little gauche to use that world during a genuine major war.

the old tagline

I'm changing it soon. This one I have used for years and thus far the bulk of the weblog's existence.
Christopher J. Arndt fights a never ending battle for truth and justice...
It isn't the first and yet it still might be the last. I am changing it for now.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What do you think of September 11?

Consider it a national Rorschach test. Just about any individual of varying political persuasions sees it as something different or representing a specific exclusive point.

I'm tempted to see it as an illuminating torch where people simply refuse to look. International regard for the United States and the Americans was revealed throughout the aftermath of the attack on the Pentagon, the World Trade Center, and in the hijacked airplanes and yet relatively few noticed the truth of it all; the international community felt something for our country as it was laid low. A worldwide regard as "we are all Americans now" existed so long as we were weak. Why not? We were in a position to be pliable to the demands and whims of a number of polities across the globe. Americans heal fast and stand quickly. The illuminating torch was ignored as we saw that love didn't quite exist and fine feelings were quite ephemeral. Conditions for global brotherhood suddenly didn't exist and enmity was renewed in such a fashion that many ignorant folk on the political right and political left assumed that it was new and earned by contemporary American actions taken under the command of the present President.

That's what I am tempted to see and tempted to emphasize but I won't despite that I believe it to be true.

Recently I heard the allegory, likely during a radio interview between Glenn Beck and Brad Thor, comparing terrorists to sharks. Sharks circle their prey in ever-shrinking patterns to determine weakness, weaknesses. Ultimately the continuous focused observation is to determine if something is a threat. Sharks won't simply bite you. Once the shark is close enough and has determined something then he will not bite you. He'll swim up and bump you. Imagine that! How do you react? What is your next response? The response of the potential prey is what alerts the shark as to whether it is a threat or not. If the prey presents no threat then the shark attacks! What would have prevented a shark from taking a chunk out of your leg? I honestly cannot say; I am unable to fire off an educated answer. I have heard you try and attack the gills. That same level of ignorance extends to certain international terrorists. I know this much: Al Queda did not attack our country because of strength but because they never believed we were a threat. They bumped us multiple times and we never struck back with such sufficiency as to drive them off.

What was our pattern before September 10th, 2001? The aftermath of Vietnam, Sarajevo, Lebanon? They attack; they hurt us; we crumple; we retreat. What was our counterattack after the bombing on the USS Cole? Where was the counterstrike immediately following the very first bombing of the World Trade Center? Small wonder that demonstrations of military might in Iraq/Kuwait, Grenada, and Panama made such little impressions. It would take a magnificent amount of suspension of disbelief on Osama's part to expect that the United States of America would react aggressively after a massive attack on its civilian, military, government, and free economic institutions. We were the paper tiger expected to fold. The shark bumped us a number of times. How could it have ever expected a swipe from a formerly sleeping giant. The fact remains that a chunk of flesh measuring approximately 3000 innocents burned and shredded was taken from our national leg.

After all of the tiniest provocations why wasn't there a show of strength? Why didn't they believe us to be a threat beforehand? Why did it cost us so dearly before we would fight back?

September 11 reminds me of our image abroad. Certainly it doesn't matter who loves us so much as who fears us. God demands love. God receives obedience out of fear. The reason bullies pick on the weak is because they expect minimal repercussions, let alone a bloody nose. How do you finish such an essay? How do you prove to the shark, or terrorists, that it is not worth the effort to even try? Ultimately what we believe about our own strength is less relevant than what others believe of our strength, and then the significance lies not quite in our willingness to use it but in what the potential enemy believes is our willingness to use it. Then we can't bluff after an attack.

We can't afford to.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Net Neutrality Facebook group

It must be explained how Net Neutrality is a potential choke hold on internet freedom and not an opportunity for consumers.

I can do it myself with my own considerable mental faculties and several applications of my past economics lessons, as well as with knowledge gained through new fresh research of my very own.

Rather than do all that of the sweat of my own brow, I'd rather combine my efforts with others data, arguments, and ideas. Thus I will.

Presidential devaluation acceleration

"One of the fastest ways to devalue the Presidency is to make it part of the pop culture of the day." - Rush Limbaugh, September 4th broadcast, Rush Limbaugh program

He's speaking on the topic of Fred Thompson announcing his Presidential intentions on the Tonight Show.

HST 393 overhead outlines

Week 1. History of India

I. Introduction

-significance of India in the world

-basic facts from Walsh, INDIA

-diversity within India; languages, religions

- size and significance of Islamic population, and of Islamic culture in India ( e.g. Taj Mahal)

-c.80% Hindu culture

II. Hinduism

-approaches to studying religions; inside and outside perspectives

-images of Hinduism in the West

-Hinduism and modernity ( cf. Islam?)

-cosmic egg and big bang theory

(one day in life of Brahma = 4,320,000 years)

III. Gods and Goddesses

-major gods: Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu

-incarnations of Vishnu ( e.g. Ram, Krishna)

-other gods: e.g. Ganesh (son of Shiva and Parvati); e.g. Hanuman ( the monkey god who helped Ram and Sita)

-powerful female gods: Devi, Parvati, Durga

-Hinduism: polytheistic or monotheistic at its core?

IV. Hindu Texts and Traditions

-the Vedas and Upanishad texts ( hymns, sacred verses, commentaries (1500-600

-the great epics, the Ramayana and Mahabharata (600 B.C.E. -200CE)

- Puranas (300-900 CE): stories of gods and goddesses

“north of the Ocean, south of the snowy mountains is called Bharata - there lived the descendants of Bharata.”

V. Hinduism Changes over Time

-role of great gurus and commentators in interpreting the ancient texts

-Shankara (788-820 CE); Ramanuja (1017-1137 CE); Mahdva (1200s CE)
-Ramakrishna (1836-1886); Vivekananda [Narendranath Datta] 1863-1902

-Hinduism as a way of life rather than a religion?

-comparisons with Judaism, Islam, Christianity

-ancient roots of Hinduism/ adaptability of Hinduism