Thursday, December 28, 2006

Get a job at LucasArts

I tell you: I am almost qualified for so many of these positions and I'm quite nearly mad at myself. Perhaps in the future I can give it a shot.


Senior External Technical Director
Provide hands-on technical expertise to assist external projects. Help increase communication between all projects.

Lead Software Engineer
Lead and manage all technical aspects of a next-gen, original IP project. Work closely with all members of a team to evaluate feature, schedule, and risk trade-offs. Collaborate with other Lead Engineers to leverage technology efforts. Provide strong engineering and architectural skills. Ensure technical excellence and the creation of high-quality tools and code by engineering staff.

Integrated Marketing Manager
Responsible for developing integrated marketing campaigns from creative development through production of all marketing materials; advertising, logos, sales materials, web, packaging, POP etc.

International Production Assistant
To assist the members of the International Production department in the production of LucasArts’ international titles, and perform miscellaneous departmental duties as needed.

Accounts Payable Clerk
Process accounts payable in an efficient, timely and accurate manner.

Financial Analyst
Analysis and Reporting within the Finance department.

Quality Assurance Lead Tester
Manage the QA effort for the assigned project(s); which includes managing all internal and external QA resources, drive all testplan creation, work directly with Production to verify all milestones and represent the QA department in Core meetings.

Lead Animator
Partners closely with the Project Director, Producer and Lead Artist to address all issues related the projects animation. Including: defining the stylistic vision for character animation, establishing and maintaining the aesthetic and technical standards related to animation, contributing accurate scheduling information to production department. Additionally, the Lead Animator is responsible for effectively communicating these objectives to the team of project animators on a daily basis.

Director of Public Relations
The Director of Public Relations will direct and manage the activities and the personnel of the public relations department.

Public Relations Manager
The Public Relations Manager will enhance communication/feedback between players of the game and the development team for Public Relations and Marketing benefit.

Senior Public Relations Manager
This is to announce an opening for a Senior Public Relations position within the Marketing Division, reporting to Director of Public Relations.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Rush MySpace Bulletin - Christmas Greetings!

Date: Dec 21, 2006 6:58 PM
Subject Christmas Greetings!

Imagine you receive a Christmas card with this message: “Your houses, your homes, your family, your friends/May they live in misery that never ends./I curse you all. May you all rot in hell./To each of you…I send this spell.”

Well, that’s exactly what Susette Kelo sent city officials and members of New London, Connecticut’s Development Agency. This year will mark Ms. Kelo’s last Christmas at her current address – thanks to the Supreme Court eminent domain ruling, allowing her property to be seized and turned over to riverfront condo developers. She admits the card was a bit “over the top,” and says it shouldn’t be taken literally – it was meant in humor as well as frustration.

Another Christmas story is a bit happier. The world will soon witness another “virgin birth.” Actually, seven births. The Chester Zoo in northern England is home to Flora, a Komodo dragon. She has managed to become pregnant … without the participation of a male. “We were blown away when we realized what she’d done,” says Kevin Buley, a reptile expert at the Zoo, ”but we certainly won’t be naming any of the hatchlings Jesus.”

Virgin Births are known to occur in about 70 animal species – it’s called “parthenogenesis” – where eggs become embryos without male fertilization. But this is the first known for a Komodo dragon.

So, my friends. We have a dragon – albeit not a fire-breathing dragon – who can reproduce without a male. I think radical feminists finally have a perfect mascot!

Rush MySpace Bulletin - Boom Town Rats

Date: Dec 20, 2006 7:33 PM
Subject Boom Town Rats

“In the mother of all surprises, Iraq’s economy is growing strong, even booming in places.” Turns out, construction is going through the roof; there is strong growth in the retail and wholesale trade sectors, and the real estate market is booming. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, there were 8,000 registered companies in Iraq three years ago. Today there are 34,000. Sales of secondhand cars – we call them “pre-owned” – have risen. TV sales are up. Mobile phone subscribers, up from a million and a half two years ago – to over seven million today. The leading mobile phone company in Iraq is writing over a half a billion dollars in business – up nearly 200 million bucks in about a year.

The World Bank estimates that Iraq’s Gross Domestic Product growth last year was 4 percent, but other sources say it might be as high as 17 percent. “National oil revenues and foreign grants look set to total $41 billion this year, according to the IMF. With security improving in one key spot – the southern oilfields – that figure could go up.”

All this growth, despite the bloodshed. Yet it’s reported only now. Before our elections, when anyone said “progress” was being made in Iraq, Democrats and drive-by’s dismissed it. Iraq was a total failure! There’s only one reason the boomtown rats at Newsweek let this story out now. Our elections are over – Democrats here can’t be harmed.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Gallery of Yoda images

on Wookiepedia

Yoda quotes

on Wookiepedia

For reasons that are obscure, it's hard to believe a character from the Star Wars Marvel Comic

is now a major character in the newly published franchise stuff.

Maybe I'll explain this later if I do indeed launch that series on Star Wars' Expanding the Universe.

official Episode III image site

Sith Snapshots Archive

Let's go Military! be it, Republic or Empire

Following are examples of fictional military units that I have to get back to. These are wookiepedia articles.
Death Squadron and the 501st Legion are commanded by Darth Vader. the 7th Sky Corps, Third Systems Army, 212th Attack Battalion and 2nd Airborne Company are each and all commanded by General Obi-Wan Kenobi during the Clone Wars.

There's also the Journal of the 501st. Some call the 501st "Vader's Fist" but I never heard the term.

C. Andrew Nelson played Darth Vader for awhile

David Prowse is Darth Vader. Hayden Christensen is whiney brat Anakin Skywalker. Push that aside and ask who plays Darth Vader in numerous video games and productions made after Return of the Jedi and other Prowse-Lucas productions. Who needs to? When playing Rebel Assault II the Vader you see is covering the body of C. Andrew Nelson. It's true in many other places.

The Green Cross Code (2005 version)

1. THINK FIRST. Find the safest place to cross, then stop.

2. STOP. Stand on the pavement near the kerb.

3. USE YOUR EYES AND EARS. Look all around for traffic, and listen.

4. WAIT UNTIL IT'S SAFE TO CROSS. If traffic is coming, let it pass.

5. LOOK AND LISTEN. When it's safe, walk straight across the road.

6. ARRIVE ALIVE. Keep looking and listening for traffic while you cross.

Darth Vader's Memoirs

Anyone and their Dark Lord can have a blog.

scare the shit out of me

Friday, December 15, 2006

Rush MySpace Bulletin - Warning....

Date: Dec 15, 2006 6:37 PM
Subject Warning....

Not long ago, New York’s Mommy Mayor Bloomberg banned transfats in restaurant food. Wait till he hears about this!

In The British Medical Journal, a bunch of “health professionals” have published a list of ways to combat obesity. They want warning labels in large-sized clothes – giving a helpline phone number for the obese. They also advocate taxing sugary and fatty foods, banning snacks and sweets at checkout counters and at kids’-eye level. And they want a central government agency in charge of obesity.

On a related note. The New Year will soon be upon us. Some of you will go the gym, hand them your credit card, and sign membership papers. Then all year you’ll fight pangs of guilt – for never going there to exercise. This year, forget the guilt. The AP reports that too much exercise may be bad for you.

Yes, aside from injuries – those who exercise too much can suffer from “oxidative stress.” This can create molecules known as “free radicals” – which can damage your cells and your DNA, and, over time, can cause cancer.

This is serious! Exercise causes cancer! We need studies to measure the deadly effects of secondhand exercise. Further, exercise should be banned in public places – and the media should stop promoting exercise to young people in ads, movies, and TV shows. All exercise equipment should carry a warning label: “Exercise is known to cause cancer.” We need congressional hearings to discover how long Big Health has known about this…and lied to us!

unlikely prank

image - M1911 pistol

click the image and be merry.

could someone please tell me who this person is?

Free Image Hosting at

She looks familiar, perhaps, but... she might just be someone totally obscure.

I really, really don't know.

UPDATE 12/15: It's a Elisha Cuthbert. The red hari threw me.

Hasbro Titanium Series...

is essentially die cast toys. Which is interesting that this is now a special collection because I recall when the Transformers toys were primarily made of die cast construction.

This series is actually cool because it features stuff like a transforming Optimus Prime from the Transformers: War Within comic. It's a cool image and a great visual from an obscure source.

I've often questioned the need for a fan page

for anybody.... here is one of Allison Lohman. I know here from Matchstick Men. She played a grown woman whom would and could pass herself off as a juvenile.

In other words, she has enough of a resemblance to a kid that if you didn't know the actress beforehand and didn't read the credits... I have said enough.

Is the MySpace Rush real or a fraud?

I'm trying really hard to believe that this Rush Limbaugh stuff on MySpace is fake, counterfeit, and not from the real deal. The diction of this written stuff, however, is remarkably like El Rushbo, and the tone, syntax, voice are quite authentic-sounding. If this is a hoax, then it's a good one.

As for why I reprint material that might be total crap and not by whom it claims to be from: it's content, it's easy to generate, there's no archive for it otherwise, and it keeps this place up and running. Besides, it's generally interesting or insightful and as I said, it's free content that I don't have to work hard to create. It's what we get when I am tired or distracted or can't concentrate or am busy or distracted or preoccupied. It's like having a guest writer or a guest blogger. It's probably a copyright violation.

Also: if I don't start getting indications again that actual friends and family from my real life are reading this thing, I'm going to start putting images of bikini babes up again.

At least I am not putting up content from the band called Rush... those myspace pages give me the heeby-jeebies.

Rush MySpace Bulletin - 2030

Date: Dec 14, 2006 6:32 PM
Subject 2030

Oh, goodie! Isn't this exciting! A team of academics and scientists, environmentalist wackos, and city planners looked into their crystal balls -- and they have a dire forecast for New York City.

By the year 2030, they warn, the city will have so many inhabitants there won't be enough electricity or housing to go around. Commuting will be a nightmare; rush hour will last all day. (Like it doesn't now?) New York's entire infrastructure must be overhauled. The energy grid has to be replaced. The subway system, still using 1940 technology, has to be modernized. A new network of roads must be built, and more housing -- if people are going to avoid homelessness.

If changes aren't made now -- while there's still time -- New York City is doomed, they say. But the expert panel has ideas to save it. (What do you think they ideas are?) Well, city drivers should pay higher taxes. New Yorkers oughta pay more taxes -- including taxes on every pound of trash (and let's recalculate how we define "trash" to get more tax).
But I don't think this is going to be enough, folks. Survival will cost hundreds of billions of dollars -- maybe trillions. New Yorkers must make difficult choices; time to look this problem dead in the eye and defeat it -- and there's only one solution.

If you New Yorkers want to survive, keep your culture, keep your city -- keep hope alive -- each one of you must budget. Honestly. Determine what you need to live on -- no frills. Then retain only that amount and send the rest to New York City's government. Tax yourselves. For survival. Or face doom in 2030. It's your choice. Over and out.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Rush MySpace Bulletin - Goodbye, Kofi

Date: Dec 12, 2006 6:22 PM
Subject Goodbye, Kofi

In his farewell address, the man most responsible for the mess in Iraq, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, had the audacity to take cheap shots at President Bush -- and deliver a lecture to America. Kofi laid out five national security principles: collective responsibility, global solidarity, the rule of law, mutual accountability, and multiculturalism -- or lateralism or whatever. Just a bunch of blah, blah, blah!

He said America's security should be "collective and indivisible." And we shouldn't take action on the world stage without UN permission -- it's John Kerry's "global test." We also shouldn't use the Security Council to "act out" our own interest. And we should let other nations "with lesser voices" on the Security Council.

Now, I'm not going to expend a lot of energy on this, because it's asinine to suggest that America should subordinate our national security to a collective bunch of decisions from a mind-boggling array of international hooligans, thieves, rogue despots, tyranny-thugs.

Kofi Annan is the last person who should open his mouth about the "rule of law." Annan presided over a corrupt empire that profited from billions in fraudulent Iraqi oil revenues -- innocent men, women, and children died on his watch. A bunch of his peacekeepers raped and pillaged in nations they were supposed to protect. Millions more died in Rwanda while he turned a blind eye. And he has the nerve to lecture us?

Kofi, it's time to just say goodbye. Leave with whatever dignity you could muster, why don't you -- with your hypocritical mouth shut, for a change.

Rush MySpace Bulletin - Miracle

Date: Dec 13, 2006 6:55 PM
Subject Miracle

Couple of items today, folks. Item 1, a new finding from UNICEF: Because of "the problem of female feticide," 7,000 fewer girls are born in India every day. For every 1,000 boys born worldwide, 954 girls are born -- so India ought to see 38,000 baby girls daily, but only 31,000 make it. Many girls are aborted after sex determination tests -- even though that's illegal.

Item 2 (I covered this on my program this week): "Healthy newborn babies may have been killed in Ukraine to feed a flourishing international trade in stem cells," according to evidence obtained by the BBC. "Disturbing video footage of post-mortem examinations on dismembered tiny bodies raises serious questions about what happened to them." Some mothers claim that hospital workers abducted their healthy babies at birth; 30 infant bodies have been exhumed from a cemetery used by a maternity hospital. (Details about their mutilation are far too gruesome to repeat to you here.)

Now, those who question the morality of unrestrained experimentation on human life -- including embryos -- are treated as heretics. The scientists believe that they hold all the answers, which prevents their seeing that the answers are right in front of them in the human capital that they cannot create -- they can only destroy.

So here we are: another Christmas season -- millions celebrating the birth of one life over 2,000 years ago. Ironically, some of the most learned among us can't fathom that the greatest potential to cure what ails mankind doesn't lie in stem cells, or scientific technology; it lies in the miracle of life itself.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Rush MySpace Bulletin - Change?

Date: Dec 11, 2006 6:59 PM
Subject Change?

Well, the 109th Congress is over. Histoire. Republicans are out, and Nancy Pelosi -- the San Francisco Treat -- is the most powerful woman in the world. In fact, Speaker-in-Waiting Pelosi promised that certain things are going to happen in the first 100 hours of her reign. Like Big Oil getting whacked -- hard. All those tax breaks Republicans gave to Bush's oil buddies are going to be history!

But along comes Senator Jeff Bingaman of North Mexico, the new Democrat chairman of the Energy Committee. What does he do? Kisses up to Big Oil! He defends their tax breaks! "The truth is, these companies are able to drill wherever they see the best opportunity for their stockholders," Bingaman says. "If the tax incentives are changed [so they] go overseas to drill, I don't [think] that's to our advantage." And get this: Bingaman also claims that Democrats need Republican support and must they compromise if they're to get things done in the Senate!

Now, you Democrat fringe-kook activists hear that? I mean, you worked your butts off, you raised money, you got your voters out -- living and dead! You won both Houses of Congress -- only to find some hayseed gringo from New Mexico standing in the way of... Our Miss Nancy. A Democrat, claiming you have to compromise with Republicans! Trying to cut Big Oil a break -- after they made record profits!

By the way, if you Democrats can't even punish Big Oil, how are you going to get us out of Iraq? Democrats voted for "change." Is this change? No! It's a scam! And what did Pelosi say? "I was only talking about the House in the first 100 hours." She really did.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Michigan State University campus wireless locations

The buildings listed below have a MSUnet Wireless network presence; the wireless service may or may not cover the entire building.

  • Agriculture Hall
    • Ground Floor - Classrooms & Departmental areas
    • First Floor - Departmental areas
    • Third Floor - Departmental areas
  • Bessey Hall
    • First Floor - All Classrooms in East Wing
    • Second Floor - Rooms 204, 218, 220, 222, 224
    • Third Floor - All Classrooms in East Wing
    • Writing Lab Room 300
  • Case Hall (RHA)
    • Second Floor - Classrooms & Study lounge
    • Third Floor - Classrooms
  • Communication Arts
    • First Floor - University owned classrooms (147, 151, 155, 161, 165, 171, 173, 175)
  • Conrad Hall
    • First Floor - Room 102
    • University Classrooms
  • Farrall Hall
    • First Floor - Rooms 102, 116, 118, 119, 121
    • Second Floor - Departmental areas
  • Fee Hall
    • Ground Floor - (West)
    • First Floor - Classrooms
    • Second Floor - Rooms E200 - E221 & Rooms D202 - D223
    • Third Floor - East & West classrooms
    • Sixth Floor - (Epidemiology) Departmental areas
  • Holmes Hall (RHA)
    • Second Floor - Study lounge
    • First floor Classrooms
    • Basement Study Lounge (room W26A)
  • Kellogg Biological Station
    • Academic Building
    • Bird Sanctuary (Admin)
    • Bird Sanctuary (Research)
    • Boathouse
    • Carriage House
    • Dairy Visitor Center
    • Manor House
    • McCrary Hall
    • Orchard Dorms
    • Sheriff Dorms
    • Vanderploeg Dorms
  • McDonel Hall
    • First Floor - Departmental areas
    • East and West of McDonel Hall - Upper Lounges
  • Music Building
    • Rooms:
      • 120, 125, 128, 135, 141, 145, 235, 241, 245, 206
  • Nisbet Building
    • Ground Floor - Departmental areas
    • First Floor - Departmental areas
    • Second Floor - Departmental areas
  • Olds Hall
    • Ground Floor - Departmental areas
    • Third Floor - Departmental areas
  • Owen Hall
    • First Floor - Cafeteria & lounge area
  • Physical Plant
    • Building 167 - Entire building
    • Building 209 - Entire building
    • Building 210 - Entire building
  • Public Safety
    • First Floor - Rooms 110 & 117
    • 1st Floor Telecomm office area
  • Stadium
    • Rooms
      • W204, W211, W218, W246B
      • W306D, W311, W317, W320
      • W330, W342, W360G
      • Rm 256, 260, 272B and 272
  • Surplus
    • First Floor - Rooms 101-103
  • Wells Hall
    • Grad Offices
    • University Classrooms & help session rooms
  • Wharton Center
    • First Floor - Grand Tier area, common area, conference room

go to the Lions' last home game; then walk out early!

From: Michigan Sports Fans

Date: Dec 11, 2006 11:10 AM
Subject Walkout planned for Lions final home game....


Contact: Herbert Nicholl Jr FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Email: 9 A.M. EDT, December 11, 2006

Walk-Out Announced for Detroit Lions Game

Detroit, Michigan December 11, 2006: Numerous Lions forumite Herbert Nicholl Jr ( has officially announced an "Walk-Out" as a means of protest of the Detroit Lions December 24, 2006 football game against the Chicago Bears. This protest is in direct response to the refusal of Team Owner and Chairman William Clay Ford to fire President and CEO Matt Millen. The Detroit Lions under President and CEO Matt Millen have failed to live up to the standards of a professional football team and have the worst record of any team in the National Football League since his hire on January 9, 2001.

As a means of protest, Honolulublue is asking fans to walk out or no show the December 24, 2006 Detroit Lions' home game. Walking out serves the following purposes.

Send the message that enough is enough and that change at the top is needed. President and CEO Matt Millen has had six seasons to turn the team around and promised that he wanted to win and wanted to win now, he has failed to do so. Has drafted multiple busts every season since taking over as President and CEO. Has hired/fired three different coaches, and none have shown success. The Detroit Lions under President and CEO Matt Millen are 23-70 overall and are 5-41 on the road. No General Manager in NFL history has been able to keep his job this long with a record of such futility as Millen has.

This protest calls for the fans of the Detroit Lions to "walk-out" of the Christmas Eve game with eight minutes and fifty seven secondsremaining in the second quarter. Everyone should meet in the main atrium by "The Roar and More" and with three minutes and fifty seven seconds remaining, everyone that is there start chanting in unison our rallying cry, "Fire Millen!" Then at halftime, everyone involved, orderly and politely walk out of the stadium to show Team Owner and Chairman William Clay Ford their disgust with his inaction. This action is directed at the management of the team and not the players on the field which I will continue to support.

For more information on the "Walk-Out," please contact me at


vote Tancredo for President in the GOPBloggers Straw Poll!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Cobb is Number 3 Comic of the Year

For Immediate Release
Contact Beau Smith 304-453-6565

Cobb: Off The Leash Picked As One Of The Top 10 Comics Of 2006
Beau Smith’s Action/Thriller Takes The Number Three Spot For The Year

Ceredo, WV. (12/8/06) Diamond International Galleries/Scoop announced today that Cobb: Off The leash #1 by Beau Smith and artist Eduardo Barreto took the number three spot for the Top Ten Comic Books Of 2006. The action/thriller book from IDW Publishing has been described as “Sam Peckinpah Directing 24”.

Cobb: Off The Leash has been one of the most critically acclaimed Indy hits of 2006 and with it being named the #3 comic book of the year it only solidifies the fact that readers want to see a return to the tough guy genre.

When asked how it felt for Cobb to beat out so many top selling top selling Marvel and DC super hero comics, Cobb creator and writer Beau Smith had this to say “ Cobb may be outnumbered and outgunned, but he is never outmanned.”

In February 2007 the Cobb gets even bigger with a special 72 page magazine that collects the entire three issue series of Cobb:Off The Leash. IDW Publishing is designing a special format for this modern pulp fiction series that suits this retro action book.

Below is the direct link to the story from Scoop. You can click on it or cut and paste it:

Rush MySpace Bulletin - Drive-By Christmas

Date: Dec 8, 2006 7:00 PM
Subject Drive-By Christmas

Say folks, Christmas is coming; time for office parties -- and the Drive-By Media celebrations this year are going to be humdingers!

Now, instead of hanging mistletoe at the CNN party, employees will kiss beneath the huge plasma TVs showing videos of American troops being shot by snipers in Iraq. At the New York Times, instead of hanging stockings, they're going to hang Christmas burkhas embroidered with reporters' names and filled with classified national security secrets.

Reuters going to hand out Photoshop upgrades, with enhanced doctoring capability, so their insurgent stringer photographers can produce better fake war pictures.

The staff at NBC gets a special treat: gift packs of embryos to use for personal stem-cell research. ABC is giving each employee his or her own waterboard. CBS, sadly, canceled their party after they saw the latest ratings for CBS Evening News -- they can't afford it.

Among this year's hottest gifts for Drive-By Media types are gold bullion "thank you" payoffs -- uh, paperweights -- from Nancy Pelosi and Dingy Harry. Two charm bracelets are in demand, too. One has little gold scissors and tennis shoes -- it's the "cut-and-run" bracelet. The other is the WWOD bracelet: What Would Obama Do?

But the really big Drive-By Media parties this year will have three special guests in costume. No, not the Three Wise Men. Algore will show up dressed as a Christmas tree; Hillary, as the icicles; and Bill Clinton will be Santa -- so all the female reporters can sit on his lap and get their "jollies."

Friday, December 08, 2006

Rush MySpace Bulletin - Mostly Healthy

Date: Dec 7, 2006 7:35 PM
Subject Mostly Healthy

Well, when Democrats complete their hostile takeover of Congress in January, the House Financial Services Committee will get a new head: Barney Frank. The Massachusetts congressman says he's going to delve deep -- I mean, "deep" -- to find out why some Americans aren't reaping the benefits of a mostly healthy economy. That's the "Number One problem" facing America, he says. Now that Democrats are returning to power, you see, the economy is "mostly healthy." That's good. But still, Congressman Frank says that there's an "increasing disconnect between growth in the [GDP] and the well-being of the average citizen." (And you average citizens know who you are.)

Speaking of head (a-hem), poverty has now reared its ugly head in the 'burbs; people are leaving the inner cities and the poverty's following. The Brookings Institution saw it; they just issued a report revealing that for the first time, the suburban poor outnumber their inner-city counterparts -- even though the economy is mostly healthy. The reasons won't sit well with the PC crowd: there's now more racial and economic diversity in the 'burbs –- and a huge influx of immigrants.

But the larger question remains: Why isn't everybody well off in America? Why does life's lottery smile upon some -- and leave others in squalor?

There's only one way to find the answer to this question (which has flummoxed America since it was founded by rich white guys). We need a bipartisan study group to come to consensus and make everybody understand and be happy about this. A Baker-Hamilton Economic Inequality Study group to show us the way forward so that someday in our lifetime every American can be rich -- have everything they want in a mostly healthy economy!

Rush MySpace Bulletin - Got A Switch?

Date: Dec 7, 2006 8:51 AM
Subject Got A Switch?

Multitude of stories today, folks. Dateline: San Francisco. With the familiar slogan "Got Milk?," a new ad campaign at city bus shelters used scented oils to produce the smell of freshly baked chocolate-chip cookies. City officials got complaints, though: "You're bothering people with food sensitivities!" ( buses roared by.) "You're offending people and homeless people, who can't afford to buy these cookies!" Now it's: Ain't got no home, ain't got no dough -- ain't got no ads. The cookie ads have been tossed.

From Los Angeles: Hollywood Reporter hosted a celebrity breakfast to promote their 15th annual "Women in Entertainment Power 100" list. Keynote speaker actress Maria Bello drew loud cheers when she exclaimed: "I'd just like to say this: The Speaker of the House is a chick!"

But apparently, even powerful gals have issues. Bello, describing her hectic role as a mother, admitted to the crowd that she finally got around to "shaving two-week-old growth" under her arms. To which another keynoter, Maggie Gyllenhaal, interjected: "I still have two-week-old growth [under my arms]!" Apparently, the sweet smell of success for power Hollywood babes is underarm hair. Forget "Got milk?" The question there is: "Got deodorant?"

Columbia, South Carolina. A mother had her 12-year-old boy arrested after he repeatedly took a Game Boy -- a Christmas present -- from its hiding place at his great-grandmother's home to play with it. The boy was cuffed, and charged with petty larceny. In days past, the problem would have been dealt with differently and much soon. It's called: "Got a belt? Bend over, kid."

there is New Jedi Order Encyclopedia

Apparently it is here. I am not certain I care.

I knew there was a Boba Fett dot com but his father has a website too!

I had a listed on my Favorites or Bookmarks nearly as long as I have had Favorites or Bookmarks and surely the Boba Fett site has been listed as Favorite long before there was a Google.

I was not surprised that there was a but I don't know yet if it is by the same guys or not. Frankly I doubt it.

Why do we need an Iraq Study Group?

I'll admit finally that I have been a bit out of touch for a variety of valid reasons. But essentially in my cognitive absence we have gained an Iraq Surrender Group. What a useless gathering of left-wing bureacrats. Suddenly the popular news media is springing upon to my mental doorstep the idea that these people have things worth saying, and are authorities in areas relating to the killing of people and the destruction of objects, buildings, and things!

What do these highly-paid, too-much-time-on-their-hands mucktards have in their pasts and on their plates that make them worthy to be listened to by a President of the United States, actual military commanders, and the American people!?

The traditional, time-tested method of waging, hand-in-hand with the purpose of war, is to wage death and destruction upon our enemies until the enemies lost the will to fight, and thus surrender. Conversely, the key to our own Revolution was to fight until the British Empire decided it was too much trouble to maintain our membership in their Empire and pulled their soldiers from what was suddenly decided to be the American country.

War is bloody, awful terrible thing and it is to only be done when those in charge have the will the win. Victory is the only option because if you lose you only spread one message: that you are losers. If a nation that is supposedly powerful folds from constant attacks from a perceivedly inferior set of forces, the loser looks weak, vulnerable, stupid, and assailable.;

To which I would damn to burning hell all the politicians and journalists who insist that victory isn't an option, who won't consider victory as something to be sought, and who weep at mounting casualties whom they would rather have die in vain that die seeking a meaningful victory!

Don't these morons see, at all, that pulling out of Vietnam because our domestic popular opinion went against the war made us look weak abroad? Running from smaller armies or squabbling armed bands of barbarians made us look like weaklings? The perception that our nationa was weak was a large part of why we were ever attacked on September 11 and still these white-collared bureacrats are deciding that we betray original goals of destroying enemies for futile hunt for absence of action accompanied by a sign that says "we are not weak" that actually convinces our enemies that we aren't weak and shouldn't be attacked but honestly won't tell our enemies anything excep that we lack steel.

Winning wars as a massive, occupying, superior force involves breaking things and killing people to the extent that people's wills are broken. It's not merely time but simply busting up targets and convincing people that what they hold as valuable is what's at stake for them and easy enough to be crushed by us... and that the choices are our way or the hot place. The task of people on the home ground is similar to the invaders, but they have to set up a "is it worth it?" scenario and wear down the invading armies, make them tired, waste the support for the war that would stand in the invader's homeland, until the invader gives up and goes home. When we put out announcements that we are considering the methods and messages behind packing up and ceasing activities in a foreign land where we had a mission, and letting the people killing our soldiers continue to live without cost, that means we lost. The message that the world gets is that if a measily, piddily tiny number of American lives are lost over a period of four or five years, the USA's armies will go home, the original mission be damned. I see a similarity to pulling out a Colt .45, pointing it at the American public crotch, and pulling the trigger.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Rush MySpace Bulletin - Lead by Example

Date: Dec 4, 2006 7:25 PM
Subject Lead by Example

This week the Supreme Court heard arguments on two cases that the Drive-By Media says may be the most important education decisions since Brown v. Board of Education -- which desegregated schools in 1954.

The cases -- from Seattle and Louisville -- were brought by parents whose kids' school assignments were made to satisfy race-based "diversity" goals. Hundreds of pro-affirmative-action civil rights protesters were bused in to support diversity, affirmative action, and state-sponsored racial profiling (and all that) in the skrools.

Now, the day before hearing the case, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer said on Fox News that the Supreme Court has to look beyond the Constitution to come up with rulings. Judges must examine the "real-world context" -- not the Framers' intent -- because society is constantly evolving, he said. According to Breyer, the Supreme Court's limit of free speech via Campaign Finance Reform -- despite the explicit Constitutional ban on laws that limit free speech -- was just "leveling the playing field."

Given your positions, Justice Breyer -- juxtaposed with these diversity cases -- why don't you put your money where your mouth is? Forget the skrools! Look at the Supreme Court: Seven white guys, one black guy, one white gal. That's not a level playing field, Judge! That's not diversity! Justice Breyer: go beyond the Constitution. Look at the real-world context, man! Resign. Now. And demand your seat go to a black woman. Then urge the other liberal justices to give their seats to Hispanics. Lead by example, sir, and show us how it's done!

Scot McCullar reviews Casino Royale

Look it up on his MySpace blog.

For the most part I agree with his assessments. Except for the parts about his own personal experience. I disagree that he ever did those things.

Star Wars licensed games 2003-2006

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Game Titlesorted in ascending orderYearPlatformPublisherMobyScore
Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy2003Macintosh, Windows, XboxAspyr Media, Inc.3.32
Star Wars: Galaxies - An Empire Divided (Collector's Edition)2003WindowsLucasArts1.53
Star Wars: Galaxies - An Empire Divided2003WindowsLucasArts2.98
Star Wars: Battlefront2004Macintosh, PlayStation 2, Windows, XboxLucasArts3.69
Star Wars: Galaxies - Jump to Light Speed2004WindowsLucasArts3.43
Star Wars Trilogy: Apprentice of the Force2004Game Boy AdvanceUbisoft Entertainment SA3.25
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords2004Windows, XboxLucasArts3.82
Star Wars: Galaxies - Trials of Obi-Wan2005WindowsLucasArts Entertainment Company LLC...
Star Wars: Republic Commando2005Windows, XboxLucasArts3.80
LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game2005Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Macintosh, PlayStation 2, Windows, XboxAspyr Media, Inc.3.93
Star Wars: Galaxies - Episode III Rage of the Wookiees2005WindowsLucasArts Entertainment Company LLC...
Star Wars: Battlefront II2005PlayStation 2, PSP, Windows, XboxLucasArts3.09
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith2005Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DSUbisoft Entertainment SA3.56
Star Wars: Galaxies - The Total Experience2005WindowsLucasArts3.67
Star Wars: The Revenge of the Sith2005ExEnTHQ Wireless Inc....
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith2005PlayStation 2, XboxLucasArts4.33
LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy2006Nintendo DSLucasArts...
Star Wars: Empire at War - Forces of Corruption2006WindowsLucasArts5.00
LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy2006Game Boy AdvanceLucasArts4.60
LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy2006GameCube, PlayStation 2, PSP, Windows, Xbox, Xbox 360LucasArts3.65
Star Wars: Empire at War (Collector's Edition)2006WindowsLucasArts Entertainment Company LLC5.00
Star Wars: Empire at War2006WindowsLucasArts3.72
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Al Gore is a flipping moron

The scientific authority went on Oprah telling how he tried to replant a Christmas tree and it didn't survive.

People went to see his slideshow and believe he is an authority on the workings of nature.

Al Gore is a flipping moron

The scientific authority went on Oprah telling how he tried to replant a Christmas tree and it didn't survive.

People went to see his slideshow and believe he is an authority on the workings of nature.

Rush MySpace Bulletin - Save Us

Date: Dec 6, 2006 6:53 AM
Subject Save Us

New York City’s board of health, and Mayor Bloomberg, have decided the 24,000 restaurants in the City should ban cooking oils that contain trans fats. Some experts claim trans fats are worse than saturated fats – because they might lower good cholesterol and raise the bad stuff.

Mayor Bloomberg says: “Nobody wants to take away your French fries and hamburgers,” – he says he loves them, too – “but if you can make them with something that is less damaging to your health, we should do that.”

Big Food has been turning away from trans fats on its own – no doubt, in part, to keep swarms of vulture-like lawyers from doing to their industry what they did to Big Tobacco.

But it’s not enough! Trans fats must be banned in restaurants to ensure the health of citizens. So how can the mayor blatantly ignore all of the supermarket food with trans fats? Why is that exempt? What about the children who unwittingly consume snack foods loaded with transfats? Don’t their little lives matter? They're going to be tax payers someday. What about the other foods that are killing people who are too dumb to eat healthy? How can New York’s board of health sit idly by, while idiots consume cholesterol-laden eggs and cheese?

From sun to sun a mother’s work is never done. Your mommy wouldn’t stop at banning trans fats in restaurants … so mommy government shouldn’t, either. If you’re going to do a job – do it right. Don’t cherrypick, Mayor Bloomberg! Ban all the bad food out there – and save our lives! We can't do it ourselves.

Star Wars licensed games 2000-2003

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Game Titlesorted in ascending orderYearPlatformPublisherMobyScore
Star Wars: Episode I - Jedi Power Battles2000Dreamcast, Game Boy Advance, PlayStationLucasArts Entertainment Company LLC3.43
Star Wars: Episode I - Battle for Naboo2000Nintendo 64, WindowsLucasArts3.83
Star Wars: Force Commander2000WindowsLucasArts2.30
Star Wars: Demolition2000Dreamcast, PlayStationLucasArts Entertainment Company LLC3.47
Star Wars: X-Wing Vs. TIE Fighter + Balance of Power2000WindowsLucasArts Entertainment Company LLC5.00
Star Wars: Math2000Macintosh, WindowsLucas Learning2.40
Star Wars: Episode I - Obi-Wan's Adventures2000Game Boy ColorTHQ, Inc.4.25
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II - Rogue Leader2001GameCubeLucasArts Entertainment Company LLC3.88
Star Wars: Starfighter2001PlayStation 2, Windows, XboxLucasArts2.95
Star Wars: Super Bombad Racing2001PlayStation 2Lucas Learning3.38
Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds2001Macintosh, WindowsAspyr Media, Inc.3.35
Star Wars: Obi-Wan2001XboxLucasArts3.78
Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter2002PlayStation 2, XboxLucasArts3.34
Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds - Saga2002WindowsLucasArts4.00
Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds - Clone Campaigns2002Macintosh, WindowsAspyr Media, Inc.3.88
Star Wars: Racer Revenge2002PlayStation 2LucasArts3.70
Star Wars: Bounty Hunter2002GameCube, PlayStation 2LucasArts3.45
Star Wars: Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast (Collector's Edition)2002WindowsLucasArts4.28
Star Wars: Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast2002GameCube, Macintosh, Windows, XboxAspyr Media, Inc.3.76
Star Wars: The Clone Wars2002GameCube, PlayStation 2, XboxLucasArts3.15
Star Wars: The New Droid Army2002Game Boy AdvanceTHQ, Inc.3.92
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones2002Game Boy AdvanceTHQ, Inc.2.69
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III - Rebel Strike2003GameCubeLucasArts3.73
Star Wars: Flight of the Falcon2003Game Boy AdvanceTHQ, Inc.1.73
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic2003Macintosh, Windows, XboxAspyr Media, Inc.3.96
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Star Wars licensed games 1996-2000

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Game Titlesorted in ascending orderYearPlatformPublisherMobyScore
The LucasArts Archives Vol. II: The Star Wars Collection1996WindowsLucasArts...
Rebel Assault & X-Wing Collector's CD1996DOS, Windows, Windows 3.xLucasArts...
Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire1996Nintendo 64, WindowsLucasArts3.71
Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi1997PlayStationLucasArts3.62
Star Wars: X-Wing Vs. TIE Fighter1997WindowsLucasArts Entertainment Company LLC3.60
Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Dark Forces II1997WindowsLucasArts3.82
Star Wars: Monopoly1997WindowsHasbro Interactive, Inc.3.50
Star Wars: X-Wing Vs. TIE Fighter - Balance of Power Campaigns1997WindowsLucasArts Entertainment Company LLC3.67
Star Wars: Yoda Stories1997Game Boy Color, WindowsLucasArts3.41
Star Wars: Rebellion1998WindowsLucasArts3.19
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D1998Nintendo 64, WindowsLucasArts3.70
Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Mysteries of the Sith1998WindowsLucasArts3.86
Star Wars: Jedi Knight (Bundle)1998WindowsLucasArts4.41
Star Wars: DroidWorks1998WindowsLucas Learning3.68
The LucasArts Archives Vol. IV: The Star Wars Collection 21998WindowsLucasArts...
Star Wars: X-Wing Collector Series1998WindowsLucasArts3.85
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace1999PlayStation, WindowsLucasArts Entertainment Company LLC3.37
Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance1999WindowsLucasArts3.90
Star Wars: Episode I - Racer1999Dreamcast, Game Boy Color, Macintosh, Nintendo 64, WindowsLucasArts Entertainment Company LLC3.53
Star Wars: Yoda's Challenge1999Windows
Star Wars: Pit Droids1999WindowsLucas Learning2.75
Star Wars: Jeopardy1999Windows
Star Wars: Episode I - The Gungan Frontier1999WindowsLucas Learning3.94
Star Wars: Anakin's Speedway1999WindowsLucas Learning...
Star Wars: X-Wing Trilogy2000WindowsLucasArts4.75
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