Thursday, October 05, 2006

original G-Philes post #1 - At least we're original in some respect

The very first entry on the G-Philes weblog. It's dead now.
At least we're original in some respect

I went to Google and slapped "Jonah Goldberg fanclub" into the search-text field. Not one result returned. This is either very depressing or very comforting. If it means that we're the first group (Can you call two twenty-something schmucks in Texas a group?) to formally pronounce its admiration for one of the greatest political columnist and on-line editor alive, then we could not possibly be more proud to break ground on such a promising frontier. However, if it means that not enough people out there really do appreciate JG, then there might also not be enough hope for the future of mankind.

In either case, I think we're up for the task. Certainly there are enough citizens out there who can at least tolerate our blend of Neo-conservatism long enough to find out what we're all about. If so, would one of you kindly drop us a note and let us know what we're all about? We're still too busy worrying about whether we're even about ending our clauses with prepositions to decide what we're all about.

"Neo-conservative." I still haven't warmed up to that term. Dick doesn't seem to have a problem with it. Then again, I'm new to all this stuff. Maybe I'll learn.

Coming soon -- my recent (and first), embarrasing run-in with JG online. Maybe. Fortunately for me, it was quite a forgettable conversation from his point of view. I hope.

Lands, look at that. Only the first entry here and I'm already pretending to know JG's point of view. It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll.

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