Tuesday, October 31, 2006

he was the Ghost Who Talks

That's a play on the Phantom, which is fitting because for quite a few years the 1960s cartoon super-hero Space Ghost had a talk show. For just less than fifteen minutes in a set he would interview live action folk. It started in the nineties and ended a few years ago. I present an eight-year-old interview with and article about the show's creators. I thoroughly enjoyed that program. I miss it.

John Kerry versus the troops again

John Kerry's missteps

more to come. you can bet on it.

Monday, October 30, 2006

I'm busy

For today, go away.

Come back tomorrow.

What the heck is Al Gore doing advising someone of anything scientific?

That's a stupid question. The real question that I should be asking is why is the British Government paying former Vice President Al Gore to advise on environmental matters? We recall now that the former Veep's credentials include a career in the Senate, eight years of being Bill Cliton's understudy, a failed attempt to be President, followed by another failed attempt to be President a day later, and then self-aggrandizement disguised as an educational powerpoint and lecture series that you have to be 7 dollars for a the cinema.

Yes: this ran long.

I did too

Pakistan destroyed what?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Beau Smith Joins Impact- The Global Action Entertainment Magazine

For Immediate Release
Contact Beau Smith 304-453-6565

Beau Smith Joins Impact-The Global Action Entertainment Magazine.
The Old West Meets The New East In New "Far From Fragile" Column

Ceredo WV.(11/27/06) Respected columnist and comics writer Beau Smith joins Impact and, in this first regular column on the action industry, he looks at the varying record of martial arts in the world of the super heroes as well as film, TV and the rest of popular culture. In his first column called Far From Fragile, he gives his insight and opinion on the use of martial arts in comic book history including the
new Marvel White Tiger series.

Smith has written for every major comic book publisher as well as video games, entertainment, business columns and film. His latest action thriller comic book series, Cobb: Off The Leash for IDW Publishing is critically acclaimed and is being collected into a trade paperback in February 2007.

Impact-The Global Action Entertainment Magazine has kept the world informed on the latest in action films, TV, Eastern films, Anime and Multimedia since 1992. November starts a more amped up, full throttle look for Impact as it covers action around the globe. Impact is published monthly and sold all around the world.

"This is the first of what will be many columns to come for Impact. I’m Beau Smith and politically correct is not a suit of clothes that hang in my closet, or on the floor, or in a chair or lost some where in the laundry room. My DNA is divided into my dad’s uncanny common sense and my mom’s ability to be as blunt as a sledgehammer to the head. The last twenty years have found me writing comic books for every major publisher, video games for Capcom, pop culture, business columns and heading up marketing for Eclipse Comics, Image Comics, Todd McFarlane Production and McFarlane Toys as well as IDW Publishing. Now it looks like you’re gonna have to put up with my
antics here at Impact." Said Beau Smith as he works on his British and Asian accents.

Below is the link to the Impact Magazine website for more information:

Does the Punisher Need Better Arch-Villains?

The Punisher was a very popular character but for his own series of comic books sales were dropping. Usually a protagonist needs a good villain to fight, but for Frank Castle perhaps that just was not the case:
For the longest time myself and other writers and editors thought that Frank Castle's shortcoming was that he was always killing off his villains and there was no rogues gallery being assembled for him. The consensus was that he could re-win the affections of the readers by having gunbattles with a better class of lowlife. Every effort came to nada as none of the new meanies caught on... It's not until now that I realize that not only was the Punisher the villain on his own book but he had no one to contrast with. We could have him battling to the death in stinking back alleys and abandoned warehouses with some amoral, gun-crazed, homicidal maniac. But that description is the Punisher. You kind of reach a point of diminishing returns where the readers don't care who wins that kind of fight. That's why he did so well when he crossed over. By fighting an established hero he achieved what he lacked in his own book; a compelling conflict. Yeah, if I knew then what I know now I would have proposed a recurring goodguy for the Punisher titles. A Van Helsing, a Jean Valjean, a Lieutenant Jacobi to relentlessly pursue the Punisher month in and month out. A super virtuous man of morals and conviction who would fight to end Frank Castle's misguided vigilante spree. This would have added the tension and conflict and contrast that the titles needed. There'd be a reason to pick them up every month.
Ultimately there's a narrow sense of circumstances where somoene sees a difference between a vigilante and another sort of murdering criminal.

if I discovered a 22-yr-old was having sex with my 14-yr-old daughter

I would tear off his johnson and shove it so far up his back end that he could taste it.

You bet I'm typing from emotion.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I despise these guys

God has blessed them.
This November will mark eight years of doing Penny Arcade. When we started the comic strip I was 21, single and living in an apartment with Tycho back in Spokane. I was selling computers at circuit city all day and then drawing the comic strip in the middle of the night between marathon sessions of Tribes. We lived off Top Ramen and whatever leftovers my mom would drop off. I never went to college and so I had resigned myself to a career at Circuit City. It wasn’t a terrible job and in fact just before I quit I actually requested the manager training books. I figured I could work my way up in the company to a point where I was making a decent living and then I could do my artwork on the side.

Now eight years later I have a wife and a two year old son. I’ve got a house here in Seattle with a lawn and a slide in the backyard. I work nine to five at the Penny Arcade office drawing the comic, playing games and working on all our millions of extra projects. If you had told me ten years ago that this is what I’d be doing I wouldn’t have believed you. I literally have my dream job during the day and an incredible family to go home to every night.
He owns a house and with his professional partner they have their own officer for their company. This occupation involves drawing three pictures in narrative sequence three to four times a week along with playing video games and writing articles for which they remain well-informed and I assume do research, read up on industry news and then react somehow.

Yes. I know drawing is hard and "Gabe" does a lot of it and they sell merchandise to a lot of fans and my beloved capitalistic system which I support demands that they reap the rewards of supply, demand, and a rabid consumer base.

I'm not saying that it is an injustice; I'm saying that it is a great freaking job!

I want it. Except for the kid. I want the house. I hate the name of the strip. I'm pretty sure I've read all the strips. I'm sure that's ironic somehow.

Why am I wasting time here and now?

Addressing Back Alley Abortion Myths

The following came as an attachment from a Michigan State University Students for Life e-mailing. Apparently it is summation of a meeting's content. It has been edited for clarity.

Thousands of women did not die from back alley abortions. Dr. Bernard Nathanson, founder of NARAL has admitted that he fabricated most of these numbers.

90% of illegal abortions before 1973 were performed by legal physicians, not hangers.

Abortion procedure has changed very little since middle of last century. Deaths have decreased because of the widespread introduction of antibiotics.

Poland had abortion not only legalized but paid for and encouraged by the government until it was made completely illegal in 1993. The number of abortions fell from 150,000 to 124 in 2001. Records of all deaths, due to pregnancy, abortion and childbirth fell from 70 in 1990 to 21 in 1999. This shows that making abortion illegal changes the mindset of a society. Fewer women will feel forced to get abortions and the deaths of women and children will decrease drastically.

This is not what I wanted to see in my Inbox -- results of Tigers' game -- World Series game 3

Detroit Tigers Postgame Alert
October 24, 2006

Detroit 0, St. Louis 5 at Busch Stadium
Detroit Record: (1-2)
St. Louis Record: (2-1)

Winning pitcher - Chris Carpenter (1-0)
Losing pitcher - Nate Robertson (0-1)

St. Louis000200

St. Louis21 X 570

Next Detroit Game: October 25, 2006 07:00 PM CT vs. St. Louis Cardinals

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Partial Comments Policy

Racially-charged comments will not be tolerated in the Comments field/function of this weblog.

The only exceptions are those statement made by me and I won't be making those statements.

Commentary on race and racial politics will occur as needed.

And it isn't the presence of minorities in large cities that causes unusually high amounts of violence; it's the population density that leads to a propensity of violence.

what I would say to Bruce Springsteen

"you ain't the Boss o' me!"

Bruce Springsteen

isn't the Boss of me!

the media is screwing you the American electorate

Thomas Sowell speaks the truth:
It is obscene that our media should be obsessed with some jerk in Congress who wrote dirty e-mails to congressional pages — and was forced out of Congress for it — when this nation faces dangers of this magnitude.

It would be worse than obscene for some voters to cut off their nose to spite their face by either staying home on election day or actually voting a blank check from America for a party with a decades-long history of irresponsibility on national defense.
Do you want to play that game? Are the issues that matter to you based on some surely-damned freak from Florida? Is it about war and terrorism or abortion or national security? Don't let your mind and concerns by dominated by trivial shite such as one old man's moral failure.

could be useful

stock.xchng - the leading free stock photography site

Les Rythmes Digitales - Jacques Your Body (Make Me Sweat)

Director(s) Seb Caudron
Photography Jean-Louis Bompoint

I don't care for this video. I enjoy the music, the song to some extent, but this particular mix is not the one that really makes me like the piece. The version used for the Citroen advertisement is.

Monday, October 23, 2006

call CNN at this number -- 404-827-2600


Call CNN and tell them what you think. What happened?
CNN aired a terrorist sniper killing a US soldier. They blacked out the screen when the bullet hit, but that did not stop the sound or description that they went on to share.

According to CNN, “The graphic video of 10 sniper attacks was obtained by CNN -- through intermediaries --from the Islamic Army of Iraq, one of the most active insurgent organizations in Iraq.”

Are critics correct in their assessment that CNN is full of terrorist sympathizers? Well, after their report on “In the Footsteps of Bin Laden,” there might be a case.
CNN airs a terrorit press release. CNN collaborates with terrorist press corps. CNN airs a terrorist propaganda tape. CNN broadcasts a live and real depiction of someone's son getting killed. CNN airs the death of an American for fun, profit, ratings, or some unknown reason that certainly does not overlap with decency.

Assuming you believe that it happened, and that my description is accurate and you believe that it is accurate, the best action that you could take is to call 404-827-2600 and tell CNN what you think of their choices for broadcasting. Tell them.

Unless, of course, you think that they did the right thing, in which case you should apply for a job with them. Don't worry: you will never be sent out in the field for dangerous shots. Apparently CNN's combat footage is obtained from bad guys now.

Reagan Library details

Hours and Directions


The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum is open 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. every day of the week, except Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.


Beginning October 24, 2005, admission prices will be:
Ages 18–61: $12.00
Ages 62+: $9.00
Ages 11–17: $3.00
Under age 11: Free


The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum
40 Presidential Drive, Simi Valley, California 93065

From the 118 West Freeway:
Exit Madera Road South and turn right off the off-ramp
Turn right on Madera Road
Drive approximately 3 miles
Turn right on Presidential Drive

From the 118 East Freeway:
Exit Madera Road and turn right off the off-ramp…and
Turn Right on Presidential Drive

From the 23 North Freeway:
Exit Olsen Road and turn right off the off-ramp
Drive approximately 1 mile
Turn left on Presidential Drive

From the 23 South Freeway:
Exit Olsen Road and turn left off the off-ramp
Drive approximately 1 mile
Turn left on Presidential Drive

From Los Angeles:
Take I-405 north toward Sacramento. Take CA-118 west toward Simi Valley. Follow the 118-West directions above.

From Ventura and Santa Barbara:
Take US-101 south toward Los Angeles. Merge onto CA-23 north toward Fillmore. Follow the 23 North directions above.

From Fresno:
Take CA-99 south toward Bakersfield/Los Angeles (CA-99 becomes I-5 south). Merge onto I-405 south toward Santa Monica. Take CA-118 west toward Simi Valley. Follow the 118-West directions above.

From Burbank:
Take I-5 north toward Bakersfield. Merge onto CA-118 west. Follow the 118-West directions above.

What happened to gun control?

by Jason Miller (notes) 3:48pm Today

Jason Miller is formerly a Field Representative for the Leadership Institute and presently attends Ave Maria Law School. The following was published in Sept 2006 in Jackson, Wyoming. It has been reprinted here without permission from the publisher. The links are mine.

Democrats used to think that gun control was a winning issue. In the 1980s and 1990s it was a constant liberal campaign theme. Republicans were portrayed as the bad guys and were criticized for their National Rifle Association endorsements. In today’s political reality Democrats maneuver for NRA endorsements and seek photo-ops holding guns.

I’m not just referring to western Democrats either. Even big city New Englander liberal John Kerry felt compelled to walk around and pose in photos with guns (although he did look pretty awkward).

Republicans once limited communications about the right to bear arms to targeted lists and struggled to keep silent in public, fearful of a scorching attack from Democrats. Today Republicans boast support of 2nd amendment issues on their websites and publicly post hunting photos. Candidates from both political parties now hold fundraisers that involve visits to shooting ranges.

The National Rifle Association was once under constant fire as the bad guys and portrayed as radicals in the media. Now the NRA faces a threat from splinter gun groups that think the NRA is too willing to give up our rights. The pro-gun lobby successfully pressed for the more open Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) laws that were passed in many states in the late 90s and early part of this decade, though often with great controversy.

The Democrats fought and lost those battles in many states. Now most Democrats have come to embrace shall-issue CCW laws. And even those who do not have been forced to at least admit that the left’s apocalyptic predictions about the effects of looser gun laws did not come true. Second amendment activists may have celebrated those victories, but they have not been content just to see a majority of states make it easier to carry firearms.

There is a new push in many states for law abiding citizens to be able to carry a pistol in some circumstances without a permit. During Wyoming’s last legislative session, Representative Becket Hinckley (R-Cheyenne) sponsored legislation to that effect. Hinckley’s bill did well in the house but did not get a vote in the senate, but rumor had it Governor Freudenthal was willing to sign it into law rather than let the issue haunt him in the election.

The latest pro-gun fad in state legislatures is to adopt what’s called the Castle Doctrine, basically making the law automatically side with a homeowner who shoots an invader. Castle Doctrine legislation has passed in states like Florida and is on the radar here in Wyoming.

Success has not been universal. Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney signed an assault weapons ban in his state. However, Romney’s assault weapon ban was inspired by the expiration of the federal ban shortly before the 2004 election. The anti-gun forces were unable to even get a vote to renew the federal ban in the U.S. House.

Sometime in the late 1990s the momentum on gun issues swung pretty dramatically towards the right. The words “gun control” became something to avoid. The liberal activist Gun Control Inc. had to change their name to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Paradoxically, the NRA’s long march came shortly after Columbine.

Exactly what caused the shift is open to debate. NRA and gun group membership spiked in the last decade and new scholarship like John Lott’s book More Guns, Less Crime gave an intellectual power to the right. One reason that the left had to quiet down about gun control is that their programs outright failed.

Gun bans had little impact on crime. Washington, D.C. has had a basically complete ban on firearms since 1977. It remains a violent, dangerous city outside of the protected strips around the monuments. The concealed carry laws did not increase crime and the public began to realize more thoroughly that legal gun owners are not the ones who commit crimes. The gun control movement has become weak and faces obscurity.

One of the biggest causes in politics just… disappeared. But can we really trust coastal liberals like Gary Trauner to protect our right to bear arms? No matter what they say to win elections, the left’s rejection of personal responsibility and love towards the nanny-state remains inconsistent with private firearms ownership. I just don’t trust the Democrats to keep their hands off my guns.

[sflmichigan] Meet the newest member of Students for Life!!

From the latest Michigan Students for Life e-mail:

Hi Life-Savers,
I have a few updates for all of you. Please see below.
For the babies,
Some of you met SFLM Board Member Josh Mercer and his wife Lori Mercer at the Students for Life of Michigan conference earlier this year. Lori was pregnant at the time and this morning their little girl was finally born (a full week late!). You can see a picture of the beautiful Anne Barbara Mercer at:
So far I have received definite RSVP's from 44 people (Grand Valley, Central, Western and Wayne State) and several maybe's. Our bus can take 56! If you would like to travel to the March for Life and Students for Life of America Conference with Students for Life of Michigan, you need to 1. Tell me right away and 2. Send your $50 deposit to Students for Life of Michigan at P.O. Box 6933, East Lansing Mi 48826.
If you plan to attend the Students for Life of America conference, remember that the price will go up on Ocotber 25th! October 25th is this Wednesday! Until October 25th the cost is only $35, it increases to $50 until December 1st and then increases to $60 until January 20. Register now online at:
Joanie Barrett
Students for Life of Michigan
(248) 890-8738

World Series television broadcast schedule

Game Matchup Day Date Time ET TV
Gm 1 STL 7 @ DET 2 Sat Oct. 21

Gm 2 STL 1 @ DET 3 Sun Oct. 22

Gm 3 DET @ STL Tue Oct. 24 8 pm FOX
Gm 4 DET @ STL Wed Oct. 25 8 pm FOX
Gm 5 DET @ STL Thu Oct. 26 8 pm FOX
Gm 6* STL @ DET Sat Oct. 28 7:30 pm FOX
Gm 7* STL @ DET Sun Oct. 29 7:30 pm FOX

Pacific time start for each is 5 pm except for the Games 6 and 7, which has it at 4:30 pm respectively.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Don't try to be a hero, and no one will get hurt — no longer holds

Stolen from

Texas school tells classes to fight back

By JEFF CARLTON, Associated Press WriterFri Oct 13, 2:42 PM ET

Youngsters in a suburban Fort Worth school district are being taught not to sit there like good boys and girls with their hands folded if a gunman invades the classroom, but to rush him and hit him with everything they got — books, pencils, legs and arms.

"Getting under desks and praying for rescue from professionals is not a recipe for success," said Robin Browne, a major in the British Army reserve and an instructor for Response Options, the company providing the training to the Burleson schools.

That kind of fight-back advice is all but unheard of among schools, and some fear it will get children killed.

But school officials in Burleson said they are drawing on the lessons learned from a string of disasters such as Columbine in 1999 and the Amish schoolhouse attack in Pennsylvania last week.

The school system in this working-class suburb of about 26,000 is believed to be the first in the nation to train all its teachers and students to fight back, Browne said.

At Burleson — which has 10 schools and about 8,500 students — the training covers various emergencies, such as tornadoes, fires and situations where first aid is required. Among the lessons: Use a belt as a sling for broken bones, and shoelaces make good tourniquets.

Students are also instructed not to comply with a gunman's orders, and to take him down.

Browne recommends students and teachers "react immediately to the sight of a gun by picking up anything and everything and throwing it at the head and body of the attacker and making as much noise as possible. Go toward him as fast as we can and bring them down."

Response Options trains students and teachers to "lock onto the attacker's limbs and use their body weight," Browne said. Everyday classroom objects, such as paperbacks and pencils, can become weapons.

"We show them they can win," he said. "The fact that someone walks into a classroom with a gun does not make them a god. Five or six seventh-grade kids and a 95-pound art teacher can basically challenge, bring down and immobilize a 200-pound man with a gun."

The fight-back training parallels the change in thinking that has occurred since Sept. 11, when United Flight 93 made it clear that the usual advice during a hijacking — Don't try to be a hero, and no one will get hurt — no longer holds. Flight attendants and passengers are now encouraged to rush the cockpit.

Similarly, women and youngsters are often told by safety experts to kick, scream and claw they way out during a rape attempt or a child-snatching.

In 1998 in Oregon, a 17-year-old high school wrestling star with a bullet in his chest stopped a rampage by tackling a teenager who had opened fire in the cafeteria. The gunman killed two students, as well as his parents, and 22 other were wounded.

Hilda Quiroz of the National School Safety Center, a nonprofit advocacy group in California, said she knows of no other school system in the country that is offering fight-back training, and found the strategy at Burleson troubling.

"If kids are saved, then this is the most wonderful thing in the world. If kids are killed, people are going to wonder who's to blame," she said. "How much common sense will a student have in a time of panic?"

Terry Grisham, spokesman for the Tarrant County Sheriff's Department, said he, too, had concerns, though he had not seen details of the program.

"You're telling kids to do what a tactical officer is trained to do, and they have a lot of guns and ballistic shields," he said. "If my school was teaching that, I'd be upset, frankly."

Some students said they appreciate the training.

"It's harder to hit a moving target than a target that is standing still," said 14-year-old Jessica Justice, who received the training over the summer during freshman orientation at Burleson High.

William Lassiter, manager of the North Carolina-based Center for Prevention of School Violence, said past attacks indicate that fighting back, at least by teachers and staff, has its merits.

"At Columbine, teachers told students to get down and get on the floors, and gunmen went around and shot people on the floors," Lassiter said. "I know this sounds chaotic and I know it doesn't sound like a great solution, but it's better than leaving them there to get shot."

Lassiter questioned, however, whether students should be included in the fight-back training: "That's going to scare the you-know-what out of them."

Most of the freshman class at Burleson's high school underwent instruction during orientation, and eventually all Burleson students will receive some training, even the elementary school children.

"We want them to know if Miss Valley says to run out of the room screaming, that is exactly what they need to do," said Jeanie Gilbert, district director of emergency management. She said students and teachers should have "a fighting chance in every situation."

"It's terribly sad that when I get up in the morning that I have to wonder what may happen today either in our area or in the nation," Gilbert said. "Something that happens in Pennsylvania has that ripple effect across the country."

Burleson High Principal Paul Cash said he has received no complaints from parents about the training. Stacy Vaughn, the president of the Parent-Teacher Organization at Norwood Elementary in Burleson, supports the program.

"I feel like our kids should be armed with the information that these types of possibilities exist," Vaughn said.

Wyo Won’t Follow National Political Trend

by Jason Miller (notes) 10:58am Friday, Oct 20

Jason Miller is the founder of Smash Left-Wing Scum, is formerly a Field Representative for the Leadership Institute and presently attend Ave Maria Law School. The following will be published next week in Jackson, Wyoming. It has been reprinted with implied permission. The links are mine.

The mid-term elections this November are likely to be the most expensive in American history. Democrats are leading in several key senate races and, in the wake of the Mark Foley-Page, scandal may pick up a few dozen seats of in the U.S. House.

Republican incumbents are in trouble all over the country. Republican Barbara Cubin and challenger Democrat Gary Trauner are spending a lot of money in an unexpectedly close race here. The latest Mason-Dixon poll found Cubin with 44 percent to Trauner’s 37 percent and a 4% margin of error. Seven points is hardly a lead that an incumbent can brag about.

Her vulnerability is best seen in the same poll which shows that 45% of Wyoming voters have an unfavorable impression of her while only 43% have a favorable impression. In most states those numbers would spell doom for an incumbent.

Cubin does have a funding advantage over Trauner, even though he is keeping it close. Cubin has received almost a million dollars in support from Republican committees, business PACs, and individual donors. Vice President Cheney came into Wyoming this fall to do a fundraiser for Cubin.

There is clearly some concern among party leadership for the money and resources to be flowing into Wyoming. The concern among business and ideological groups nationwide explains the money flowing everywhere.

The bigger and more intrusive government is, the more interest groups will care about who is in office. If the government picks winners and losers, people have to pay more attention to the government.

In a similar fashion, the more money the government takes in with taxes and spends the more money that factions will invest in political campaigns to see they get their share of the government pie. Smaller government is the only form of campaign finance reform that can really work.

Now that state legislatures can re-apportion Congressional seats every year – something that won’t be an issue in Wyoming’s single state-wide district – national political organizations are re-discovering state legislatures and pouring money in at the local level in big states. The parties and interest groups will do nearly anything to gain an edge.

The distribution of congressional seats among the states, and the shape of congressional and state legislative seats within those states, comes from the U.S. Census taken every ten years.

The census currently includes illegal immigrants as well as actual citizens in its numbers. Republican Congresswoman Candice Miller has proposed only counting citizens for the purposes of apportionment in the U.S. Congress and state legislatures.

States like Michigan and Ohio passed legislative resolutions in support of the proposed amendment feeling that counting illegal aliens gives extra representation to states (and counties within those states) like California.

Since only citizens can vote, exclusively counting citizens for representation purposes is a good policy. It’s also likely to be a very partisan policy. Since Democrats benefit from the illegal immigrant inflated districts, it’s just another part of the fight for control of the U.S. House.

National political organizations emphasizing local and state elections, new laws tweaking voter rules and apportionment, expensive get-out-the-vote drives, and shady foreign political committees funded by leftist convicted criminal billionaire George Soros are the current trend in American politics.

Soros-funded liberal groups and Democrats in Washington may hope that Wyoming will give them a pick-up and help them take control. For whatever reason, a lot of people seem to dislike Cubin, but Gary Trauner will not win.

Wyoming voters are smart enough to realize what Democratic control of congress means: A San Francisco liberal like Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, trumped up impeachment charges against President Bush, gun control, higher taxes, gay marriage, and a whole host of other unpopular consequences. Democrats care more about wolves than they do about people.

Quite frankly, Democrats are just too bad to be given control of Congress. Some conservatives think that if Democrats win a chamber of Congress it will remind voters how terribly they govern and guarantee the GOP wins the presidency in 2008. That may be accurate, but it’s not worth giving them the chance to damage the country.

Gary Trauner may talk a moderate game when he needs to, but the voters of this state know what his party stands for at the national level. Trauner and the Democrats are just too liberal. He is going to lose and this state will not help the Democrats to take over the U.S. House. The people of Wyoming don’t want a U.S. Congress controlled by Democrats.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Star Boy from Legion canon III

Thom Kallor possesses powers to induce extra/additional mass into matter. This is the third version of that character.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Secure border against sex trafficking

by Jason Miller (notes) 6:35pm Tuesday, Oct 17

Jason Miller is the founder of Smash Left-Wing Scum, is formerly a Field Representative for the Leadership Institute and presently attends Ave Maria Law School. The following was published in a newspaper in Jackson, Wyoming. It has been reprinted with implied permission. The links are mine.

The U.S. State Department estimates that 18,000 to 20,000 people, mostly women and children, are trafficked into the U.S. annually. The government calls the consequences of trafficking a form of “modern-day slavery.”

This type of crime, one of the most disgusting imaginable, has come to Teton County. In fact, it has likely been here for a few years; though the dark side of illegal immigration burst into headlines here only recently.

Police recently charged five people in a prostitution ring based on illegal immigrants smuggled to Jackson Hole from Mexico. The project involves a couple of girls and at least a dozen illegal immigrants.

Police report that one of the defendants is “in the business of smuggling illegal aliens from Mexico to Jackson" and is "suspected of bringing in a dozen illegals in the past month." These criminals face severe charges for the crimes they perpetuated, though they probably deserve much worse. Others suspected to be involved in this slavery and smuggling ring are currently under investigation.

A judge authorized $100,000 bail, which one of the accused criminals posted. This is a shockingly small sum for criminals involved in cross border smuggling. Men who are in this country illegally or sneak across borders with impunity ought to be considered major flight risks and denied bail.

The smugglers in this case used a method of coercion that remains consistent among human traffickers in this country and others. The girls were told they had to pay off a $2000 fee for being brought to America.

They were pushed into prostitution and into having sex with three of our men per day to pay back the fee. Generally the smugglers continue to tack on charges and the women are never able to repay until they are cast aside or escape.

Some policy wonks suggest that a more open border and an amnesty policy for illegal immigrants would destroy the market for human smuggling. Amnesty is not the solution. So long as this world includes creeps and poverty, we will have to actively combat sex trafficking and underage prostitution.

The United Nations estimates that there are 12.3 million people in forced labor and sexual slavery at any given time world-wide. This modern-day slavery also occurs within the borders of individual countries as rural residents are transported to the cities. And as the headlines here have told us, it also happens in a variety of wealthy nations. Open borders do not prevent trafficking because this problem is found in nations with immigration laws that are more lax than America’s.

Cross-border trafficking is not the only type of human trafficking. It is, however, the type that we can most easily combat.

Until America secures our borders, stories of human trafficking and oppression will continue to make the local news section. The U.S. State Department recognizes the significance of this problem but only talks about combating supply and demand.

It is true that the invisible hand of the market will connect supply and demand, but sometimes the market will produce goods we just do not want produced – like child sexual slavery. In this case we must do whatever it takes to thwart the market, and that means securing the borders.

Building a modest security fence and increasing border patrols to combat human trafficking, drug smuggling, and terrorist infiltration is a common sense idea that nearly everyone except the political class in America supports. It ought to be much harder to transport an undocumented girl across our borders.

One of the most effective ways to combat demand is by harshly punishing those who traffick in and those who take advantage of underage prostitution -- no bail and no excuses. We must also cut demand for cross-border human smuggling regardless of who is being smuggled or for what purpose. Let’s put the smugglers out of business.

Even if a majority of a smugglers’ ‘clients’ are never pressed into forced labor, the trafficking system creates the opportunities for much darker results. By hiring illegal immigrants you are creating a market for the people smugglers. Your dollars may help to finance this system of modern-day slavery.

Even if you are not having sex with under-age illegal alien prostitutes, the very act of funding the system and encouraging border smuggling supports trafficking. If you do not want to see more children like these abused, then stop importing or hiring smuggled people.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I say we should make the sex offenders live in their own colony

In Space.

Then vent the atmosphere.

Tough Desicions Not Necessarily Depicted

I just found it. How hard were Oskar Schlinder's troubles and was it like a Spielberg film?

I don't know.

Romney is no conservative choice

by Jason Miller (notes) 12:33pm Monday, Oct 16

Jason Miller is the founder of Smash Left-Wing Scum, is formerly a Field Representative for the Leadership Institute and presently attend Ave Maria Law School. The following originally appeared in a Facebook note posted on 12:33pm Monday, Oct 16, whenever the local time may be in the real world. It has been reprinted without permission. The links are mine.

The front-loaded presidential election has jump-started the 2008 campaigns. Rather than waiting till after the mid-term elections, the lines are being drawn more than a year before the first caucuses will be held. The candidates hoping to win the Republican nomination 2008 have been visiting early primary states to raise money for themselves and local party committees for a year already. They have already established state organizations and leadership PACs.

With several states moving their presidential primaries forward, the Republican grassroots in early states are joining up with candidates quickly. The problems in the Bush administration ought to cause conservatives to scrutinize candidates more thoroughly before getting on board.

Senator John McCain is so hated by many on the right for his amnesty for illegal aliens, restrictive campaign finance laws, and general resistance to the Bush regime that many conservatives are jumping towards anyone who offers a choice. An outright social liberal like Rudy Guiliani just won’t do. Now with Senator Allen’s recent departure from the category of viable candidates, Governor Mitt Romney has picked up steam in places like Iowa, New Hampshire, and Michigan as a conservative alternative to John McCain.

Some conservatives have prejudged Mitt Romney for being Governor of a liberal state like Massachusetts. Much of the media attention, though, has focused on whether the American public is bigoted against Mormonism. The Salt Lake City Tribune reported that Romney has several polygamous ancestors. Though it is likely that GOP voters will not question Romney’s religion or the sins of his ancestors, they will question his conservative credentials. In a pro-Romney piece, National Review political reporter John Miller warned that Romney’s pro-choice history “is perhaps a bigger problem than his Mormonism.”

In at least one state, Romney’s record on life is already becoming a major issue. National Journal has called this the “Michigan proxy war” between McCain and Romney. Romney has aggressively recruited a substantial number of conservative legislators to serve on his PAC in Michigan, which basically indicates their future support for his presidential campaign. Some conservative groups in the state do not believe that Romney’s overtures to the right will work. “They’re going to fall flat when social conservatives learn [about Romney’s] long-term record on abortion” according to Gary Glenn of the Campaign for Michigan Families.

Following Glenn’s lead, the Pro-Life Federation of Michigan’s chairman Jerry Zandstra distributed a strongly-worded open-letter to Romney’s supporters. Zandstra re-stated the case that Romney was pro-choice and warned that “Governor Mitt Romney is clearly not a suitable nominee for pro-life elected officials to support for President of the United States.” Of course this criticism of Romney’s record on abortion is not limited to Michigan. Conservatives in other starts are starting to question Romney’s pro-choice history and wonder if he would have a pro-abortion future as president.

The first record of Romney’s pro-choice history comes from a 1994 U.S. Senate debate where Romney said: "I believe that abortion should be safe and legal in this country.” He explained that he had held this view since the 1970s and that “since Roe v. Wade has been the law for 20 years that we should sustain and support it, and I sustain and support that law and the right of a woman to make that choice.”

These pro-choice views would surface again when Romney ran for Governor in 2002. National Review’s Miller conceded that Romney was “operationally pro-choice” during his 2002 campaign. Romney was not, however, supported by the major pro-abortion groups.

His 2002 gubernatorial campaign web site stated: "As Governor, Mitt Romney would protect the current pro-choice status quo in Massachusetts. No law would change. The choice to have an abortion is a deeply personal one. Women should be free to choose based on their own beliefs, not the government’s." Romney’s positions make it clear why the Massachusetts Citizens for Life PAC has expressed skepticism about Romney’s views in the past.

Romney’s views on issues other than abortion also run afoul of the conservative movement. Though Romney is nominally against stem-cell research, he parts company with most conservatives in supporting research on “surplus” embryos generated for in-vitro fertilization.

Human Events magazine put Romney in their list of the Top Ten RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) last year, warning that he was pro-choice, “supports (homosexual) civil unions and stringent gun laws.” Romney’s support of gun laws is attributed to his signing an assault weapons ban as Governor. While more moderate Republicans may support Romney’s take on gun control, many 2nd amendment advocates object to any gun ban and will not turn out in the primary for a Governor who enthusiastically signed one.

The combination of Romney’s views on abortion, civil unions, and gun control makes it clear to any observer that Romney is not the conservative choice for 2008.

On illegal immigration Romney is more of an enigma. His record as governor gives a glimmer of hope – Romney came out strongly against driver’s licenses and in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. Romney has not taken a stand on the national legislation. While speaking in Michigan he said he was against illegal immigration but also against deportation for those who had broken America’s laws. Romney has repeated his anti-deportation views in other forums.

Romney’s vague and soft on illegal immigration stance will not fly with immigration reform purists. It will be another strike against his conservative credentials for most of the early primary voters he is courting. On the issues of the day, Romney is simply not conservative enough to be our pick for 2008. Conservatives of conscience will have to look some where else for their candidate.

now I take part in celebration for Tigers

The Tigers were a baby left in a blanket on the doorstep, thrilling with every coo and smile and crawl and wobble. So the city was happy with a winning team, delighted with a contender, giddy with a playoff clinch, and downright dizzy with a win over the almighty Yankees, who will never know how it feels to win an impossible pennant.

Thank you for bringing pride back to detroit baseball Tigers. I've waited my whole life for this.

-- an AIM Away Message of Joe Timreck

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mark Steyn's words on cultural will

Mark Steyn on the confrontations of culture:
This book isn’t an argument for more war, more bombing, or more killing, but for more will. In a culturally confident age, the British in India were faced with the practice of “suttee” — the tradition of burning widows on the funeral pyres of their husbands. General Sir Charles Napier was impeccably multicultural: “You say that it is your custom to burn widows. Very well. We also have a custom: when men burn a woman alive, we tie a rope around their necks and we hang them. Build your funeral pyre; beside it, my carpenters will build a gallows. You may follow your custom. And then we will follow ours.”

India today is better off without suttee. If you don’t agree with that, if you think that’s just dead-white-male Eurocentrism, fine. But I don’t think you really believe that. Non-judgmental multiculturalism is an obvious fraud, and was subliminally accepted on that basis . . . . But if you think that suttee is just an example of the rich, vibrant tapestry of indigenous cultures, you ought to consider what your pleasant suburb would be like if 25, 30, 48 percent of the people around you really believed in it too. Multiculturalism was conceived by the Western elites not to celebrate all cultures but to deny their own: it is, thus, the real suicide bomb.
That was Mona Charen's favorite part of Mark Steyn's most recent book. I can see why.

North Korean Hard Case

From Jonah Goldberg's syndicated column
Kim Jong Il would seem unrealistic even as a comic-book villain. In a world full of strange and exotic cultures, North Korea’s neo-Stalinist experiment ranks as otherworldly. Try to imagine what a North Korea exhibit at Epcot Center would display: emaciated, out-of-work actors (no shortage there) eating fake tree bark while guarding a giant concentration camp where prisoners are forced to worship a guy who should be wearing a tinfoil hat at the local library. Don’t forget to try the sawdust kimchi!
Effectiveness and principle are things often confused and then one becomes substituted for the other, to the point where one is effectively negated. Does that sound clear and logical? It probably doesn't. One way to fix that.
The Jimmy Carter vision holds that North Korea's nukes are coupons to be redeemed for groceries. But the North Koreans pocketed U.S. concessions after face-to-face talks in 1994 and continued pursuing nukes because ... they wanted nukes. Bush's strategy has been, first, to declare that advances in North Korea's nuclear program are "unacceptable" and then do nothing, and second, to insist that the U.S. can't accomplish anything because our "partners" won't cooperate.
That doesn't work.
What's worrisome about the hard case of North Korea is that so many people see Pyongyang's intransigence as proof that the whole international community has to work together.

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for multilateralism if it leads to a solution. But the rush to international solidarity rests on the assumption that working as a group is morally superior to acting alone. The belief that everything can be talked through is part of a tapestry of thought that esteems communal efforts as more legitimate than individual ones. If we can all agree on what to do, it must be right.

Initially, John Kerry's chief complaint against the Iraq war was that Bush didn't build a giant multinational coalition like his dad did, as if the argument for war depended on whether Belize and Burkina Faso agreed with us. If it was right to topple Saddam Hussein, it was right even if no one else agreed. And if it was wrong, then it was wrong even if the world was on our side. Lynch mobs aren't right because they have numbers on their side, and men who stand up to them aren't wrong because they stand alone. Multilateralism is good only to the extent that it allows us to achieve good things. To think otherwise is to confuse power-worship with principle.
Now that's what I'm talking about.

One final moral to the story, a possible aphorism, perhaps. I shall take it as an axiom.
Americans tend to think — and Europeans consider it gospel — that all differences can be negotiated. The truth is that only negotiable problems can be negotiated.

an old Wired article about the creators and creation of Myst

2.08: Guerrillas in the Myst

Effeminate wallpapers

Some might even call them babes. They are not all babes.

A lot of them are not hot.

Some are cute. - Movie wallpapers - free!

Movie desktop wallpapers, a lot of them official promotional stuff but it is incomplete. After all, find me some X-Men and X-Men 2 wallpapers.

The Original Space Ghost FAQ

I enjoyed the show; I wonder why I didn't mark this earlier.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Living on Pacific Time Grants You Some Fantastic Radio!

(It's not as if I have time nor do I have the energy to listen to it all, but the opportunity for the broadcast geek and information addict is wonderful)!

At 6 AM there's Glenn Beck.
At 9 AM there's Rush Limbaugh (in this wierd parallel universe Rush is a morning show! On Earth-1 his program starts at noon).

At 12 PM we get to list to Jerry Doyle (I'm dropping Hannity; I have no choice when I am in the car; on the road it's Sean Hannity).
At 3 PM there's Hugh Hewitt.

If I am still listening to the radio after 6 PM we have Mike Gallagher.

Good times.

I'll tell where I actually listen to all of these guys later.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Jerry Doyle speaks of myths today

MCRI Campaign Stuff this Saturday

Hey YAFers,
We will be handing out Proposal 2 literature this Saturday at the MSU – Ohio State game.
We will meet up at the southwest corner of the tennis courts right across from East Wilson Hall on Chestnut road. Look for a big white van with a blow up Sparty and a bunch of guys in Kelly green t-shirts.
We will meet up there at 1:30 PM and then head on over to the stadium to hand out the literature as people go into the game.
For those of you not familiar with campus, here is a map of the area we’ll be meeting:
If you get lost or need more info, you can reach Jon Chulski on his cell phone. The number is 517-673-3746.
Viva the MCRI!!
-Kyle Bristow
YAF Chairman

We All Use Math Every Day - Home

A official CBS-Texas Instruments educational supplement for schoolchildren about the functional uses of math in the real world, as related to and by the television cop show

Sunday, October 08, 2006

prominent right-wing iconography

Pertinent to note that in general Republicans' vices and sins, usually unrepentent, revolve around drink, alcohol, drunkeness, and spirits, and Democrats's problems and scandals generally revolve around sex. There are rare exceptions to both tendencies, but being tendencies, both patterns stand up to scrutiny quite often.

William F. Buckley versus Noam Chomsky

A debate filmed and broadcast in 1969, from WFB's "Firing Line" program.

Part 1:

Part 2:

If the KT Tunstall music video is interfering, especially with the auto-start tendency, one is suggested to pause the video, before engaging either clip from the WFB-Chomsky debate. It is suggested that the debate be viewed here, rather than seeking the source at youtube.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

United States Attacks Moon

Our government is launching projectiles to the surface of the moon precisely for the purpose of damaging it, causing an explosion, and launching a field of debris massive enough to be seen from the planet Earth.

Click the image of the Death Star for the full story.

Naturally it's for the cause of "science". A water search indeed, Mister President.

"Amazing how some can turn a blind eye..." - Jonathan Grant Mason

When Nancy Met Harry
By Jeffrey Lord
Published 10/5/2006 12:08:06 AM

The Pride Parade.

That's what it's called in San Francisco when the community gathers for a parade during the annual San Francisco Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Pride Celebration. It is, by all accounts, a wingding of a celebration, too. As the San Francisco Chronicle, the media sponsor of the Pride Parade, put it in their special section devoted to the celebration in 2001, the parade is "the granddaddy, grandma and grandtrannie of 'em all." (That would be trannie as in "transvestite.")

The paper, bursting with civic pride, was also pleased to publish the marching order of the parade and all its celebrants. It's quite a list. A who's who of San Francisco. Then Supervisor and now Democratic mayor Gavin Newsom, members of two Democratic Clubs, California Democratic legislators, the police, sheriff and fire departments and even the director of the Golden Gate Bridge were marching right alongside celebrants from Vulva University, The Stud Bar, and Leather Pride.

It is, in short, the San Francisco political establishment whooping it up with its constituents.

What interests in all of this in light of the unfolding scandal involving Florida Republican Rep. Mark Foley and his mind-boggling e-mails to a young House page are the participants in spots number 31 and 34 of the Pride Parade.

Celebrant number 31 was the late Harry Hay. Harry, it seems, was quite the guy. In fact, it is not too much to say that he was famous in San Francisco. He was famous not only as a founder of the gay rights movement, for his one-time relationship with actor Will Geer (who played Grandpa Walton on The Waltons TV series,) he was also known for being featured in the 1976 documentary film of gay life titled Word Is Out. When he died the following year after the parade, at 90, the New York Times Magazine featured him in "The Lives They Lived," its annual pictorial salute to famous Americans who had passed away during the preceding year. In addition to laudatory obits in both the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times, the Chronicle did a considerably flattering obituary. "Harry Hay, gay rights pioneer, dies at 90." The paper favorably notes a number of things in Harry's life, including his left-leaning politics, his connection with the Communist Party in the 1930s and his founding of "The Mattachine Society," a group the Chronicle calls "the first sustained homosexual rights organization in the United States."

Fair enough. The Chronicle, however, left something else out of the obituary entirely. It was a very strong belief held by Harry Hay that, if one is to believe all the attention devoted to Harry on the Internet, was common knowledge in San Francisco.

Harry Hay was a fierce advocate of man/boy love. While The Chronicle simply ignored Harry's views, the North American Man/Boy Love Association was only too delighted to put up a collection of Harry's views on the need for young boys to have older men as sexual partners. Here's just a sample taken from a talk at a New York University forum sponsored by a campus gay group in 1983.

Said Harry: "Because if the parents and friends of gays are truly friends of gays, they would know from their gay kids that the relationship with an older man is precisely what thirteen-, fourteen-, and fifteen-year-old kids need more than anything else in the world."

In short, San Francisco's beloved Harry Hay was a vigorous and well-known advocate of older men having sex with young boys. He was a fearless and quite famous advocate for Congressman Mark Foley's behavior.

Which makes one curious about the presence of marcher number 34 in the 2001 Pride Parade. Marching a mere three spots away from the famous Harry Hay, no doubt waving and smiling to the crowd, was, as the Chronicle logged her in the Official Guide and Program Parade Lineup: "U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi."

That would be now Democratic leader of the U.S. Congress and the candidate of the Democratic Party to be the next Speaker of the House of Representatives, the official third in line to be President of the United States.

Surely this is a different Rep. Nancy Pelosi from the one who currently has on her website as Minority Leader the following statement:

"Republican leaders admitted to knowing about Mr. Foley's abhorrent behavior for six months to a year and failed to protect the children in their trust. Republican Leaders must be investigated by the Ethics Committee and immediately questioned under oath."

Abhorrent behavior? If men having sex with children is "abhorrent behavior" then it seems it would be quite logical for a United States Congresswoman to stand up and protest the presence of one of its leading advocates having a place of honor in a civic parade -- a parade in which she herself would be marching mere steps behind him.

If Representative Pelosi took the time to condemn Harry Hay's presence in the Pride Parade, there is no evidence that I can find. Nor did she refuse to march in the parade as a protest of Mr. Hay. Nor did she issue a statement warning parents that they were bringing their kids to a parade where Mr. Hay was one of the featured attractions.

What Representative Pelosi chose to do instead -- as did much of civic San Francisco -- is blithely give a wink-and-a-nod to ole Harry and his interest in little boys.

Not only does a moment like this unintentionally reveal the mindset of what Representative Pelosi and her fellow Democrats may really think but can't -- yet -- support. (This is, after all, the city where now-Mayor Newsom took it upon himself to break new cultural ground by authorizing the performance of same-sex marriages -- in violation of California law.) It also raises the question of whether the acceptance of Harry Hay and his views is a snapshot of a larger, unspoken agenda that San Francisco Democrats want the national Democratic Party to eventually pursue when they return to a Congressional majority -- and the White House. After all, if Harry Hay's views were not only celebrated in a parade in San Francisco but were not even thought out-of-the-mainstream enough to draw the slightest protest from Ms. Pelosi, why should there be protests over a move to eventually change the laws about men having sex with boys in Pennsylvania or Missouri or Virginia?

There's two words for that kind of agenda.

"Abhorrent behavior."

Left-wing Free Speech Hypocrisy

The following is an editorial/article from
New York Post that I have reprinted without permission. It's quite pertinent.


October 6, 2006 -- New generation, same ugly tactics.

Nearly 40 years after activist stu dents trashed the executive offices of Columbia University (all in the name of "peace," don't you know), another crowd of young hooligans Wednesday violently broke up a speech at the Ivy League campus - physically attacking the speaker, forcing him to flee and sparking a brawl.

This time, the cause is "free speech."

No kidding.

Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Minuteman Project, which takes an aggressive role in opposing illegal immigration, had been invited to speak by the campus Republican organization.

But he barely got in a few words before protesters - who had heckled a previous speaker with racially offensive slogans - rushed the stage and prevented him from finishing. (Video of the melee is available at

"It was fundamentally a part of free speech," one protester told The Columbia Daily Spectator. "The Minutemen are not a legitimate part of the debate on immigration."

Can it be true that free speech at Columbia applies only to those who are deemed "legitimate" by a self-proclaimed group of political purists?

So it would seem. And, sad to say, Wednesday night's fracas was no isolated incident.

And, even more sad, it's not just students who have made Columbia so inhospitable to the First Amendment.

Conservatives, supporters of Israel and others who want to win the War on Terror routinely see their First Amendment rights trashed - while the university throws open its doors to tyrants like Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (the latter invitation being withdrawn under extreme public pressure).

On a seemingly more mundane level - though the principle is important - the university recently suspended an ice-hockey club after supporters passed out recruitment flyers that contained a mildly offensive gender reference.

It was a misdemeanor if ever there was one - but Columbia dropped the hammer on the hockey club anyway, citing "an egregious violation of the rights of the students involved."

Well, if a sophomoric jibe on a piece of paper constitutes an "egregious violation," what does the violent, racially charged disruption of an appearance by a university-sanctioned guest represent?

What about the students whose right to hear the Minutemen was violated by a gaggle of left-wing louts?

They don't count?

Apparently not. University officials haven't denounced what happened, though they've launched an "investigation." (Of course they have.)

Let's be clear here.

Columbia has a long and proud relationship with New York City. Until lately, it has been a champion of the principles and values that make the city a beacon of freedom to the world.

Again, until lately.

Now Columbia is in the midst of a long-overdue refurbishment and expansion of its northern Manhattan campus. And university President Lee Bollinger is asking much forbearance of the institution's neighbors - and of City Hall - in order to make it happen.

Incidents like Wednesday's outburst - if not swiftly punished by Bollinger and his administrators - make us wonder whether helping Columbia is worth the effort.

Thuggery of the sort that occurred Wednesday is unacceptable anywhere - least of all at a great university.

NEW YORK POST is a registered trademark of NYP Holdings, Inc. NYPOST.COM, NYPOSTONLINE.COM, and NEWYORKPOST.COM
are trademarks of NYP Holdings, Inc.
Copyright 2006 NYP Holdings, Inc. All rights reserved.


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as good a mission (statement) as any

KAYLEE: You a missionary?

BOOK: I guess... I'm a Shepherd, from the
Southdown Abbey. Book, I'm called
Book. Been out of the world for a
spell. Like to walk it a while, maybe
bring the word to them as need it

kt tunstall test video


Bunny Suit



Black Hole


Rampant thought

child endangerment

battle armor

flaming heroes

the super hero

Nuclear Power

The Flame From Beyond

Fire from the Sky

Leaving Las Vegas

the madness of angry rabbits

man in human form

predators and predatory conditions.

To leap as if death is local.

The end.

Stream of consciousness part three first trilogy.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

original G-Philes tagline

For posterity I reproduce it.
Dick Daly and Farris Goldstein co-edit an online column and community with interests in, among other things, the promotion of the National Review Online, and more specifically, promoting an awareness, love, and general obsession for its editor-at-large, Jonah Goldberg.
Ultimately I reprint/reproduce/re-repesent/outright steal this stuff as a tribute to Jonah Goldberg, and in part as some sort of continuous apologetics.

The series is a justification for my praise of Mister Goldberg, and a sort of reference for why I believe that he is underrated. I assert he deserves more respect from many and a few right-wing folk.

Assuredly my series will go on as long as I feel it needs to, essentially poking, prodding, praising Goldberg Files and other fun items. Setting all that aside, picking up Dick Daly and Farris Goldstein's old works, as well as Eric Spratling's, is cheaper and faster than coming up with a lot of my own ideas, especially when it isn't my thought that counts.

As it is I'm not going to bother reprinting all of the respective chatter from the G-Philes. Life's too short and that is their work, totally regardless of my point.

original G-Philes post #1 - At least we're original in some respect

The very first entry on the G-Philes weblog. It's dead now.
At least we're original in some respect

I went to Google and slapped "Jonah Goldberg fanclub" into the search-text field. Not one result returned. This is either very depressing or very comforting. If it means that we're the first group (Can you call two twenty-something schmucks in Texas a group?) to formally pronounce its admiration for one of the greatest political columnist and on-line editor alive, then we could not possibly be more proud to break ground on such a promising frontier. However, if it means that not enough people out there really do appreciate JG, then there might also not be enough hope for the future of mankind.

In either case, I think we're up for the task. Certainly there are enough citizens out there who can at least tolerate our blend of Neo-conservatism long enough to find out what we're all about. If so, would one of you kindly drop us a note and let us know what we're all about? We're still too busy worrying about whether we're even about ending our clauses with prepositions to decide what we're all about.

"Neo-conservative." I still haven't warmed up to that term. Dick doesn't seem to have a problem with it. Then again, I'm new to all this stuff. Maybe I'll learn.

Coming soon -- my recent (and first), embarrasing run-in with JG online. Maybe. Fortunately for me, it was quite a forgettable conversation from his point of view. I hope.

Lands, look at that. Only the first entry here and I'm already pretending to know JG's point of view. It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll.

Posted by Farris at 07:41 PM
Forget where the original URL would have been, it's now found here.

Thank the

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shell imagery

Wallpapery mostly.




I'm always astounded at the propensity of certain cartoonists to endow their creations with certain specific human shape, assets, aspects, cleavage. Revelent reference phrases may include Ghost in the Shell, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, and Major Motoko Kusanagi.

UPDATE 2011/02/19: The links above are by now dead and who knows for how long?

On the other hand a quick run through (aka the Internet Archive Wayback Machine) brings us:


Both of these large images were taken from a 2006 back-up of the very first link. Alas the rest are gone and deleted, as if they never were and even on the sole back-up of the first link only two images remain.

This is not nearly as disappointing as the dissolution of the site (which was an awesome site), but c'est la vie.

SFLA Conference, March for Life Trip Details

Dear Baby-Savers,
Below are the details for the March for Life trip. I have received some questions from a few of you, I hope this email clears those up. All pro-life college students in the state of Michigan are welcome to attend. This includes members of Students for Life groups, College Republican groups, Young Americans for Freedom groups and any other cool pro-life kid who wants to join us! Please forward this message to any students who may be interested in attending. As usual, contact me with any questions.
For Life,
-Friday, January 19
3pm board bus in Lansing Michigan, begin drive to D.C.
-Saturday, January 20
8am arrive in D.C. at Catholic University of America for Students for Life of America Conference
9pm bus from CUA to hotel
-Sunday, January 21
Enjoy D.C.!
-Monday, January 22
10am leave from hotel for the March for Life
4pm board the bus and begin drive back to Michigan
-Tuesday, January 23
9am arrive in Lansing, Michigan
-All students who plan to go on this trip must send a $50.00 deposit to Students for Life of Michigan by October 16th at:
Students for Life of Michigan
P.O. Box 6933
East Lansing, Mi 48826
-The cost of the trip (bus and hotel) will be $190.00 per person. (This price may be lowered by donations, any donations to SFL Michigan will be divided evenly per person attending, individual groups are also encouraged to fundraise.)
-All students must also register themselves for the Students for Life of America conference. Registration is now open. Registration fee on or before October 25th is $35.00. On or before December 1st is $50.00. On or before January 20th is $60.00. Go to to register.

Joanie Barrett
SFLM President
(248) 890-8738

Lost picture fodder

Lost Photo Gallery - Home

Never you mind.