Monday, September 18, 2006


The old picture url that was embedded no longer applies.


As it was, when I first posted this, this was the embedded image.

I think it's a cropped and modified version of this.

This is the distillation of Star Wars. You will never be apart of it. But it is comforting.

UPDATE APRIL 26,2010 - Now a touch of history. When I first posted this entry, "Apologies Demanded: motivated" on September 18th, 2006, it was the first and at the time only (obviously, because it was "first") motivational poster on this weblog and I never anticipated embedding more. When the post first appeared its only contents was the embedded image.

Logically the post should have a name more descriptive and unique, and likely a new post. Anything called "motivated" should have more than motivational poster, and/or more demotivators.

I'll likely make a new post for that list.

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