Wednesday, September 06, 2006

John Kerry Speaks Re-Runs

I watch C-SPAN2.

He repeats the fallacy that "the whole world was behind" my country "after September 11th" and that we "squandered that" good will.

He repeats the failed and bad idea that we "'outsourced'" the Tora Bora engagement in Afghanistan five years ago and that is the reason we did not kill Osama bin Laden at the time. As if his fantasy strategy of using American forces alone to surround Tora Bora was feasible or geographically possible. It's not.

He repeats the ancient premise that most people believe that the 9/11 terrorist attacks have a basis or origin in Iraq, which of course it doesn't, but he re-affirms that it didn't and doesn't as if we act as if it were.

He repeats the meme that there are more terrorists now than during 2001/9/11, in Iraq, implicitly because of strategies in the war on terror.

I can't even keep track of the repetitions, many of which are just Senator Kerry reciting old lines from his failed bid for the American Presidency back in 2004.

By the by, this session is supposedly on the topic of Don Rumsfeld not being Secretary of Defense, but the Junior Senator from Massachussets now takes this as an opportunity to take shots at the POTUS.

Ah. Now he claims that he "learned in the military" about "accountability". What a laugh. I have yet to hear of any accountability for his actions in the Winter Soldier hoax in the seventies or any of his role in the villainification or villainisation of American soldiers, veterans of the Vietnam war, in the seventies.

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