Thursday, August 10, 2006

What Cricket has to do with this Terrorist Plot

From Sid Fredrickson:
As early as 16 years ago, Lord Norman Tebbit, a
British politician expressed his concerns about the
increasing numbers of British Citizens who identified
with a foreign nationality more than their British

An example he gave was what he saw at a cricket match
in Great Britain between their national team and that
of Pakistan. He saw a great number of British
citizens of Pakistani descent rooting not for England
but for Pakistan. And they weren't all naturalized
first generation British citizens, but third and
fourth generations as well.

How, he wondered, can these people be considered
British citizens and take part of the responsibilities
of British citizenship, when they themselves don't
even really think of themselves as British as
indicated by them rooting for a foreign team instead
their own national team?

And what are the consequences for British society of
having a significant segment of its population that
will not integrate itself into British Culture but
instead identifies itself more with a foreign country
than their own?

This "test" of British citizenship came to be known in
England as the "Cricket Test" and as you can imagine
was greeted with hostility and calls of racism from
the Left.

But his concerns were unfortunately vindicated on July
7th, 2005 when "home grown" terrorists hit the London
Underground subway system with suicide attacks

And now we have another terrorist plot which might
have just included "home grown" terrorists in Great

Too bad people didn't listen to Lord Tebbit's concerns
in 1990 instead of ridiculing his "Cricket Test".

For More Information:

Tebbit attacks 'unreformed' Islam

Lord Tebbit said the 'cricket test' was a means of
gauging whether a community had integrated.

"If a community was looking back at where it had come
from instead of looking forward with the people to
whom they had come to, then there is going to be a
problem sooner or later."

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