Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tim Walberg versus Joe Shwarz ii

I'm not deluded, again, into thinking that the majority of those interested in the Primary election come here to look.

Regardless, I had a good dozen posts left (in Draft form and in my own primitive superhumanly intellectual brain) covering the subject, including audio of leftists and blind Party loyalists endorsing Schwarz.

I write this as if a lot of those posts made it through but we ran out of time. Naturally I will cover those topics regardless. Even if some of it must be done in hindsight. Now for two years, ever since he was elected Dr. Joe Schwarz has sent out mailing lit to all the Republicans and Conservatives and basically a lot of his constituents because he has been afraid for his seat for two years. The Republican always wins District 7 so the Primary is the real race. Nick Smith had the seat for a long time; he was Conservative enough that there was no need for a Primary. Last year there were too many candidates. Most of them were right-wing and Joe Schwarz was a Moderate at best and a Liberal RINO at worst. So the Conservative vote was split nearly a dozen ways and the minority of the Moderates voted as a solid bloc. That means that Joe Schwarz got forty percent of the vote, sizeable enough to demolish the Right's front-runner, Brad Smith (the son of Nick Smith, as well as a successful lawyer). Essentially, though, Joe Schwarz got 40% of the vote and 60% of the people voted against him. Dr. Schwarz got the minority of the votes so he was more insecure than most Congressmen and easily the least secure of any 7th District US rep that I have ever seen or heard of.

Now he gets support from MIGOP and the US Republicans because as policy they back the incumbent (if he's Republican, regardless of politics). NRA changed their entire system to back him because as an elephant he's better than the alternative, in their vision, and they are pessimists. Any Republican will win here.

The Conservatives waited two years to challenge for the seat again and now is the chance, I wish I had time to cover it further today; maybe I will tonight. The truth is that I have to leave now. It's Election Day in all ways that count.

Here's some helpful links:
For any poor soul coming here from the Comics Weblog lists check back tomorrow (or perhaps tonight if I am feeling truly whimsical) I promise I will have something and perhaps given the energy it might even be worth the trip.

oh and I endorse Sheriff Mike Bouchard for US Senate.

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