Sunday, August 13, 2006

Seattle Terrorism and such

From Sid Fredrickson, July 30, 2006
Will Justice Be Done In Seattle?
Sound Politics is really doing very good coverage of
the recent terrorist attack in Seattle, Washington

This article in particular is a must read.

King County Prosecutor Maleng Must Seek Death Penalty
For Jew-Killer Haq

Please Contact the King County Prosecutor

And King County Executive Sims who hasn't even
expressed much outrage regarding this yet.
Sid Fredrickson also sent one other fascinating note.
Seattle Terrorist Loves Cats
Here's the Seattle Terrorist's Friendster's page.

About Me:

Exercising is a passion for me. I like to stay in
shape and I like biking. Being opinionated is not me
but I lean on the liberal side. I don't do anything
real crazy, like ice climbing or bungee jumping. That
would require getting off land, which I don't like to
do. Finally, I like cats, but currently I have no

Who I Want to Meet:
A person who has a sense of humor and is easy going
like myself. A woman of the world, but not a worldly
woman. I'm not sure what that means. It just sounded
good. Last but not least, people with felonies need
not seek my company.

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