Thursday, August 03, 2006

James Dobson versus Joe Schwartz

One can acknowledge primarily that this is indeed a piece of literature, one of a series of mailings from the Walberg campaign as much as it is an issuing of a statement on behalf of the campaign and Dr. Dobson. Dr. Schwartz is a medical doctor and the Representative of District 7. Contrary to the mostly Conservative viewpoints of we in District 7 Dr. Schwartz would sannction and condone the abortion of human life. The noted psychologist, well-known for his work within Focus on the Family and formerly of the Moral Majority, opposes the Congressman in his crusade for a second term on obvious grounds. Since Joe Schhwartz usually takes positions that are contrary to moralists', logically Dr. Dobson's choice would be contrary to him.

Some days it's important to abandon partisan loyalty and just approach things on values and that is the proper duty during a Primary election. If values are the important thing, then certainly it is not a bad idea to bring in endorsements and such from outside the District. Values aside, it has never been above the Schwartz Campaign to bring in outside supporters.

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