Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Hero Falls...

WPTF Terrorism Expert Dies In Accident

(WPTF)--Former comrades from numerous military units and public
safety agencies are shouldering the loss of Capt. Craig Marks, U-S
Army Retired.

Marks, who was an authority on terrorism for 680-WPTF, died in an
land-clearing accident at his Harnett County home.

Among his many responsibilities, Marks served as a reserve police
officer with the Lillington P-D, where Frank Powers is chief...

"He was always willing to help...a very good guy. He helped us in a
number of ways...You can't replace somebody like Craig."

Craig Marks was an expert in law enforcement, emergency
management, and military science. He was a veteran of both the Marine
Corps and the Army Special Forces.

Randall Rickman - WPTF News
Copyright: Curtis Media Group
Fri Aug 11, 11:09:42 AM EST


E. Clark says:*
I never met the man. Never knew him at all, but I did listen to him
when he was on the air. He was knowledgeable about the topics and
helped me understand more about the conflict and put in to context
the situations we find oursleves in in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

But while I knew he had served his country overseas, unfortunately I
didn't find out about the ways he continued to serve his country at home
until after his death. I thought you guys might like to read a testament
to a real American hero, Capt. Craig Marks. He will be missed.

* on August 11, 2006 at 19:46:52
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